My Keurig Is Broken: Fix Or Replace?

Keurig Mini

Keurig Mini provides the same easy cup of coffee as fancier models, but it can’t be repaired.

I went to go make coffee the other morning, and instead of shooting out 8 ounces of freshly brewed coffee, my Keurig made a few odd groaning and hissing sounds, and then gave me 2 ounces of tepid brown water. After a bit of peering and prodding into the mouth of my Keurig coffee maker, I discovered that the top needle was broken. This is the piece that punctures the foil top of the K-Cup and shoots hot water through the beans. Is my Keurig broken? Can it be fixed or do I need to replace my Keurig?

How a Keurig works

If you have ever wondered how a Keurig works, it all comes down to two needles. There’s a needle to puncture the top, and a needle to puncture the bottom. The top needle also serves as the tube to force hot water through the grounds in the K-Cup, and through the bottom hole into your cup. Without this top needle (or a broken needle), my machine is tearing a large hole in the foil, but not directly the water through the K-Cup. It’s leaky, and doesn’t give me a full, hot cup of coffee.

My first stop after figuring out the cause of my disappointing cup of coffee was to Google, “How to fix a broken Keurig needle.” There are a lot of results on single-serving coffee maker message boards and the Keurig support page.

Replacement Keurig parts hard to come by

Unfortunately my search left me disappointed. I have the Keurig Mini Plus Single-Cup Brewing System B31. (Rated a high 89/100 on Viewpoints.) It’s served me well over two years. I usually only use it to make a cup of coffee on weekends or when I have guests. I save my daily coffee habit for work. Since I only used it occasionally, I didn’t mind the lack of reservoir. This machine requires a fresh pour of water for each cup of coffee.

The Keurig Mini, while perfectly acceptable for my habits, doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some other Keurigs. Keurig just doesn’t offer replacement parts for this coffee maker, like it does for more expensive models.

I was ready to order a replacement part and do some fiddling to replace the broken needle on my Keurig, but it looks like I’ll be shopping for a new coffee maker instead. Friends rave about their French presses, and some of the newest drip coffee makers look pretty interesting, but I’ll probably end up with another Keurig. I have quite a stockpile of K-Cups I don’t want to go to waste, and I love the ease and simplicity of the single-serving coffee maker.

The next time around I might splurge a little bit more on a more expensive model that has replacement parts, rather than trying to save money up front for a coffee maker that will break.

Any recommendations for your favorite coffee maker? Leave a Viewpoints review and help me make my shopping decision.

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  • Barb

    I’ve had a Keurig for many years now. I’ve purchased one for each of my kids as well. When my son had that issue with his Keurig, I spoke to the Customer Service manager at Bed Bath & Beyond where we bought the unit. They said they would take it back and replace it with a new one. I told them I didn’t have the receipt, but they said they would just return it to the manufacturer. So, I returned it, and they gave me a new one…..I’m a customer of Bed Bath & Beyond for life now! That’s what I call great customer service! Not only do I have a great product, but I have a company that will stand behind my purchase. For that I am truly grateful. So, I say, return it to BB&B and enjoy your Keurig!!

  • Nancy

    also had problems finding replacement parts for our Mr.. Coffee (I accidentally threw out plastic basket that holds the grounds/filters). Ended up buying another Mr.C. :(

    My Einstein of a husband just warned me he’s got to teach me how to program the dang thing..

  • Deanna

    I have the small Keurig that you have to pour water for each cup. It quit working and I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I called Keurig Customer Service. Turns out the filtered water I use must still have some minerals in it that built up and clogged the bottom needle. I was told to get a paper clip and poke it in the hole. My Keurig is working again just like when it was new!

    • Jennifer A. Freeman

      @Deanna Thanks for the tip — I’ll have to try that out!

  • PeachessWNY

    I wouldn’t be without my Keurig! I wanted one with a water reservoir, the different cup selections & for it to be programmable. So, I purchased the Elite Model, it came with the My k-cup, the water filter & 120 pods of different flavors of coffee included . Almost 7 yrs later of daily use and it still makes a perfect cup of coffee. tea, hot chocolate. Whether I want it hot or iced my Keurig never lets me down.

    • Jennifer A. Freeman

      @PeachesWNY I don’t think I can be without a Keurig either. Seven years is a great run for any coffee maker!

  • Becky

    Instead of the Keurig Mini, consider the Mr. Coffee Keurig. We have one we use only for vacations, take it along with us. It has worked a lot longer than 3 weekends and is cheaper than the Mini.

  • naededo

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Keurig. I think it’s wonderful and if mine broke (after 2 years) I would try to fix it and if I couldn’t I would buy another one. You can’t beat the simplicity and ease of it. I get a truly fresh cup of coffee each time. No more throwing away what was left in the bottom of coffee pot. I believe my model is the B70 model. I can program it to come on at 5:00 and it’s ready for the first brew when I get up. I can’t say enough good things about the Keurig.

    • Jennifer A. Freeman

      @naededo The freshness of every cup of Keurig coffee is really a big draw. I might need to look for a programmable machine that will start while I’m still in bed to replace my Mini. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • http://Viewpoints Wheezie

    I wanted one of these so bad.So my kids got one for me.I am a unhappy camper,hadn’t had it 2 weeks an it broke on me.Took it back got another one.Didn’t have that one 3 weeks did the same darn thing! At this point I didn’t want another one,I was burned 2 x”s.Water was coming out the top sides.As much as I wanted one I don’t know.Maybe next time I can be a tester! Test it first before I’m out or someone else is out money!!!