Sleep Number Bed Reviews: 10 Things the Sales Person Won’t Tell You

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Known as one of the most popular and high tech mattress brands available, Sleep Number beds have some quirks that sales reps might not even know about.

Sleep Number bed mattresses are among the most reviewed mattresses on the market, with more than 600 Sleep Number Bed reviews on Viewpoints alone. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Sleep Number bed mattress, but don’t have time to scroll through hundreds of reviews, you won’t want to miss this round up of Sleep Number bed reviews from some tech savvy, smart-shopping, and sharp-eyed Viewpoints members.

Sleep Number Bed reviews

1 – You can hear the pump

“The machine pumps air in the bed all night long to keep it at your number…I can hear it and then I can’t sleep! You know how when you go to sleep on a camping air mattress it gradually deflates…the pumps stop this but do you really want to hear the machine turning off and on all night?” – busycharles, Reviewer since 2007

2 – The free in-home trial isn’t free


Even reviewers who enjoy their mattresses noted that cost of returning their mattress after their “free” trial came out of pocket.

“My husband and I were TOLD by the sales person that we would be able to sleep on this bed for 30 nights and then for ANY reason we were not completely satisfied the bed would be PICKED UP.  We were not happy with the bed and when we called to arrange a return we were told we would have to pay $29.95 per shipping label to ship the bed back in 5 boxes!  We already had to unpack and put it together ourselves…now we have to take it down, pack it up (without the aid of shrink wrapping) and pay almost $150.00 to send it back, besides having to take it to a UPS facility.” - rsvr29, Reviewer since 2010

3 – Air levels don’t actually change

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According to one reviewer, the air chamber technology isn’t as advanced as Sleep Number claims.

“Sleep number firmness is misleading. The counter-force to support your weight is due to the elasticity of the mattress walls not air compression. I found the sleep number bed to not vary in firmness. Air simply moves around from one area to another. The firmness is the same regardless of the number. There is no bounce to the bed. Just air.” - ajbisesi , Reviewer since 2012 

4 – Dual Air technology doesn’t come standard

“I would recommend that when purchasing this, or any other Sleep Number bed, double check the number of air chambers in the bed.  My husband and I were led to believe that the bed would have dual air chambers, one for each side of the bed so that we can adjust it to our own preferences.  The bed they gave us only had one air chamber.” – SaraBethD985, Reviewer since 2009 

5 – Only Sleep Number sheets fit Sleep Number beds

Sleep number bed mattress

Sleep Number bed mattresses are very plush (many are over 12-inches thick) which satisfies reviewers. However, a thicker mattress means only specialized sheets fit correctly.

“ I purchased a Queen. But queen sheets do not fit this bed. It is slightly larger than a standard Queen and I am sure that their own brand of sheets fit just fine, except I don’t want their sheets.  The sheets that I buy (even deep pocket sheets) pop off at the corners all the time. “ - residaeReviewer since 2010

6 – The air chambers require daily maintenance

“Read the contract. You are supposed to air up the bed to 100% when your not in it for it to keep its shape. Otherwise it will sag just like any other foam bed.” - sleepnumber000Reviewer since 2013 

6 – The 10+ year warranty doesn’t cover bed accessories

sleep number bed remote control

The Sleep Number bed warranty covers the mattress, but may not replace other bed components such as the remote control, air pump, or air chambers.

“Apparently, there is a 10-year warranty, but the parts are covered goes down a percentage every year. So, to get a new pump it cost me $130. Beware! Break the wireless remote and you are looking at $50 plus tax and shipping! Be careful! It isn’t covered under the warranty.” - pitcherday , Reviewer since 2009 

8 – Some models won’t show your sleep number

“I bought the c2 series sleep number bed about six months ago. Since I bought the cheapest model, it doesn’t actually come with a remote that tells you what your number is. You just inflate it, lay down and deflate until it feels comfortable.” – LisaLMB , Reviewer since 2010

9 – Mold may grow inside your mattress

sleep number bed mattress

Some reviewers reported finding black mold inside the foam layers and air chambers of their mattresses.

“The biggest issue we had was that mold started growing inside the air chamber and all over some of the gray foam inside the mattress. I kept getting sick (allergies & cold type symptoms), which finally led us to look at everything around us to start eliminating possible sources of allergens. That’s when we found the mold & mildew.” - psychoanalyst , Reviewer since 2010

10 – Unpleasant odors may occur

“If you want to breath in flame retardants that are offgassing from your mattress, all night, every night, then by all means, buy this mattress. We had this for about a week and it smelled bad like chemicals.” - woolmamaReviewer since 2010

The bottom line from Sleep Number Bed reviews

sleep number bed showroom

Consumer reviews can be helpful, but experts agree that trying out a mattress in a store is the best way to ensure that you won’t run into any issues like the ones mentioned in this article.

While these Sleep Number Bed reviews bring some little known facts about Sleep Number bed mattresses to light, keep in mind that every consumer has a different experience. Overall, Sleep Number beds have positive scores on Viewpoints, provide a unique style of support for people with back pain, and offer a nice compromise for couples who prefer different style mattresses. To avoid the issues mentioned above, make sure you purchase your mattress from a reputable dealer and go over all the warranty fine print. In the event that you discover mold in your mattress, users are advised to call Sleep Number customer service immediately.

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Amber Rambharose is a former writing intern at Viewpoints. She graduated from Hollins University with a B.A. in English Literature and is continuing her studies at the University of Cincinnati.

  • MW

    I’m sorry the one’s of you that have negative reviews. I have owned a sleep number for around 15 years. The problems started in this article have never been true to the sleep number bed that I know. The air chamber pump does not work on it’s own. It only works when you activate it. The air in the mattress fluctuates a little change with temperature change but that’s with the seasons. That’s the only time I might adjust the air. The bed has always kept its shape, never had a smell, and never any mold. I don’t even understand the mold problem. I really have doubts that you even have a real select number bed. Customer service has always been excellent in my dealings with them.

  • Missouri Jersey

    It is spot-on to point out that this company will not volunteer to customers at the point of sale which items can be returned and which items it refuses to take back if the bed does not work out.

    This is no small thing, in case you wondered. The stuff in the base that operates the bed is one thing that the company will not take back. In my case, the cost of that stuff was about half the purchase price.

    No one can tell me that this junk is useable with some other bed.

    It is my experience that this company embraces — even seems to take delight in applying — some really awful business practices.

    Buyer beware.

  • Quinn Alana Cooper

    Sleep Number shouldn’t even be in business. It is a joke. They sell blow up mattresses and then won’t allow you to return until you have them for 30 days and then we are being charged almost $500 to return it.

  • Andy Hoehn

    I purchased my king size Sleep Number bed in July 2007 and have not had any of these problems. My wife says her side is leaking. I’m guessing there’s a bad connector in the air hose. Also, the pump doesn’t run all night. It only runs when you manually pump it up. The only reason we’d replace this bed is to get the adjustable base but that adds at least $2500 to the cost!

  • AnnN

    I bought the King, dual controls and paid in full. Now for the second time the air pump or something doesn’t keep the air in the mattress. It deflates as I sleep in it–I’m 119 lbs. Duh? Sleep Number wants to pre-charge me $200 just for a tech to check it out. IF A TECH SHOWS UP, THIS IS NEW MEXICO. Then if there’s parts, and again for the tech to come out and fix it. What kinda a stupidity is this. II would never recommend Sleep Number to anyone. $500 just to get your bed fixed…Think again folks..Its a scam on repairs.

  • D Gable

    We’ve had our Sleep Number mattress for about 7 years and for the last couple of years it is emitting a foul odor. We unzipped the mattress and found it was coming from the foam inside the mattress. Definitely ready to get rid of it!

  • Allie Easley

    We have the memory foam sleep number bed. We love it after 6 years. I do hear the pump clicking on and off once in a while, but it’s not loud and I rarely hear it. I haven’t had any of these other problems cause issues. I have bought extra deep sheets and I have bought a fitted sheet that has elastic straps that run around the corners. I had the same issue on other beds though.
    Also, we lost our remote and it cost me $30 to replace it. I waited a long time to order it because I kept thinking it would be very expensive. Until I did, the bed was fine and still comfortable.

