Reviews Warn Users to “Watch Out!”

One of the poorest-rated online dating sites, was sued in 2012 by a woman who was attacked by her date.

One of the poorest-rated online dating sites, was sued multiple times in 2012 by customers who felt tricked and cheated, and by one woman assaulted by a date.

In January, we rounded up some of the most honest reviews on Viewpoints to find out if is worth its membership fees. Since then,’s score has dropped to 39/100 based on 124 reviews, almost half the score of other dating sites like OKCupid. Most reviewers on Viewpoints are unhappy, some even alleging unethical company practices like sneaky billing tactics and fake profiles. In addition, three reviewers mentioned that minorities might feel unwelcome. 

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While all online dating sites pose potential risks,’s unhappy customers had more trouble with the company’s methods that with their actual dates.

The reviews on Viewpoints are overwhelmingly negative (trust me, I’ve read all of them). While a handful of happily matched and married couples wrote Viewpoints reviews, the majority of reviewers had only negative things to say about their online dating experiences. With prices at about $36 a month or about $108 for 6 months, you should know what you’re paying for before diving in.

Fake profiles and privacy fibs

“Here’s the thing about that is very suspicious, every time my renewal date approaches I suddenly get several emails from somewhat hot looking chicks wanting to correspond with me, but before the renewal date closes in I’m having no such luck.  So I’ve heard hires a few people to peak men’s interest around renewal time, then afterwards these interest peakers disappear back into the woodwork till the next renewal date rolls around.” – Pilm, Reviewer since 2010

“I had my profile hidden and started receiving emails that someone had emailed me.  I thought that was odd, since my profile was hidden. I thought it might have been my mistake, so I made sure to hide it again. About a month went by, and again, [I] got an email that someone had contacted me. Yet again, [] had unhidden my profile, without my consent. is well know for it’s disreputable business practices.” – richard23, Reviewer since 2010

Hidden fees and billing nightmares

Determined to receive a refund, one reviewer took to court. He was one of few dissatisfied customers who succeeded in getting their money back.

Determined to receive a refund, one reviewer took to court. He was one of few dissatisfied customers who succeeded in getting his money back.

“ fails to advertise the fact that unless you send emails to 5 different people every month during the six month subscription period, their “6 months free” guarantee does not apply.  Also, they automatically renew your membership without any notice and will not refund your money. Great.” - JaneF, Reviewer since 2008

“I signed up for a 30 day membership and they attempted to charge my credit card for a six month membership. When I requested a refund (less my 30 day membership) they refused and were rude throughout the process. I had to take them to small claims court for a measly $99 refund. The only good news was that I prevailed in court. Watch out for their BAIT & SWITCH TACTICS.” – SteveGold, Reviewer since 2011

There is minimal member screening

“ is notorious for creating profiles of people who don’t exist….to get you to subscribe. There is a lot of manipulation behind the scenes. There’s absolutely no screening so it attracts a large pool of married men and online predators.” – WorkingGirl2010, Reviewer since 2010

“If I could have picked 0 stars for I would. I am both disgusted and frightened about some of the people they freely allow on their site. They say that their members go through a background screening but I doubt that is the case. I met someone on their site who basically lied about everything. I would persuade all women who are going to utilize online dating to do background checks on perspective people because Match isn’t doing it.” – nickels216, Reviewer since 2010

Some races need not apply?

While only three out of 124 reviewers mention feeling race-based tension on, not one of 45 OKCupid reviewers comment on feeling out of place or unwelcome based on their ethnicity. When online dating, finding an inclusive and welcoming website is an important part to finding your perfect match.

“ has continously sent me matches that do not want to date my race, which is very ignorant and offensive.  Also, when I conduct a search for people seeking someone like me, most of the men do not want to date black women. I am not upset at the personal choices of the members,but the fact that does a poor job at filtering matches.” – mka1472, Reviewer since 2010

“The site has a lot of members, but I do not believe that it is a good site for minorities. If you are not white, above-avergae in height, or wealthy, it is going to be difficult for you to find a date.” - John89, Reviewer since 2012

“I’m a black woman, age 23 and I’m can be very picky about the men I am interested in. When I attempt[ed] to email or wink at white guys on match (who didn’t have any preference as far as ethnicity) I never got a wink or email back, NOT ONE.” – CaramelDroppz, Reviewer since 2011

What about those success story commercials? 

Many of us have seen the "great first date" TV ads that feature real users. The happy couple in the above photo from one such ad, are just two of the millions of users who have paid for's services.

Many of us have seen the “great first date” TV ads that feature real users. The happy couple in the above photo from one such ad are just two of the millions of users who have paid for’s services.

All together, the negative reviews point towards poor customer service and a shoddy website system. It is still possible to meet Mr. (or Ms.) Right on, you just have to be attractive (by today’s standards), wealthy, and white, say many reviewers. Viewpoints contributors have weighed in twice and the results are the same: Save your pennies and take your love life elsewhere.

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Amber Rambharose is a writing intern at Viewpoints. She just graduated from Hollins University with a B.A. in English Literature and will be continuing her studies this fall at the University of Cincinnati.

Amber Rambharose Amber Rambharose (50 Posts)

Amber Rambharose is a former writing intern at Viewpoints. She graduated from Hollins University with a B.A. in English Literature and is continuing her studies at the University of Cincinnati.

  • Emily King

    I am a white 24 year old female and I have had very few problems with this site. The one thing that annoyed me was that when you click on discover the people I want to see are not there even if I change the settings. I found out that you have to log in on a computer and change the settings to the people I want to see. Also, I went in and cancelled my subscription and it didn’t go through so I guess I have to cancel it and change my credit card.

  • lj123

    I am a beautiful, white, woman. Not only do I not get any responses from emails I am starting to think that almost all the profiles I email are fake. I even email the not so attractive ones to see if I get a response. I wink, I email but get no responses. I have had an in dept profile-no responses. I have a profile now that is a quick read-no responses. What gives? I am totally dissatisfied with this site. At least on POF men were chatting me up continuously, even if it was for mostly booty calls.

  • K

    I’m a black girl that signed up in 2014 for match and I can sincerely tell you that everything written in this page is correct.
    Yes, Match does an extremely poor job of matching people.
    Yes, no other race but the black race wants to be matched with the black race.
    Even when they select no racial preference, if a black girl contacts a non-black man, she is most likely going to be ignored.
    Whilst match is not responsible for the preferences of its subscribers, ing experience in the online dating world shows that racism and racial discrimination still thrives in 2014 in the USA.
    I paid for the 6months guaranteed. But once my six months are up, I am quitting match. I won’t even take them up on their offer of free 6months subscription.

  • gothceltgirl

    My experience is similar. I’m black as well and childfree, they allow you to select certain things as must have or nice to have and even though must have implies deal breaker, I still wind up with matches that want kids. What’s the point? Most of them either want kids or want other attributes that I don’t have, which makes no sense for a match.