Best Baby Bubble Bath Products Don’t Have Cartoon Mascots

baby bubble bath

Skip the cartoon brands and go for the best baby brands for lots of bubbles at bath time.

Kids love bubbles, especially in the bathtub. What can be more fun than a mound of bubbles to shape and mold into castles, dragons and, of course, the classic bubble beard? Some bubble brands are better than others at creating the bubbles and leaving the bath takers clean. My kids like a medium amount of bubbles, and I want a baby bath product that isn’t going to irritate my daughter’s sensitive areas as some baby bubble bath washes can.

When you look at the shelves of baby bubble bath products there is no shortage of kid-oriented bubble baths with this character or that on the bottle. In all of my experiences with character bubble bath products, some create mounds of bubbles, but irritate skin, and some create measly bubbles that don’t last past the first splash. Those that do seem to make the grade and provide value for your dollar come from leading baby product makers such as California Baby, Johnson’s and Avon.

Mr. Bubble is king of the bubble bath

Mr. Bubble

Mr. Bubble

One kids bubble bath product that does seem to rise to the top is the classic Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath, which receives a high 91/100 rating from consumers. With over 50 years under its belt, Mr. Bubble, the little pink soap bubble, has been creating mounds of bubbles. Mr. Bubble comes in both original and fragrance-free formulas. Even though the bottle states the formula is gentle, reviewers state their little ones had reactions while Mr. Bubble was in their bath. Mr. Bubble is an economical choice retailing around $3 for a 16 ounce bottle.

“Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath has the best ability to foam up and bubble over all other brands. The best part about it is that the bubbles are long lasting also. They do not disappear instantly like other brands do.” —stopfamily4, Reviewer since 2010

California Baby Calming Bubble Bath

California Baby Calming Bubble Bath

Natural bubbles with California Baby

For a natural bubble bath, California Baby makes bubble bath in a variety of aromas. The formulas are named for what they do, such as Calming (soothes and relaxes) or Calendula for healing. Each bottle of bubble bath runs around $14 and comes with a bubble wand as well. The different scents can be purchased in gift sets to try a variety of them. Have you used any California Baby Bubble Bath Products? Let us know how they work and write a review.

Classic Johnson’s bubble bath

Johnson's Bedtime Bubble Bath

Johnson’s Bedtime Bubble Bath

For those who want cleaning and bubbles the Johnson’s Bedtime Bubble Bath Wash bubbles to the top with a 91/100 rating. Much of the praise for this wash belongs to the lavender scent, which helps soothe little ones to sleep. In my experience regular Johnson’s bath washes create some bubbles in the tub, then they fade away after a bit of splashing. A bottle of Johnson’s Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash runs around $5 and seems to last quite a while.

If it’s big bubbles you seek, sticking with the classics will foam up every time. For those with sensitivities though, seeking a natural formula or utilizing your every day baby wash for bubbles in the tub will minimize the chance of irritation.

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