University of Phoenix Online: “A Waste Of Time”

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The University of Phoenix offers degrees in more than 100 programs at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level.

The University of Phoenix (64/100 based on 172 reviews) has left students disappointed. Many of the issues reviewers mention are part of getting a degree from a “for-profit” university. Here’s what you need to know before you enroll in a for-profit online degree program like the University of Phoenix, according to University of Phoenix online reviews.

About University of Phoenix online

As of February 2013, the University of Phoenix had more than 300,000 students enrolled in online and classroom courses. As a for-profit university, the University of Phoenix online is controlled by Apollo Group, Inc. In 2012, Apollo Group cut the University of Phoenix’s budget by about $300 million dollars. After closing about half of its physical campuses and making program cuts, the University of Phoenix’s commitment to students (over stockholders) was called into question.


A good first step

Students who were scared to start school or uncertain of their abilities appreciated the hands on approach that the University of Phoenix online brought to the recruitment process.

“I had dreamed of going to college for 12 years when I saw a University of Phoenix commercial. The day I received my acceptance letter is a day that I will never forget. I am currently more than half way to obtaining an Associate of Arts in Business degree. My financial counselor, and my educational counselor have been amazing.” - bblz2259, Reviewer since 2007

“For someone who thought or wasn’t sure if you were smart enough to go to college, this college is for you. I was really nervous about going back to school.  It had been so long since I was in high school that I wondered if I would be too old.  Plus, with my son and working full time I thought that I didn’t have the time.” - DUBelieve, Reviewer since 2008

Works well for full-time employees

For people with full-time jobs, the University of Phoenix online fits well into their schedules.

“After much deliberation over the expense and time consumption of returning to college, I chose University of Phoenix Online. It was a great experience with an accredited college. I was able to work full time and complete my bachelor’s degree in nursing.” - sybrenia, Reviewer since 2009

“ My husband and I both work full time and are busy with the kids but the classwork was bearable and if you are dedicated, well worth the extra money.  I would highly recommend this to anyway considering returning to school.” - Bandb9125, Reviewer since 2007


“For-profit” schools are about making money

For profit online degree programs like University of Phoenix online can come with a hefty price tag.

‘For profit’ online degree programs like University of Phoenix online can come with a hefty price tag.

Some reviewers (and one employee) feel that this online degree program puts its stockholders before its students.

“UOP is really only looking for the bottom line of the dollar.  They say they are all in it for the students but that is just a lie.The sad part is they will enroll anyone, even if they know they just get in debt and can’t hack the program.  Upper management does not pay attention to people who run the campus.” - cinfelts, Reviewer since 2008

Vanishing financial aid

Not only did students have trouble getting in contact with financial aid employees, they also had trouble receiving their tuition statements on time.

“The cost of the classes is outrages.  Save your money and choose a different college.  You can get some graduate/medical degrees for the same price these people charge for a bachelors!” - shooter03, Reviewer since 2010

“[I'm] planning on dropping my classes after I am done with this set, but can’t get a hold of anyone. Not a huge surprise there since every time something  goes wrong with my account I have to hunt down my new ‘financial advisor’ since my last one mysteriously disappeared. I just want out.” - vcatalfo, Reviewer since 2007

“I was first told that I was about to get financial aid since I was a single mother of 5 children. Instead of waiting for the paperwork to go through the counselor signed me up for my first class and told me it would all be okay. Well, it wasn’t. I didn’t get any grants, just loans (which I can’t afford).Even though the school gave me the wrong information I’m liable for it all.”  - emeraldstarr, Reviewer since 2010

 What to know before you enroll

university of phoenix online degrees

Make sure you don’t wind up drowning in debt due to an online degree program.

When you’re dealing with an online degree program or university that is looking to make money, some aspects of your education will suffer. The University of Phoenix online let down students looking for a personalized long distance education. By recruiting intensely and supporting enrolled students minimally, the University of Phoenix earned poor reviews.  If you’re looking for an online degree program that takes education seriously, consider Capella University. It has a higher Viewpoints score and puts students first.

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  • brandi

    I agree this college is a waste of time, It was the worst college i every attended. The way your tuition is paid is after you finish the classes so i ended up with a bill of over 3,000 to pay back to them because i failed my class. Then they turned the bill in to collection because they were not getting the amount they wanted obviously i was going to college for a reason to have a better job so i do not why they thought they were going to get large payments for the payment i owed back. I recommend to anyone don’t waste your time. I switched to my community college and i could take 6 classes for the price of the9r one class.

    • Amber Rambharose


      I’m sorry you had a bad experience! At Viewpoints, we try to bring information to people so they will make the best decisions in all parts of their life. I’m happy that community college worked for you!