  • kidsandliz

    Stumbled across here trying to figure out why the remote first will read 80 then 100 the next I tap the button. Readings jump around without me changing anything – if they only went down I’d understand it – then likely an air leak but they are as likely to go up as to do down and I haven’t done anything (not the battery in the remote – changed that out). I was in a sleep number store in my town and they told me I’d have to pay $200 to have someone come out to look at the pump; I couldn’t just bring it in to the store. Seriously? Are you kidding me? I do wonder how much of their income stream is from charging ridiculous
    fees like this.

  • StarsR4me

    I have had my sleep number for more than 10 years. NONE of the problems claimed above have occurred. The pump only is audible when the sleep number is being changed by someone. Normal deep pocket sheets fit just fine. One thing I will say is this: Sleep Number beds are meant for sleeping. That means no sitting for long periods as this puts a lot of strain in a very small space. And no playing by children (or adults) i.e. jumping up and down. This is an expensive piece of machinery and should be treated as such.

  • Al Lex

    I bought a sleep number smart mattress and the flexfit bedframe. The salesperson never told me that the frame is nonreturnable. I returned the sleep number mattress and now stuck with a $1000 flexfit bedframe.
    If all of us stand there and read all the fine print, they will never make many sale in the whole day. Shame on you sleep number

  • Tina Sharp Reuwsaat

    I was told regular sheets would not fit so bought the Sleepnumber ones.. The salesman said I could return them for refund if I didn’t like them. They do not fit tightly and I don’t like them. My regular sheets DO fit fine. I tried to return them, guess what, no refund! Why is the salesman giving out false info? I wrote a review to the company with this info, they refuse to publish it, saying it ” did not meet their guidelines”. If they are not going to publish honest feedback, why bother? I’ve been very unhappy with the inaccurate info, and lack of transparency with this company.

  • Harry Heaton

    I’ve come across a whole lot of hackers but i used and will always use CYBERKVNG44 at gmail dot com For my hacking exploits, he’s a pure talent and he didn’t disappoint. I recommend him because i trust him totally to help you

  • St8kout

    I just ordered an i8 Smart Bed so this is a heads-up about accessories, not a bed review. They don’t really tell you up front on their website, but the more you buy the greater the discount. For example, one queen sheet set was $150, but add a 2nd set and it’s only about $58 more. The prices on other accessories also kept changing as I added or removed different items.

    The larger beds are really two smaller beds side-by-side, but I found out you can get the Queen size with one large air bladder instead of two smaller ones, something they don’t tell you. I just happened to ask. (I tend to be a mattress traveler during the night.)

    It also seems that they don’t want you setting it up the Smart Beds yourself, but this model came with free shipping and setup.

  • Lisa McWilliam

    I HATE this bed. We have had it for several years. We have the King adjustable and there is no way to keep the mattress from sliding. The only thing that holds the mattress on the frame is the cover fabric (cheap fabric) and some bolts. The fabric stretches and rips and the mattress slides down a foot from the wall when you put the head up. Sleep Number knows of this problem and does not offer mattress retainer bars like other adjustable bed sellers do. They only tell you to replace the cloth cover at around $1100 hahahahah RIIIIIIIIGHT….so it can just rip all over again…..Your beds are JUNK and I am sorry we bought it, horrible warranty for a DESIGN FLAW and terrible customer service once you leave the store. You will need a foot board if you have the older models…So many better beds out there….keep shopping

  • James R

    I find most of this article to be opposite of my experience, with the exception of #5. We have a dual chamber queen sleeper that my wife INSISTED we buy, because I was having severe back problems, and spent the better part of 3 years sleeping on the couch, because I couldn’t get comfortable in our bed. I WAS SKEPTICAL, Now, I’m not saying that the sleep number bed rescued our marriage or anything, BUT, my back feels better then ever, and we can’t hear the motor inflating our bed at night, and my number is 100 and my wife’s is 30, so we are on opposite ends of the spectrum. We bought ours about 10 years ago, and it still works as well today as it did the day the company came and set it up. I have periodically taken the chambers out and we have dry cleaned the top a time or two, but there are no unpleasant odors, or signs of mold, Keep in mind that MOLD is the result of moisture and heat. Hmmmmm. Wonder where that came from. We don’t have that problem. I HIGHLY recommend the Sleep Number Bed. Ours is adjustable like a hospital bed, love it for when I want to chill and watch TV late at night. Remember, if you pay for a Ford Pinto, you’re not getting all the bells and whistles that a Lincoln has on it.

  • Kathryn Albert

    Also, I have never had any problems using store-bought sheets. Dunno know where that is coming from.

    Additionally. My parents have a two-chamber bed. When I house/pet sit, I sleep on my dad’s undamaged side. They bought the ultra-gaudy superdeluxe version. With the same number that works on mine AND my brother’s bed, I’m somewhat uncomfortable on theirs. That’s because there is barely a difference in firmness and body contouring between the different numbers when you get a memory foam AND a pillow top on the mattress. I had noticed that when trying out versions in the store. More expensive is not always better and beware the upsell. C2 all the way, Baby! With one of the two annual sales, it’s the same price as a “regular” mattress.

    Finally, I have no idea where the complaints about SN customer service come from. They’ve been awesome to me. Free replacement of minor accessories I lost. When a support panel was cracked as I was moving, they gave me the annual sale price early and I only paid $45 after shipping under the prorated warranty pay-out. Both of those were MY fault.

  • Tony

    Tony in Boynton Beach FL
    We bought our bed a little over four years ago and spent over $5000. The bed was pretty good for a couple of years. The bed now has a three inch PIT in the middle of both mattresses. I called customer service and was informed that I would need to replace the foam pad at a cost of $155.26 plus shipping and tax, I also need a new outer top pad, which includes the whole cover at a cost of $1028.00 plus shipping and tax. What happened to the twenty five year guarantee? I was told that should have read my contract.The guarantee only covers the air bags. I feel I was misled by the salesperson when I was told I would never need an new mattress. Will I have to spend $1200 in another four years? I SHOULD HAVE READ MY CONTRACT! Bottom line is I would not recommend this product.

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    • elliot

      Thank you for the insight , i have been able to recover my money.

      • beto calvo

        how were you able to recover your money. They told me the adjustable base was nonrefundable.

    • beto calvo

      Recovery expert? Can you tell me more about it. They don’t want to take back my adjustable bed.

  • Kelly Teresa McMartin

    Our sleep number bed strated to sag on one side after about two months of use. They replaced just about every part of the bed at least twice some parts three times. No fix lasted more than a few months. They extended the warrenty twice. We are stuck with an uncomfortable bed that cost 2500.00. DO NOT BUY

  • Victor Netta

    I was told I could use a regular queen metal bed frame with my plastic foundation for my sleep number C2 mattress I purchased in May of 2017.
    It is now six months later in October and the plastic platform piece has collapsed in the center sinking the center of the bed down. now I am having an argument with Sleep Number because all they will do is replace the plastic Foundation but I have been told it cannot be used unless it is on a slot slotted bed frame which makes no sense to me and have asked them to please take back this lightweight plastic Foundation and give me a refund because I do not want it to happen again. I want to keep the mattress and everything else but I do not want to wind up waking up in the middle of the night to a collapsed plastic Sleep Number base again! Does anyone have any advice on what to do?

  • Pw

    I wish we had done more homework. We have had our bed a little over 2 yrs (2 months past the full warranty) and our mattresses are deflated. You have to do all the troubleshooting yourself or must wait 2 weeks and pay $179 for service call. Turns out we need another pump already. Our portion of cost and shipping $200 (per limited warranty). Was told we pay 28% of cost & they pay 72. After paying a fortune for this bed would expect to not be having issues this soon. Soooo disappointed!

