Universal Class Reviews: Not a Serious Education

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At only $189 dollars a course, Universal Class is an affordable online education program. But is its course quality worth it?

Today, many people with children, careers and other responsibilities are trying out online education. With more flexible schedules and lower fees than traditional colleges or universities, online degrees seem like a good value. However, at least one online education program isn’t worth the cost of classes. According to Universal Class reviews on Viewpoints, this online degree program doesn’t offer an in-depth education. See what reviewers who have taken Universal Class courses have to say about its course catalog, certificates and overall value before you sign up for classes.

universal class reviews online education reviews

Universal Class offers some interesting courses. Students can take online classes in more than 30 subjects, including spiritual studies, real estate and pet training.

What Universal Class offers

Universal Class is an online education program that offers a wide range of courses on a vast number of subjects from antiques to business management. Unlike other online degree programs, it doesn’t have a special focus. Instead, it offers potential students the opportunity to learn about a subject that interests them both at home and in the office.

“For example, I teach a class about writing book reviews. My viewpoint is from a teacher’s perspective as I have not taken any classes here.  For those who have knowledge to share, you can apply to teach your own class. Whether you want to teach or learn, universal class is a great place to do it.” – NikiTaylor, Reviewer since 2007

“The majority of the classes that they offer are for people who are not looking for accreditation and don’t really need to be knowledgeable in the field that they are pursuing an education in because so far the “lessons” I have taken are all stuff that just about anyone who has graduated high school should know.” – CCgulfport, Reviewer since 2013

Who Universal Class helps

Universal Class impressed users who were looking to learn more about their interests, but it disappointed users who wanted to move forward professionally. It offers certificates for completed courses and some CEU (continuing education credits) courses, but these don’t count as college credits.

“For me the classes are fine because they certainly are not above a High School. If you are above a High School level, I’m not sure. It is not accredited. I am not using it for my livelihood either, I am retired and want to keep my brain active. They have a fine selection for myself, but I am not looking for employment either.” - pvbecca, Reviewer since 2013

“After staying home 7 years raising our boys I want to go back to work. I am very satisfied with the courses that I have been taking at Universal Class to get me up to par in the areas I wanted to learn more before applying for jobs.” – sonyriffic, Reviewer since 2010

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Universal Class reviews suggest that this program is more of a personal resource than a place to learn a profession.

Universal Class is not an online university

If you’re looking for an online degree program that will help you advance towards a career, you may be disappointed by Universal Class. Other online degree programs from schools like AIU, Capella University and University of Phoenix offer more specialized courses and training. While the courses are inexpensive, gaining CEU’s costs extra. There is also no guarantee that your teacher will have any professional experience in the subject that they are teaching. For serious students, spend your money elsewhere.

Amber Rambharose is a writing intern at Viewpoints. She just graduated from Hollins University with a B.A. in English Literature and is continuing her studies this fall at the University of Cincinnati.


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Amber Rambharose is a former writing intern at Viewpoints. She graduated from Hollins University with a B.A. in English Literature and is continuing her studies at the University of Cincinnati.