Customer Service, Competitive Rates Rank Highly With Travelers Insurance Customers

Travelers insurance

Travelers Insurance ranks as one of the most popular insurance companies with Viewpoints reviewers.

Insurance companies may never receive a perfect score from customers. It’s one of those services you hope never to use, because when you do have it, it’s usually going to be a hassle. Whether it’s weather damage to your home, a fender bender on the way home from work, or a worker’s comp claim, there will most likely be a disruption in your life. The average Viewpoints score for insurance companies (69 out of 100) is lower than most other industries, but the best insurance companies have a few things in common: competitive rates and strong customer service.

Company Spotlight: Travelers Insurance

Travelers Insurance is big name in the world of property casualty insurance, having been around for over 150 years and with services in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and Brazil. It offers a wide range of insurance products for auto, home and business.

Viewpoints reviewers have had largely positive experiences with Travelers, rating higher than the insurance average at 74 out of 100. Reviewers also rated it best for auto insurance, accident insurance, homeowner’s insurance and life insurance.

Competitive Rates with Travelers Insurance

As one of the nation’s largest insurance carriers, Travelers has the ability to offer competitive prices across a range of insurance products. By offering a variety of services, it is also able to offer lower rates for bundling services, a perk that is always popular with customers.

I found Travelers, who works in conjunction with my Geico automotive insurance, to handle my homeowners insurance. Besides the fact that bundling saved me money, on the one occasion that I had to call Travelers to submit a claim, they stayed in constant contact, were EXTREMELY professional and understanding and they settled with my promptly. —BekiSpecht, Reviewer since 2012

Reviewers also praise Travelers for not overselling unneeded services to its customers.

They suggest what you should carry as your coverage, however they will work with you if you have a small budget. They also give rebates for good drivers with no accidents. —jerzegirl, Reviewer since 2009

Customer service important with reviewers

Of course, money saved isn’t worth anything if the service isn’t there when you need it. Reviews for Travelers are mostly positive, but the negative reviews centered on customer service issues.

The money you save with this company is just not worth all the hassle you will have if you ever need to file a claim!! —cawildflower, Reviewer since 2008

Travelers is an easy insurance company to deal with. That is, until you have been hit whether the person hitting you is insured by them, or even when they are your insurer. —leopardx999, Reviewer since 2008

However, praise for Travelers customer service largely outweighs the negative in the reviews.

From the initial contact to a representative at the time of the accident, I felt valued and again did not get the sense they were reading from a script. The case worker also was great in walking me through the process. The assessor did his part all on my schedule and was very efficient and professional. Great customer service all around. —JLink52, Reviewer since 2010

Auto insurance coverage seems to be where Travelers excels in customer service. The ConciergeCLAIM service is an optional service for auto insurance plans. When a customer calls Travelers about an auto insurance claim, a Concierge CLAIM representative will meet the customer to assess damage, and then help facilitate the repair process, including a rental car and inspection of the work. The repairs are then guaranteed by Travelers for the life of the vehicle.

Travelers describes the service as “your one-stop shop for the least stressful repair process you’ve ever experienced,” but it seems to live up to its boasts with customers.

I recently had my first claim in 48 years of driving and only my ego was bruised. I backed into a car in my driveway. No big deal but to me it was horrible. I called my agent who immediately referred me to Traveler’s ConciergeClaim service. They walked me through my coverage, estimated the damage at $2500.00 (more than I thought!), arranged for a loaner car(covered on my policy), carefully followed the repairs and called me with updates. —POLSON, Reviewer since 2011

Staying current with the insurance industry

Travelers holds its own against major insurance competitors, but it also has a distinction in being the first company to offer cutting-edge policies like offering the first accident policy for space flight and lunar exploration to the Apollo astronauts in 1969. For those of you non-astronauts, in 1999 Travelers was the first company to offer Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement coverage. Other companies quickly followed suit to offer this coverage. It will be interesting to monitor the insurance industry to see what will be the next coverage to hit the market, and which company will offer it.

Editor’s note: If you have professional experience with insurance providers, Viewpoints is recruiting experts in priority product categories to write for our blog. Check out this overview of the Viewpoints Category Expert Program, including qualifications, compensation and how to apply.

Editor’s note: If you have professional experience with insurance, Viewpoints is recruiting experts in 50 priority product categories to write for our blog. Check out this overview of the program, including qualifications, compensation and how to apply: Become a Viewpoints Category Expert>>

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