  • Sarah Louis

    None of this is true at all. Not one thing. It is never stated the trial is free, you do not have to keep the bed at 100 unless you wan the uniform appearance, the pump does not run all night long (only if you manually adjust it), no odors other than the new mattress smell present in EVERY BED, no mold (that was a small number of models almost 10 years ago that happened to due to storage issues which aren’t used anymore), 25 year warranty is on ALL BED PARTS and prorated after the second year based on wear and tear, ALL MODELS show your number (All of them), dual air technology is standard unless you want a single chamber, the air chambers DO change the support of the bed by increasing or decreasing air pressure, and last but not least, ANY DEEP POCKET SHEETS FIT THE BED! Whoever wrote this “article” needs to take it down. It’s completely incorrect. When purchasing your sleep number mattress make sure to buy a model that works for you, not just based on price alone. It’s important to be matched with a model that will fit your needs and your sales rep will help you find something that works in your budget :)

  • Deborah

    We now have 3 Sleep Number beds in our home & 1 traditional bed. They are all king size beds. Our children are grown with families of their own. They live about 3 hours away.
    Whenever there is an occasion for everyone to come to our home at the same time, there is literally a race to not be the last one to arrive & get stuck with the traditional bed.
    (Traditional bed is the newest & a Serta) We have one son-in-law who is 6’4″ & around 280 lbs. he has back issues from time to time. Last weekend he said he’d had the best nights sleep he had in the last 3 years on one of our sleep number beds. Each side of the bed is adjustable to the individuals want or need. We did not buy the 3 beds at one time. We bought one and then as the traditional beds needed replacing we chose to purchase the additional sleep number beds. I would suggest someone asking your friends on social media if any of them own a sleep number bed. You may not know me, but your friends will tell you the truth.

  • Tracy Reger

    SO disappointed in my Sleep Number. Coming just on seven years old and is causing me MUCH discomfort. I never imagined I would be replacing the mattress ALREADY….They are way over priced as my Boyfriend bought a off brand King for the price I paid for a Queen. …I wouldn’t recommend.

    • JJ

      Unzip the cover pull out the foam and replace with a latex topper.

  • Dano in San Diego

    I have had Sleep Number for about 10 years. They are okay, just remember they arent anything special….just an air mattress. Also, the 25 year “warranty” they provide is pro-rated….and really only gives decent coverage for about 3 or 4 years…then it get REAL expensive. I was told by Sleep Number that the average bed only last 8 years….so I should expect to start replacing parts on a Sleep Number somewhere around 6-8 years. SO expect that it is going to cost a lot of money to MAINTAIN an already expensive bed.

  • Willelmus Agri

    Customer support is beyond questionable. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and the company sounds like it has a large stock of refurbished pumps that need to get rid of. This ill company will pay for overnight shipping when they feel they are wrong, but the real problem is their warehouse takes up to five days to get it out to the shippers. Anyone planning on doing their homework for a possible purchase should consider trying the sleep experts for a real quality mattress and if you have any back or spinal surgeries, later will prove to be far more supportive and GOD knows you do not need to experience sleep numbers support for issues concerning a sleep number mattress. For the money, I am sure the Sleep experts will out do sleep number. Go to their store and try them first. I have experienced both so take this advice for what its worth (free and honest).

  • Judy Hall

    I think they need to go back to water beds. They adjust to your body shape and are cool in summer and can be warm in winter. The water supports your body and as long as you take care of it and keep sharp objects away from it so you don’t get a leak it will last forever. Maybe they can build a retainer around it to hold the water if there is a leak.

  • burlingtonbill

    I think some people are just misanthropic by nature. If I try hard, I can find SOMETHING wrong with every mattress & bed that I’ve ever slept on. My wife & I bought a mid-priced Sleep No. bed in 2000. Seventeen years later it is still going strong. I did add an extra piece of foam to my side a few years ago, as foam certainly doesn’t last forever! Some rejoinders to gripes above: If your pump runs all nite long, you have something wrong (maybe a leak?). It’s supposed to run only briefly when you INCREASE the number. We have a King and my wife is very picky about her sheets – she says the ones she buys at Target fit just FINE. The notion that when the number is changed, air just “moves around” is bogus. I can tell you from experience if I PURPOSELY lower the number very low (say 25 or 30) I can almost FEEL the bottom (or top of the foundation). That air didn’t just move to the head of the mattress somewhere! The cheapest models don’t have a number controller, just up & down arrows – been that way since 1987 when they started. If people feel they were misled on single vs. dual chambers, warranty provisions, trial period, or controller types, they need to ASK, eyes wide open before purchasing! Of course, it’s possible to have had a poor salesperson inadvertently or purposely misconstrue things, but that’s not the company’s fault. I do agree with another site that Select Comfort might want to be a little more generous on their return policy, as other non-traditional mattress makers are changing the way these things are marketed & distributed. Overall, we are VERY happy with ours.

  • rosa

    i bought my sleep number 11 years ago.yes i had to change out the pump with the remote controll and the foam.the foam surrownding the mattrasse twice and had to pay,but still cheaper than haveing to buy a a innerspring matrise. i broke a vertaebrae in 2004 and since the. couldnt sleep on my innerspring matrice and twice a year i still have to sleep a night on the sofa,but nothing to do with the sleepnumber,but because of tension in my back. did any of you,who have problems,but your bed directly from a sleep number store and try them all out or from a different bed store? that makes s difference

  • Jez Jez

    I’ve also bought a sleep number. It was the worst decision I’ve ever made! When you need any extra parts, they’ll charge you. The warranty is limited and as time goes on you pay more until eventually you’ll end up paying 100% of the cost. My husband and I have back problems, and the sleep number did not help solve any of our back issues. The bed was uncomfortable and the air mattress wasn’t durable as the salesman said it was. The air chamber on the air mattress broke and I had to buy one. It broke again and I decided not to buy another one. I told customer service about my issues and they didn’t seem to care. One thing’s for sure, I’ll never buy one again! Maybe I’ll invest in a Tempur-pedic.

  • Cd1515

    Piece of junk, just a glorified air bed with a thin cheap mattress that gives a horrible night’s sleep.
    I lasted 5 nights and my back pain was so awful I had to stop.

    The sleep IQ system that’s supposed to track your sleep also doesn’t work.
    Some nights it’ll register a reading, some nights it won’t.
    Right now I have 2 different readings listed for the same day and no readings listed for another day.
    They blamed it on a pet jumping on the bed during the day and screwing up the readings.
    A 10-pound cat can throw your whole system out of whack?
    Why not have a minimum weight that it won’t read, like say 100 pounds?
    When I suggested that, they said “oh, good idea.”

    Then it actually got worse.
    When I bought the bed I asked specifically what the return policy was and how much it would cost if I had to return it.
    Price quoted: $179.99.
    Now they’re telling me that price conveniently “doesn’t include” taxes and delivery fees, which will push the return price well over $300.
    I never would’ve bought this POS if I knew the cost to return was $300.

    So first they’ll ship you a garbage excuse for a mattress.
    Then they’ll scam you on the way out with extra hidden fees.

    Oh and when I first called them about my back pain, they offered to send out some kind of miracle pad that I could put underneath the mattress that would solve all my problems.
    When I said sure let’s try it, then they claimed they “didn’t have any in stock” and it would be “at least 4 weeks” before they did.
    So why mention it as an option then?

    Run far away from Sleep number.

  • Travis Tenberg

    Bought our ILE in February of this year. $179 to bring it now $179 to pick it up. FYI 2 week wait in both directions. Returning it for the hump in the middle. ONE THING IN THE TOP TEN NOT LISTED . Without power your stuck at whatever inflation level the bed is at. No issues with them honoring the return policy. There are many mattress choices that offer high quality at comparable prices.

  • Chad Chaplin

    These mattresses are crap. I have had one for many years, and it causes me back pain from the top of my rear all the way to the base of my skull. They are so bad, that I don’t even sleep in the bed with my wife anymore. I either sleep in my recliner or sleep in the crappy little bed that we have in one of our spare rooms. Both are a million times more comfortable then the Sleep Number craptress. On the nights when I sleep in the recliner, my wife gets up early and of course bangs pots and pans around waking me up, so I move to a different location. When I wake up at that time I usually either have no pain or just mild aches. If I then go sleep in the Sleep Number bed, for an hour or two at the most, I then wake up sore from top to bottom. Don’t buy this piece of junk!

    • rosa

      adjust the settings. i sometimes have to do it several times a month,since i have a compression fracture that turned into scoliouses. when this first happend,i couldnt sleep in a regular bed with innerspring mattress but spent my nights in the recliner than couch,till a friend recommended the sleep number. i went to the sleep number store several times to try them all several times,till i found the right one for my back. every once in awhile i still have to sleep on the couch,but not because of my sleep number but because of my back. when i visit family in other parts of the world prefer couch over the bed.

      • Chad Chaplin

        Been there, done that, a million times. A hardwood floor is more comfy.

