Best Gym Treadmill: Life Fitness

Life Fitness gets high marks from Viewpoints reviewers and the fitness expert as the best gym treadmill.

Life Fitness gets high marks from Viewpoints reviewers and the fitness expert as the best gym treadmill.

Everybody has days when they just can’t face hopping on the treadmill in the solitude of their own home. These are days when a gym membership is a lifesaver. Working out at the gym not only gets you out of the house, it gives you a sense of community. When my gym days come around, I head straight for my favorite treadmill, the Life Fitness (99/100).

I love the sturdy commercial heft of these machines. While the gym models are cost prohibitive for most people, they offer a swank alternative to the lower-priced home treadmill. All the bells and whistles you would expect from a high-end machine are there, but most importantly for anyone truly interested in wellness, is the fact that the shock-absorption on all of the Life Fitness machines is unparalleled. The company claims that their “FlexDeck” technology reduces knee and join stress by 30 percent.

Life Fitness machines are especially great if you like to be encouraged during your workout. I enjoy the virtual personal trainer who pops up on my screen with her sunny ponytail, and urges me to get moving. Life Fitness machines also come with IPod and IPhone adapters so you can hook right into your own music. It’s got a great shelf for holding stuff like your magazine or book if you like to read while you run. And the touch screen lets you move between TV and the virtual track. If your gym gets cable, which most gyms do, then you can hook into your favorite show, and let the treadmill keep track of your workout specs. This is almost as fun as running outside!

Pre-set programs give great treadmill workouts

Other than the encouragement of my virtual trainer, my favorite thing about the Life Fitness machine is the number of pre-set programs it comes with. With names like Kilimanjaro, Air Force PRT, and Extreme Heart Rate, you can workout like crazy; or you can choose the smoother Cascades or Around the World—or create your own. The options are really endless, which means you never have a boring ride.

If you are a walker, you will find equally fun outings on the LifeFitness. You can raise and lower elevation with a simple touch and set the speed at your comfort level knowing the machine will keep track of your distance and time. Once you try out the Life Fitness, you may find yourself wishing for more rainy days at the gym.

Here is what some of our Viewpoints reviewers have said about the Life Fitness machines:

“This treadmill is great. I have tried tons of cardio equipment and this treadmill is sturdy, offers programs, and a variety of different speeds and incline. I like the fact you can do a brisk walk up a hill and target the glutes, or just run at 7.0 and shed that those holiday calories.” —Niptuck, Reviewer since 2010

“With so many options on this treadmill, I never get bored with it. It is easy to understand and operate, very smooth and a great product!” —Sjperry1995, reviewer since 2009

“I really like the Life Fitness Treadmills. I use one every day, and I love it. They are easy to use and understand, and I really look forward to using it
each day.” —Carrie8317, Reviewer since 2010

“This treadmill is capable of strengthening your entire body.” —Redlobster1770m, Reviewer since 2013

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