OKCupid Reviews: “Better Than eHarmony, Match.com”

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Voted best for free access by reviewers, OKCupid.com is ranked among the best dating sites on Viewpoints with a score of 73/100 based on 45 reviews. That’s almost twice the average score (46/100) of other online dating sites.

While many online dating sites claim to be responsible for creating countless perfect couples, many consumer reviews don’t match up with glowing company testimonials. Then there’s OKCupid.com, which offers no guarantees but is the top-reviewed dating website on Viewpoints.com.  What makes this free online dating site stand out from the competition? OKCupid reviews suggest that price might have something to do with it.


Launched by the creator of Sparksnotes.com, OKCupid offers services that other dating don’t have such as blogging and free profile searches.

Better than paid sites

“I actually found OKCupid the day after eHarmony tried to get me to pay to contact my matches. Overall, I recommend OKCupid to anyone looking for a relationship online. It’s not against homo/bisexuality or any religions. It allows you to look for long-term relationships, short-term, just friends, pen pals, sex partners, or activity partners. Compared to other dating sites, the members on OKCupid are very nice.” – daweefolk, Reviewer since 2008

“I met my fiancé on this site and I could not be happier! Real e-soulmates aren’t just found on eHarmony! I love the matching algorithm that can tell you whether or not you would be a good fit with someone (like on Match.com or eHarmony) but completely free! The quizzes you can take are super fun and it’s overall a pleasant experience. The site has so many great features such as instant messaging, email messaging, blogging, quickmatches, etc. Try it but be selective and don’t settle for less than you deserve!” –  rthomas11, Reviewer since 2009


OKCupid reviews, as seen on the OKCupid website, are positive all around – from reviewers to The Boston Globe.

“The site makes it easy for you to determine one’s compatibility, personality, sense of style and purpose for being on the site. I have a Match. com site, and rarely use it anymore because the quality of men I have talked with, dated and come in contact with are just overall better quality. I’m not renewing my match site again, knowing that I can use OKCupid for free and get much more than I bargained for.” – Hollakitty, Reviewer since 2011

Laid-back system

“After getting a divorce and getting back into the dating world I needed a site that wouldn’t be intimidating. This was it. This is by far the best dating site I have ever used. They have lots of little quizzes and tests you can take. I actually had fun using OkCupid.” – TheArcher, Reviewer since 2008

“If you’re afraid of dating sites, this is the one to try without fear of commitment or tons of spam. You can choose which e-mails you’d like to receive in your account preferences.I have and will continue to recommend this site to friends, family and anyone who will listen.” – YourGraceness, Reviewer since 2008

“It’s a great way of meeting new people and it allows you to only be as involved as you choose (you can block users individually and based on particular criteria). You find common ground with people through quizzes and by answering questions about yourself that are far from your standard fare.  Profile set-up and searching are very intuitive. I met my boyfriend of over a year on this site and we click in a way that I never experienced before.” – nispertun, Reviewer since 2008

Not just for finding “the one”

“Honestly, I can’t imagine spending money on some formalized “scientific” internet dating site.  Develop connections on your own terms and let them happen naturally.  OkCupid is perfect for that. Its name indicates that it’s for dating, but I’ve found that the people and the site’s founders are very flexible and very fun. It’s incredibly interactive and conducive to not only meeting potential partners, but connecting to new friends.” – uberlegit, Reviewer since 2008

“I’ve been a member of OKCupid.com for several years and I have to say this is probably the only ‘no pressure’ dating website in existence. It’s built more like a social community (Myspace, Facebook) and it allows you to make friends, take quizzes and other fun activities without even having dating as a priority. I’ve met several friends on the site (including my best friend of 5 years) as well as people for fun dates. About a year and a half ago when I moved to a new state, I also used it to make new friends in the area.” - YourGracenessReviewer since 2008

Cream of the online dating crop


Designed to facilitate friendships as well as intimate relationships, OKCupid offers more options and freedom than other paid membership sites.

Match.com and eHarmony both have guarantees and advanced formulas that promise to find you a perfect match. Both sites also have a below average rating on Viewpoints.com. OKCupid is the star of Viewpoints reviewed online dating sites because it connects people for free and offers more interactive options – like blogging – than other sites. If you’re looking for friendship, a casual date or a deeper connection, try OKCupid first. You’ve (literally) got nothing to lose.

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Amber Rambharose is a writing intern at Viewpoints. She just graduated from Hollins University with a B.A. in English Literature and will be continuing her studies this fall at the University of Cincinnati.

Amber Rambharose Amber Rambharose (50 Posts)

Amber Rambharose is a former writing intern at Viewpoints. She graduated from Hollins University with a B.A. in English Literature and is continuing her studies at the University of Cincinnati.

  • mike

    I’m really dissatisfied with okcupid, they seem to be more intent on blocking your profile than making matches among people. After having been told ‘site is experiencing difficulty’ for a few days I looked elsewhere to see if it was true, b/c, what kind of site can’t get their stuff together for the better part of a week?
    And my suspicions were confirmed. A lot of people were casting disparity in the same way- most were calling out racism, sexism, classism and threatening to call the BBB.
    Frankly I just think this site wastes most people’s time. Setting up my profile and being blocked for whatever reason- I’d rather get told up front I’m not allowed in the party than being told its some 100010000101010000 404 error when its pretty clearly not.

  • Tom Lippman

    Of course free is better, especially when nothing special happens. Another great free resource for dating is POF.com. The selection is just as large and it doesn’t take as long to complete a reasonable profile. They are world wide and the site produces results.