      • rosa

        yikes no way,would prefer the couch over hardwood floor

  • Tom d

    This is all non sense. You dont hear the pump in the night because it doesn’t change pressure… Dual air is standard in every two person bed. In fact its a specialty order for a single chamber. Also the “10 year warranty” is actually 25 years and does cover every component and a proration. All sheets fit the beds as long as you have the proper depth. Sizing is standard in the industry. All models bought after 2000 show your setting on the remote. Offgassing of odors is standard in the industry. There is no required daily maintaining, and the mold issue was resolved years ago, and every instance of it, the customer received a new free bed. This article is full of shit.

  • Dual Bag

    Complete bull

  • natalkazc

    Tip: If you’re gonna buy a sleep number bed, wait for the Free Home Delivery promotion. The sales people will tell you that Sleep Number does not offer free delivery, but they do. You just have to wait for it.
    Also, their mattresses are almost always promoted as “on sale,” so keep an eye on the price for a real deal.

  • Mike

    The motor home we bought four years ago has a sleep number bed in it and we love it. When it came time to get a new bed for home we went to local sleep number bed store for their 50% off sale on a The iLE sleep iq bed. The bed will be deliver tomorrow 2-28-17 I will come back in a few days -weeks to update how it is.

    • Cherry Berlin Davis

      Do they have a yearly sale?

  • Cindy Short

    I too am ready to throw out my super expensive sleep number bed. I bought it two years ago and it just sags and my back aches and hurts all the time. I had one years ago and it never seemed to sag like this. My husband and I both set our sleep numbers on 100 and there is zero support. He weighs quite a bit more than I do so I spend my whole night feeling like I’m on an incline and rolling toward him while he is down in the valley and we both literally climb out of bed, exhausted, aching, and feeling so stupid for spending thousands of dollars on a very horrible bed. Do yourself a favor people – go lay down on beds in the store and find one you like – don’t listen to the hype and oversell of all the words, just find a simple mattress that feels good and buy it!!!

  • Genrty

    For 12 years we slept on a bed, Sleep Number then. That we purchased on QVC. I developed ciliac disease and my wife and I both have use inhaler; were only 50. Prior to 2005 this company did not spray for black mold. Nor did they notify customers of the potential issue. I called QVC and guess what, they could not find a purchase we made early 2001. So I guess we got a free
    $1.800 bed.

    So in 2014 we purchased our 2nd bed at a Select Comfort bed, at their store and they congratulated on our 2nd purchase. So SC had record of our QVC purchase but QVC didn’t. Interesting isn’t it? So SC is sending over the PO so we can show QVC. Had QVC wiped clean all Sleep Number Bed purchased prior to 2005? If there is a lawyer here who would like to contact me feel free.

  • Janet Trammell

    If I decide to return this bed after the trial period, who takes it apart? I certainly am not able to do that. Does the company send someone out?

  • Angela Roe

    I have had a Sleep Number bed for 18 years, and just got a second new one, and every single thing mentioned above is completely FALSE. We have loved our bed since day one, have had ZERO issues with it, and boh have had tremendous back pain improvement. Yes, they are expensive, but you get what you pay for and we had ours for 18 years before needing a new one.

  • Pat Bateman

    Old thread, new issues. My first Sleep Number is the m7 and currently on my third week of use. We wanted a mattress that had dual chambers as our mattress preference varies a bit. The first couple nights were fine, nothing spectacular. By the end of the week my ruptured and herniated discs hurt in the morning and my sciatica is acting up again. Right now I am under a warranty claim on a pretty pricey Stearns & Foster, I refuse to pay it off because of a defect, a nearly 2 inch indentation on one side with a bubble in the middle. So the m7, I feel that the mattress itself is not like the version in the store. Their m7 feels very sturdy, well constructed, perhaps better foam? My bed feels like two, twin blow-up mattresses surround with foam. I am 5’10″ 200 pounds, fairly stocky solid build, not fat. It feels as though I bottom out even through the foam. My number is 35 so I increased it to 45 and my back didn’t ache as much. The mattress still does not feel substantial/sturdy, quality, for the kind of money I am spending, it better WOW me. I’m not impressed. I called customer service (15 minute wait) because the Sleep IQ app is junk, never works right, records data right. With the kind of cash flow SN has you’d think the app would be near flawless. Anyway, the lady was not friendly, seemed like she was from a rough neighborhood with a rude tone (like I interrupted her lunch) and she went through all her scripts, I went along with it. She basically disconnected the call on me because I believe she didn’t know what she was doing and I would call back and become someone else’s problem. Days later the next call I made (22 minute wait) was to discuss my issues with the mattress, find some resolution, again same type of personality, told me a bunch of mish mash and hung up on me, like the first rep. So as an experiment I called the SALES department, ONE minute wait, actually barely one minute, 51 seconds. The man was very pleasant, ready to help. I kind of gave him the third degree and started from the very top down to the very bottom of it all. I was exasperated. He told me all will be taken care of, he wasn’t going to work up the chain, he was going to take me to the top. When I spoke to that gentlemen at the top, I got the results. My m7 will be swapped out for an iLE, on sale, delivery/return, I was offered dismantle and set-up but decided I will do it all and then he added a cool foam top for my trouble. Wow. I pay for what I get and not really used to that, granted I’m still bound up with SN. I’m a little numb and very skeptical about SN and their customer service overall. The first phone salesman that helped me stated that the other departments were swamped (long wait times)and my response was “maybe it’s the people working them” and that doesn’t excuse the rudeness of hanging up on a customer because your too lazy and stupid to help.There is no excuse. So my iLE will be here in about a week and I’ve spent some time on it in the store, I will give this one other mattress I find desirable a chance through my trial period. I remain cautiously optimistic but prepared for the worst, I won’t know until I try it. But I will say this, I can’t find any bed out there that feels good, I’ve laid on a hundred or more. In the end there might be a Beautyrest Black contender, we’ll see. I’m supposed to get a pro-rated mattress credit for my Stearns & Foster and plan on buying a nice, queen innerspring set for one of my guest bedrooms. Good luck out there, do your homework. I went to Stearns & Foster and then to Sleep Number because of the hype over a name and any mattress is on sale at any given time. Beware, be aware.

  • Clo Maxwell

    WHOA…these comments are over THREE years old! Things that are indicated in the 10 points of contention are totally incorrect as of this date in 2017. We saw YouTube videos about certain problems which no longer exist because the mattresses are different than they were 3 years ago.Look at the dates of reviews before you decide a product isn’t very good. If I am willing to invest thousands of dollars in a mattress, I’m going to listen very closely to what the salespeople at the Sleep Number store have to say and also look at CURRENT reviews. We spent at least 2 hours with our Sleep Number customer service person at a legitimate Sleep Number store. If you just walked in to a sore and bought one within a few minutes without investigating and asking lots of questions, then it’s your bad…

  • Janet Trammell

    My bed was just delivered Wednesday, 2/1/17, still have not been able to sleep in it! People who set it up said it was good to go…..well, 2 hours later it was a big pit. I got it back to 45, but at 1 a.m. woke up in a pit.
    I want it picked up now but they are telling me I have to wait til March 3rd. In the meantime I have no spare bed. They also won’t send someone out to see what the problem is without charging me. Ridiculous considering what I paid.
    Very poor customer service.

  • Debra

    I have owned a sleep number for many many years in fact I have three others in three different rooms. A lot of the statement to make are completely false. The bed does not make a noise all night long you set the air chambers as to what you want them to be they don’t continually readjust

    Zero smell

    Zero mold

    as held that shape perfectly (but I do put it back up to 100 every morning)

    Be happy to send anybody pictures to show how dishonest this site is.

    I buy sheets from everywhere including bed bath and beyond and Amazon they fit my sleep number beautifully

    I’ve had the one in my master bedroom since 2004 and it is literally the most comfortable mattress we have ever used in fact that’s why I have three more because I felt guilty sleep you don’t such a great mattress well my kids slept on a traditional mattress.

    In fact I’m in the market to buy my fifth sleep number for an additional room in my house

    I’d be happy to answer anybody’s questions or concerns or take pictures of my mattress that is now 13 years old. Just email me at

  • SF native

    I’m on my 2nd Sleep Number and here’s why: the first one was a CA King, worked exceptionally well, but it was too large when I had to move. Sold it after a year, great condition, everything worked,etc. Fast forward ten years to a new life and my hubby and I decided on the c4 instead of the “cheaper” online only/ no return of the 5000 model.

