Behr Paint: Consumer Reports, Viewpoints Agree It Is A Top Choice


Behr Paint

Consumer Reports agrees with Viewpoints reviewers that Behr paint is a great product at a great value.

Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel

Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel, available only at Home Depot, is one of the best rated paints on Viewpoints.

Consumer Reports just posted how the more affordable Behr paints outperform more expensive options like Sherwin-Williams. This is old news if you’ve been following articles from Viewpoints on paint reviews. We reported months ago how our reviewers love Behr paint based on real-world experiences. Our reviewers love the price, wall coverage and clean-up of Behr paint, all of which Consumer Reports testers raved about based on their lab tests.

Viewpoints reviews of Behr paint

Here are what some Viewpoints reviewers have said about Behr paint since our original article from February:

“Overall, it’s a nice paint and probably saved us a lot of time. Any other paint probably would have taken lots more coats and lots more time.” – kendrlynne, Reviewer since 2010

“The quality really shows through with Behr paints…I will never buy anything else.” – helleytelly, Reviewer since 2013

“I think this paint is definitely worth using again. It covered and spread well, cleaned up without any more trouble than most paints and the cost was comparable with most other brands of the same quality.” - sifudonna, Reviewer since 2009

So if you’re doing any painting around the house this summer, be sure to check out Behr paints before trying anything else. If you’ve used Behr paint, share your experience on Viewpoints.

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  • Peggy Caldwell

    I had a big job and hardly any time. So I used Behr paint. I got the job done in no time with one coat. Looks great.

  • Richard Hiersch

    The bare facts are that I cannot bear to use other paints at their stupid cost after bearing with BEHR paints that are so much more effortless to use at prices well below good old Kelly – Moore. Now THAT’s progress!

    • Michael Lombard

      That was brilliant, Richard.