    We didn’t opt for the adjustable base, saved $2k. Or the standard base. Saved $400. Or anything other than JUST the bed. Just under $2k after a $200 discount and free shipping offer they had online only but if you ask, you receive.

    None of the 10 issues above ever pertained. No sound except when pumping, yes you will want to put it back at 100 on the morning but that’s literally the touch of a button conveniently titled “Sleep Number 100″ that will fill both sides back.

    A smell? I’m super sensitive to funky odors and the is NO smell. Ever.

    Standard king sheets fit perfectly, we have a few sets purchased from various non affiliated stores like tjmaxx, bed Bath & beyond.

    The mattress requires a platform/solid surface. Their standard base costs $400 for a King and you’ll still need a headboard at minimum, which they do not sell.
    Skip that and put the $400 toward solid bed furniture.

    Lastly, go to a store for yourself and try the bed. We were apprehensive buying a bed online without trying it first.
    Do remember that all the extras are what’s going to make the bed outrageously expensive.

    The “starting” price can actually be purchase price if you’re a savvy shopper.

  • Rose Faison

    I was told the base is not returnable. I have questions about the message features. Is there a history of repairs or service with this feature? How is mold realty with?

  • Tracy

    I’ve own a Sleep Number for several years. I use sheets of my choosing by purchasing a size larger than my mattress. (A trick I learned from my parents who’ve owned theirs 12 years.)
    The warranty is like most others, it does decline in coverage each year. My car warranty is no different. This was explained to me at time of purchase.
    Customer service worked with me when the bed I bought wouldn’t fit up the stairs of my house. No pressure. No cost for returning.
    Neither my bed nor my parents have grown mold. Mold needs dampness to grow.
    If you lie on the bed and raise the sleep number to 100 & adjust, you can feel the air leaving the bed. It doesn’t just move around the chambers. (Try standing beside the bed & adjusting numbers. You can see the change.)
    Seems to me a lot of these “little known facts” aren’t really little known. I bought my bed from a store. The salesperson also gave me the sheet tip, went over the standard warranty, worked with me to decide which size bed to change to (I went smaller & got a refund; not the King which would have cost more. Although now that I’ve moved again, I wish I had gone up.)
    I’ve had questions since purchasing on small issues. The customer service I’ve received has been friendly, empowered & worked with me (staying on the phone while I tried their instructions/suggestions without ever putting me on hold , etc). My next mattress purchase will be another Sleep Number & I’ll move my current one to the guest room.

  • MJ Belko

    We purchased our bed two weeks ago and they were supposed to deliver it on 12/19. No call, no show. Couple of phone calls later, we were told there was a computer glitch and the delivery wasn’t scheduled (the “glitch” didn’t prevent them from taking our money, though). After much screaming at them, they said they would deliver it on 12/22. I’m not holding my breath. Customer service is terrible. They hide behind polite responses on Facebook but keep trying to steer the conversation back to a private phone call. I refused to try that again and kept tweeting comments on their Twitter page. They blocked me. If the product is as bad as the customer service, I’m out a lot of money.


    Have a ten year old bed. The foam on my side “collapsed” about five years in. It caused me to roll to the edge of the bed. Called about six months ago and shelled out the money to buy a new foam edge for the whole bed. Within two months, the foam on BOTH sides of the bed collapsed! This has caused major back issues for both of us. I have the California Queen, which is just a regular queen frame, with metal “extenders” to make up the extra size. There is no firm support under the edges of the foam, which is causing the foam to collapse. They don’t care. Will never buy a Sleep Number again.

  • Linda Hawkins-Armstrong

    Thank you all for this info…I don’t think this would be a good fit for my parents…89 and 90′years.

  • Jason

    We had the 7000 model for 13 years. We liked it a lot, it was worn out but had no problems otherwise. We recently replaced it with a 12″ foam mattress which turns out to be too firm. We are going back to the sleep number.

  • Shelley Thomas Gage

    I forgot to mention a couple of things. There is no noise at night. It only make noise when you add air, and it’s manual. So you pump it up to where you want it and leave it. Deflating makes very little noise. The pump is not on all the time. Also there is no daily maintenance. I have never bought sheets from the sleep number company. I usually get my sheets at Ross and they fit fine. I don’t understand how mold could get to the mattress as the bladders that hold the air are sealed and separate from the part on which you actually sleep. I actually went to a store and tried out the bed before I went home and ordered it on the website. That really helped.

  • Shelley Thomas Gage

    I got our bed at least 8 or 9 years ago maybe more. It cost between $800 and $900 for the mattress. We already had a platform. We are still sleeping on it. We have never had to replace any parts and have never had any problems. I agree with everything Dave said. I do not represent the company. I am a mental health counselor. I just wanted others to know that we had none of the bad experiences reported by the others.

  • Not Reading Your Reply

    My complaints are different that What I’m reading here. I’ve never had any of the problems referenced in the article. I own two of the mattresses, one twin, one queen. If you’re complaining about the pump or the controls, you should have paid more attention to what you’re buying. Anyway, my complaint is that the mattress moves around in top of the platform. I’m considering some type of Velcro arrangement to keep it in place. Second complaint is that the platform is noisy when you ‘exercise’ on it. We glued ours together to keep it quiet, but of course now it can’t be completely disassembled. Last complaint, if the bladder leaks all of a sudden, it takes a week to get a new one, and yes, they prorate. It’s only happened twice in 20 years, so it’s not that big of a deal. For reference my husband weighs 250 and I’m half that.

  • doug b

    Haven’t had a full night’s sleep since we got this $7K piece of crap. I didn’t want it but she wanted it.

  • Jill O.

    I have had a sleep number bed for almost 7 years now and it has been amazing. I was in a car accident when I was 20, not my fault btw. I was rear ended by someone speeding who didn’t see me sitting at a red light. Since then I have had constant thoracic back pain. At the time of the accident I had one of those memory foam beds. I could not sleep in that anymore it felt like I sunk in a hole and I was in constant pain all night. I finally decided to try a sleep number bed. It has been the best decision ever. When I have pain I am able to adjust the number until I am comfortable. I’m not making the claim that this took away my pain but it has allowed me to actually be comfortable and get some sleep. Just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it will for others but I am extremely glad I purchased this bed!

  • ashman0071

    I couldn’t agree with you more – totally unreliable junk with a worthless, pro-rated warranty – go with two different softness twin mattresses for your California King and NEVER CONSIDER A BED LIKE THIS AGAIN – total maintenance nightmare!!!!

  • Tanya Houtz

    I bought this bed and have regretted it from almost the very beginning. Frustrating to put together, the 20 year warranty is only a very limited one, there are mold issues, its loud, and should someone sit on one side when the other persons sleeping said sleeping person is almost thrown to floor…..and then when you try to get things repaired the cost is ridiculous… I will NEVER buy this bed again or recommend it to anyone!!!!

    • MaryAnn Wojakowski

      got rid of this mildew when taken apart awful product will never purchase this item again..

  • Edward Quattlander

    Trust me… Save your money and RUN away from this scam.. I was there when the big wigs were having a meeting and I was caught in the break room, so I had to hide behind a Coke machine while they had this pow wow meeting where they manufactured the foam for this bed.. and I was beyond belief what went on in this meeting.. My jaw hit the ground.. “They” have this market so tied down, and Yes.. Your sleep number is guaranteed ( programmed chip ) to fail so they make you an offer “insist” that you buy another one “at a discount price”.. and it goes on and on and on.. I had no idea at that magnitude that truthfully they are out to scam the customers. We had a 14 acre warehouse full of sleep number products because they weren’t selling like they were suppose to,, and that was part of the meeting, and then they talked about how can we get any “idiot” to buy our product! Lowering the price and that was at the last resort! No.. They wanted to sell you on…. Whatever the “customer” wanted.. But Hide the “magic”. That’s not to be seen.. It was beyond my wildest ideas what “corporate” people do to make a buck. They lead the flock..

    I no longer work for these people any more.. Thank you Lord..

  • John Victor

    We bought a Sleep Number I-10 split King with sleep IQ, adjustable frames and the cooling unit about 2 months ago. Having had one before we more or less knew what we were getting into. The following are my Impressions and suggestions for anyone considering going this route.

    First, I’m not too happy with the split King. There is a huge chasm in the middle that I don’t like. Moreover, I don’t really use the adjustable frame all that much. Since I’ve only raised the head just a little I assume that a thicker pillow might have done the job for more cheaply.

    I really don’t understand how the Sleep IQ function works except to say that I don’t agree with its analysis of my death of sleep.

    As for the cooling system, I don’t find it very effective and it’s a bit too noisy for my liking.

    I also don’t like the sheets with fitted bottoms and full size King top sheet. We returned one set of them and went to totally individual sheets and blankets for each side. This works much better. Also it’s far cheaper than the sheets sold by Select Comfort.

    All that said, I do love being able to adjust the firmness of the mattress. If I had it to do all over again I wouldn’t buy this particular type of bed but would “settle” for a cheaper model without all the gadgets lke the one we had before.

  • Sally

    I hate my sleep number bed. Worst mistake ever made was buying this bed. We tried to return it but was mislead that we would be able to.

  • Rochelle White

    I love my sleep number. As far as the “pit” goes it’s an easy $1 fix by way of pool noodle. As stated before you only hear the pump when you change your number. As far as maintenance goes…it literally takes a few seconds to air it up, show me one man made object that doesn’t require maintenance? Lastly any and every mattress is capable of growing mold, I would say that issue has more to do with moisture and lack of ventilation in the home or dare I say cleanliness.

    • Cherry Berlin Davis

      Where did you put the noodle?

  • Vic G

    Dave I think your all wet this company has more complaints than any company, the blaters have permeated the entire mattress. I have tried every thing I put the blaters in a sealed bag, aired the foam out four times used baking soda and the smell comes into the sheets the first night after the sheets were washed. The company toled us to use dryer sheets to take away the smell just adding more chemical. The smell is in the foam and will never come out, I’m not the only one that complained.

  • Home Furniture

    Sleep number beds appear to be a hit or miss. I personally like the technology.

  • aimer

    1. Lie. The pump does not go off and on all night, you have to push the button on the remote.
    4. Lie. Yes it does. You bought a single bed then, because dual mattresses is the whole point!
    5. Lie. I’m on my sleep number bed right now and it has flannel sheets from Target – they fit just fine, like every other set I’ve bought.
    6. Duh, of course you pump it up during the day! Who wants a deflated bed when you’re not in it? Are you really that dim?
    8.Lie. We have the cheapest model and have always been able to see the numbers. That’s the entire selling point. If you are going to lie, at least make sense!
    10. Never happened.

  • pocketchange

    I would have thought after the last few years that Sleep Comfort would have done something about the foam insert that covers the two air bladders.. sad to say, “NO”. After replacing my insert for the second time, I’m of the opinion they have not got the moxie to come up with something that addresses this particular issue.. if you don’t mind sleeping on a very limited area, by all means buy a sleep Number bed AND enjoy sleeping in YOUR NEW PIT. Other than this major issue the sleep number bed is a comfortable way to spend the night..
    QUESTION; Would I buy another Sleep Number Bed.. NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!

    • Betty

      I just replaced my foam topper after less than three years. I did not get mine from sleep number. Theirs was splitting and tearing when I removed it. Any foam mattress will work. You just need to make sure you buy the right thickness for your mattress cover.

    • Cherry Berlin Davis

      Is sleep comfort and sleep number the same or different companies?

      • pocketchange


  • Theresa Finn

    I purchased my full, single chamber sleep number is 1996 while going through chemo. I had to replace the pump, but that was due to little pesky mice who managed to squeeze in and urinate on the innards. I’ve been very happy with my bed, but now I think I will have to replace the air chamber. I left my bed while following a job. There was a leak at one end, which I patched. However, it is continuing to leak… so guess I’ll have to give in or just continue to fill it each night. How picky should I be? What’s less than a minute really.
    I’ve had no problems before this and it is SOOO comfortable. I’ll keep it.
    My sides have held up very well, however, on my daughter’s, a king dual chamber, the foam on the sides broke down very quickly. Neither of us has had a problem with normal sheets, especially deep pocket sheets.
    One funny reason I like it so well, I drive a Honda Fit. I can move my bed in my car! Very helpful if you move often.

  • dogg

    Worst experience of my life. I have been waiting for the delivery of my mattress for over a month after being quoted a 2-3 week delivery time. The last 3 weeks have been spent with semi-daily 2 hour phone calls to customer service that ultimately serve no purpose other than to make me question my decision making in opting to purchase this mattress. Everyone I know that has one has said how much they love it, but I can’t compare as I have been waiting and getting jerked around by low-rate customer service and what appears to be shoddy business practices. It’s a joke. But the sad kind because I was really looking forward to sleeping on this new mattress.

  • Kelley W

    This is so biased… It hurts! I have been in my sleep number bed for 11 yrs. The pump does NOT run all night. My husband and I bought the dual King with massage and adjustable . The remotes are not wireless and the only thing that has happened is they don’t read out Numbers. They still work though. Air levels Most DEFINITELY DO change and do provide a very very firm bed at 100 and very sort at much lower Numbers. Sheets do sometimes slip depending on your sleep number and angle of adjustability… NOT because they don’t fit. Of course not all beds come with dual adjustability or even with Numbers. Some people are SINGLE and some may find their number and NEVER change. I am a LARGE person and my bed does NOT sag at all. If you READ the warranty…. You will know what is covered . Yet, we havent had any reason for warranty. No unpleasant odors . I cannot speak to the mold because I havent had reason to worry. However, we are moving in 1 week and I will report back.

    Things we did find… Wish we had opted for dual adjustment.

  • Joe

    My mattresses do not stay together , the top one slips down when head area is raised, I’ve looked between them and see that the lining is ripped where they they are sucured together. How can I fix this?

  • Tracy Collier

    Worst bed we ever owned! All of the above is true!!!!! RUN! Do not purchase from sleep number!!!!!!!

  • doc

    I agree with Dave. If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve wasted 20 mins of your life reading these reviews. Some are based on an old style (numbers are currently on every C2 remote) and some are just patently false.

  • Bob Franklin

    As another commenter mentioned, this is an old page but I feel compelled
    to set the record straight of this pure garbage. I am not sure what the motivation was for a
    lot of these points but I cant help but think it is a combination of
    Tempurpedic employees and/or people that used the financing option and ran in
    to payment problems and are venting. I
    will say that I did not finance my beds, but the store card is a ridiculous
    29.99%. When I was married my ex and I
    purchased an i10 Sleep Number in King after having 5 different “high end”
    traditional mattresses over the years.
    By this I mean a couple of the mattresses were in the $5K-$6K price
    range. Certainly not the most expensive
    out there, but well above many entry-level mattresses. My ex is 5’4” and 120, I am 6’4” and
    285. I prefer a bed that is very soft,
    she preferred concrete. This was what
    eventually led us to try this bed. This
    was 9 years ago and we both loved the bed.
    Never had a thing go wrong with it.
    We ended up buying a second one for one of our guest rooms that our
    parents used when they came to visit.
    Since getting divorced I have purchased two more of these beds
    (approximately a year ago). So I have
    now purchased/slept on 2 king sized i10’s and two queen sized iLE’s. Here is my reply to each of the points above:

    1 – You can hear the pump – Yes, you can.
    They are not loud by any means but if they are on hardwood floors you
    will hear them operate. That said, they
    DO NOT turn on unless you hit a button on the remote. They will NOT turn on and off all night on
    their own. They simply do not work that

    2 – The free in-home trial isn’t free – this is absolutely true, but show
    me a bed that is any different. Tempurpedic
    is the same way. In fact, I had
    purchased a Stearns and Foster years ago for about $2K at a “50% off sale” with
    a 30 day no-questions-asked guarantee that stated, in writing, that you could
    return the bed for credit towards any other bed. It was HORRIBLE and in a week we did call to
    return it. We paid $150 for pickup and the credit was in fact
    applicable to any other bed the store sold – but only at the FULL RETAIL
    price. Note that every bed in the place
    was permanently on sale for 40-50% off.
    So we basically got screwed out of $2K.

    3 – Air levels don’t actually change – Whoever wrote this is literally
    insane or has never actually been on one of these beds. You lay down on the bed (it does not work if
    you adjust it with no weight on it) and adjust the pressure. With your body weight it adjusts to a set
    pressure, so a sleep number of 50 for my ex is different than a sleep number of
    50 if I set it with my weight. That
    said, the is a significant difference between say a 25 and a 100. Beyond the full range of firmness options in
    traditional mattresses.

    4 – Dual Air technology doesn’t come standard – It does on Kind and Queen
    sized beds. I cannot speak fro
    experience for other sizes.

    5 – Only Sleep Number sheets fit Sleep Number beds – Again, 4 of these
    beds – and I do not own a single set of Sleep Number sheets (or any other
    bedding). I have primarily Wamsutta
    sheets and everything fits perfectly. No
    special sizes and keep in mind my i10’s are far and away the biggest mattress
    set they make.

    6 – The air chambers require daily maintenance – I don’t even know
    how to respond to this ridiculous statement.
    My sleep number is 35. At that
    level the bed does visibly sag down. My
    ex, an ODC freak, would make me hit the one button that took both sides to 100
    every day so the bed looked neater. This
    was entirely by choice. On my current
    beds I set the number only when I want to adjust them. I don’t think I have changed the pressure in
    a couple months. No leaks, no reason to
    do so.

    7 – The 10+ year warranty doesn’t cover bed accessories – Probably true,
    never had an issue. I will note that the
    warranty is actually 5 years unless you also buy their total protection
    mattress pad – which really isn’t any different price or quality wise from
    similar mattress pads. I am not sure
    what else you would expect a 10-year warranty on…sheets? The pump, at least according to the terms and
    conditions paperwork I have, is covered.
    The remotes are not mentioned.

    8 – Some models won’t show your sleep number – Every single one in the
    store had one of two remotes – and they all showed the number. I just checked online and they all do there
    as well.

    9 – Mold may grow inside your mattress – First of all, did you actually
    cut open your bed to check? It’s not
    like there is a zipper. Yes, I suppose
    in theory if you had very high humidity in a warm climate this is possible. However, the mold spores would come from your
    room so already be in the environment and the ones inside your mattress are not
    getting out. The mattress is by no means
    clear. So while I cannot call total BS
    on this one, it is hardly relevant.

    10 – Unpleasant odors may occur – The air chambers are polymers and for
    the first couple of days there is an off gassing odor. It is fairly weak, but yes, it is there. Frankly my patio furniture was 10x
    worse. A week later the odor is
    completely gone.

  • Linda

    When you see how this bed is put together it could be made with two air mattresses and a stop at Joanne fabrics for some foam rubber! I’m in the process of returning ours, payed $3,000 for it! I thought it would be like sleeping on a cloud!? Not exactly! Besides the narrow air mattresses its bordered by thick foam pieces that are solid, and not very flexible. You each have about a less than a single air mattress under you and adjustable!
    So air in or out, but that a small area, and then there’s the solid foam sides and two layers of foam rubber that’s sold at a fabric store for 20.00 to 30.00 dollars. I really can’t imagine anyone really liking or being comfortable on one of these beds! We opted to get prepared mailing labels to return our bed, $120.00 for those, but as I started taking the bed apart, there are 5foot long plastic parts and 4foot by about 3 foot slabs to find boxes for!
    The guy on the phone told me I’d need 3 boxes?! REALLY! Anyway tonight my husband and I will sleep on a Beautyrest Interspring mattress, with pillow top and at a price of $1,400, for top of the line! I’d never suggest the Sleepnumber bed to anyone!

  • bubbyjane

    My husband and I bought a queen size sleep number bed in 2008. It is still working great. It has 2 air chambers, one on each side. I do not hear any pump all night long. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. I love the fact that I can raise the head and feet. Great for watching tv, reading a book, and gastric reflux. I use regular queen sized sheets that fit just fine. I don’t know what all these people are complaining about. i have never had a problem with my bed. I love it, hope it lasts forever, but if it doesn’t, I will buy another one.

  • Nathan

    Ummm, Lol, none of this is true. Very entertaining! Oh yea, it’s a 25 year warranty, Lol. You couldn’t even get that right.

  • Andy

    Worse investment I have ever made!!! Very expensive and not any better than some hotel mattresses I have slept on. I have yet to find “my sleep number”. I’ve never experienced some of the problems mentioned here such as the pump operating all night…..something is wrong there….but I would never purchase another.

  • deedee24

    Most of this is WRONG. We’ve owned a Sleep Number Innovation series bed for 8 years now.

    1) Yes, you can hear the pump. But ours has NEVER started inflating on its own, without one of us pushing a button on the remote.

    3) Air levels absolutely do change. My husband is a 90, and I’m a 30. I challenge you to tell me that his side isn’t significantly more firm and has more air in it than mine. If you start from “0″ and lie there while it fills, you can feel the air filling it up. I can’t sleep on his side of the bed without my back hurting the next morning (and vice versa… long story, but we know from experience).

    4) This sounds more like a problem on the part of the purchaser. Never make such an expensive purchase without double checking what you’re getting. Never assume anything. If you are expecting dual air, verify that’s what you’re getting. Problem solved.

    5) We don’t own ANY sleep number sheets. Our mattress is about 15″ thick with all of the additional padding. We have a mattress protector, a heating pad (that wraps around the mattress, and a set of high quality sheets on our bed, with zero issues. You just need to but sheets with the right pocket depth.

    6) We’ve never inflated it to 100 in the morning. Yes my side looks “saggy”, but that’s because I’m a 30. Filling it to 100 is only for appearance to make your bed look nice after you make your bed. That’s it.

    7) The warranty was clearly explained to us when we bought it. Yesterday, I ordered two reeplacement chambers (both developed leaks) and a replacement pump. We did pay a prorated amount, but it was cheaper than I was expecting. And they actually further discounted the price to replace the pump because of the particular issue we were having (without even asking!). I was quite pleased with their customer service with the warranty.

    9) We just had our bed opened, and NO MOLD. NO MILDEW. The bed looked nicely clean inside. We use a watterproof mattress protector over our bed (we both occasionally have night sweats), so perhaps that helps keep moisture out of the bed, and prevents mold.

    10) Most mattresses will offgas for the first week or so. Most mattresses have flame retardants and other chemicals. This isn’t a Sleep Number thing.

  • Cloud Hobbit

    I have seldom read such complete crap unless it was political.
    One can easily buy sheets for these beds at any places like target. If you don’t like the smell perhaps you should petition whoever mandates they be treatex with flame retardant to allow people to choose to not have it.

    This bed has been an absolute blessing for my back which has required four back surgeries to repair. In this bed I sleep like the dead I wake up in exactly the same position I fell asleep in.

    I have not had any problems other than a baby monitor cordless remote issue that required switching to corded remotes for the bed.

    As with any purchase of any substantial item that you will have to live with do your research and decide. It’s your money look out for it.

    • ALittleBitOfSomething

      Which model do you have? I have multiple herniated and bulging discs which is what led me to the number bed. Thank you!

  • Cloud Hobbit

    We have purchased new shhets
    sheets for our Sleep Number bed at Target. IIRC they are a size denoted as California Queen for our bed. So yes you can buy from someone other than Select Comfort.

    We got our bed because I had severe back problems that have required surgery to repair. Nothing else is as comfortable. In every other bed I tossed and turned during the night. With this bed I wake in exactly the same place I fell asleep in.

    The only issues we have had were right after we got it we had a daughter and that meant a baby monitor. The cordless remote and the baby monitor did not see eye to eye and we had to replace them for corded ones.

  • crb

    We have had our bed five years…changed the chamber once and said we pay for next one…well 1st one didn’t work for maybe a week either….slept good a week…I get up with back hurting every morning…sags and have to fill it up with air at least 2 times a night. Can’t afford another bed…can’t afford for them to make service call. I hate going to bed knowing what in the morning what i will feel like. I will say the first couple of hours are good sleeping…but when it sags…it’s ruined the night.

    • Betty

      I have had the same problem. The bladder was replaced by sleep number but still had the same problem. After almost 3 years, I still had the same problem and had to add air every night. I finally tried an old remedy for rubber o-rings and seems to work. I first of all unplugged the pump for a few minutes to reset. I then took the o-rings out of the tubes that go into the mattress and coated with vaseline and replaced them. Mattress now seems to hold air. The o-rings can get hard and brittle. Don’t know if it was resetting the pump or lubricating the rings, nut something worked.

  • Louise N.

    We live in the Chicago area and want to dismantle the bed and move it to another bedroom. Since my husband is going thru chemotherapy, he is unable to do this. Do you know of someone who would be knowledgeable to do this??

  • Louise N.

    We live in the Chicago area and need to dismantle the bed and move it to another bedroom. Since my husband is going thru chemotherapy, it has been a struggle for him to do it. Is there someone you know in this area that would be knowledgeable to do this??

  • Frank Elian

    Scammers, they won’t return the $5000 base

  • Ron Gallington

    We have had a SN bed for several years and have never liked it. The air chambers are nothing more than the foundation on a standard bed. The foam padding on top of the air chambers is thin and cheap. In an effort to make the bed more comfortable we have replaced the foam pad twice. Nothing works. SN is a masterful job of false advertising. Never again.
    RG in California

    • Grant

      I know and I feel your pain.

  • Grant

    Bed is overpriced, impersonal and cheap. I’m embarrassed I even considered buying one. The 100 day guarantee is a complete sham. I had the plastic Lego base set up and the plastic legs for 180 bucks, and although the salesman said it was “around a hundred and something” to return, it’s actually 199. So it’s 400 dollars to return the bed. Customer service is useless, the rep said that her supervisor “wouldn’t budge” on giving me a break. He said they were doing me a favor because it hadn’t been thirty days. What? Sleep number is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They’re shameful.

  • Doug G

    We have had kings size sleep number bed for over 15yrs love it, except for the remotes suck. They stop working after a couple of yrs

  • Terry Cobb

    Daves full of crap in the website you don’t get air adjusting quality until furthur down the sale when you pay more. But it bigger print they tell you it comes with every bed. I can see how mold would build up inside this mattress with the air turning to condensation build up mixed with cooler air temps in the summer on the outside mixed with your body sweat and temperature. A $9000 for a bed that’s highway robbery quit drinking the Kool – aid dave no bed is worth that especially one that misleads it’s customer base. You can find this bed $3-400 cheaper to start else where for the same exact bed. But you’d still have the same headaches maybe worse.

    • Julia

      Terry – I’m with Dave.

      You appear to be an anger monger because you used all capitals, not because you’re pointing out issues you have had. If you want anyone to believe you’re not a disgruntled ex-employee or a competitor, you’ve got to calm down and explain your issues in a clear and non-emotional way. Otherwise, like mentioned before, I’m with Dave.

  • JD

    We have had sleep number for some time, most ever one of the things mentioned is not true. I’m shocked were these people get there bed street truck?

  • Hope Goodman

    ROFL!!! I’ve never had any of these experiences. Been a customer of Sleep Number for 10 years & referred over 12 people who also love theirs. The buggiest crock in this blog is the air pressure & no remote on a bed.. LOL

  • carolyn

    I love my sleep number. I’ve never smelled odors coming from it. I never hear the pump unless I change my number and I buy deep pockets sheets and they work great.

  • Brandon

    If your sleep number bed is making a pumping noise at night, check your plug. We were experiencing this issue and I noticed it was not completely plugged in. Once I plugged the plug completely into the wall, the pumping sound stopped. The only issue I have is that good fitting bed sheets are hard to find. I had back problems for years and the pain is gone now. We have had our bed for 3 years and good feelings about the extra price so far.

  • Bothergirl

    We have 2 King size Sleep Number beds. Both are about 5 years old. We love them. The adjustability is great for my back issues.

    My only issues would be that the digital read out on the corded remotes no longer work. It isn’t really necessary anyway.

    I do think it one bed is slowly losing air.
    My husband and I are heavy people so the loss of air could just be a feature that protects the air chambers from exploding.

    Love my Sleep Number

  • kms71

    Cost me $380 for the “trial”. $180 for delivery and setup and $200 for them to come get it. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! It’s a WAY overpriced air bed with some foam around it!!!

    • Grant

      That is the real truth. It’s snake oil. I’m going to leave this weird discussion because I’ve moved on. Sleep number is hands down the worst, most deceiving, cheapest garbage mattress “maker” on the market. I look forward to the say I hear in the evening news that their company has folded.

  • Kathy B

    I am writing in February 2015 and have had my bed since October 2014. I have the dual temp layer and the foam inside bunches up. I have already replaced the foam once. For free, thankfully. Now I see the replacement foam is bunching up again. I assure you I am doing nothing to cause this. I don’t see any other comments about this. I don’t run this pad often as I am not usually too hot or too cold. The sound is not a problem as I have a fan blowing in the room too.

  • jenn f

    I agree with Dave. We bought our sleep number bed last year and nearly everything said above is bull. Maybe if they had the bed assembled correctly it wouldn’t be leaking air and molding.

    • Grant

      Good luck. Hold those bastards accountable

  • Lanie Patterson

    We have had our sleep number bed for 5 weeks and tried to return. The bed sags so much I fell out of it one night. Does not look like mattresses in store. Won’t take back base. Salesman forgot to tell us that. We have approached an attorney. The base squeaks and the control is malfunctioning. I have photos and records.

  • Guest

    We have had our sleep number bed for 5 weeks and tried to return. The bed gas so much I fell out of it one night. Does not look like mattresses in store. Won’t take back base. Salesman forgot to tell us that. We have approached an attorney. The base squeaks and the control is faulty.

  • Jeff

    SleepNumber is the WORST bed We have every owned. Its like sleep on cheap swimming pool floats. settings 40-100 are same basically and 30 and below feel worse that a cheap swimming pool float. The return policy sucks as much as the bed. Changed to a saavta which is a real mattress not a pool float with foam placed around it

  • Larry

    I have serious problems with my Sleep Number bed, but there are several things mentioned in the article above that are misleading or simply aren’t true.

    The following statements are simply untrue:
    A. “The machine pumps air in the bed all night long to keep it at your number…” NOT TRUE. The pump ONLY comes on when you press the button on the remote. Yes, you can hear the pump when you press the button on the remote. It’s not loud, but you can hear it.
    B. “Air levels don’t actually change.” NOT TRUE. Again, using the remote, you trigger the pump to add or let air out of the mattresses.
    C. “Dual Air technology doesn’t come standard.” NOT TRUE. You can order beds with a single air chamber or with dual air chambers. I’ve had both types. It’s clear on their web site and it’s clear when you go to the stores. If someone got a single air chamber when they ordered dual ones, they were shipped the wrong item.
    D. “Only Sleep Number sheets fit Sleep Number beds.” NOT TRUE. If you have a bed with a pillowtop, you need to make sure that your sheets will fit a pillowtop bed. This is true of any kind of pillowtop mattress, Sleep Number or not. At the same time, since a Sleep Number mattress weighs much less than a regular mattress, the weight of the mattress won’t hold down a sheet that’s shrunken, undercut or one that has cheap elastic. Buyers should beware of mattress pads, sheets and blankets that are undercut. These are usually about 2-3 inches less on each side than the standard sizes. For example, while the package says “Queen” in big letters, the fine print on the package says that the item is less than 60″ by 80″ (the standard measurements of a Queen bed). Sleep Number does not sell these items. These undercut items are a problem with any kind of bed and unfortunately are sold everywhere. Undercut items are a real rip-off, but they’re sometimes sold with statements like, “sized to allow blankets to fit better.”
    E. “The air chambers require daily maintenance.” NOT TRUE. You just leave the chamber at the firmness that you use when you sleep on it. The bed, because it has a foam frame around the chambers, will look like a regular bed. If you sleep on the bed with the air chambers totally deflated, it will look like a totally worn out foam mattress when you get out of bed.

    The following statements are misleading:
    F. “Some models won’t show your sleep number.” If you have a bed that’s over about 10 years old, this may be true. Some of those had remotes that didn’t display a number. The ones made since then all show a number.
    G. “Mold may grow inside your mattress.” This was a problem with Sleep Number beds manufactured sometime before 2004. The company reformulated the materials used in the beds long ago. If you buy a new bed, this will not be a problem.
    H. “Unpleasant odors may occur.” Some people are more sensitive to odors than others. For these people, it’s a problem with new cars, new foam, new clothes, packaging, etc. If you have this kind of sensitivity, a new bed of any kind probably isn’t a good choice. If you buy one that’s been around for a year or so, these smells will have dissipated.

    This statement is true:
    “The 10+ year warranty doesn’t cover bed accessories.” TRUE. It doesn’t really cover the bed, either. Unlike other beds, a Sleep Number is a machine made up of several parts: an electrical pump, hoses, air chambers, foam, and a battery powered wireless remote. If there are problems with *any* of them, the warranty prorates the coverage. It’s not a warranty that says that if any of these fail within 10 years, you get a new one. Other mattresses also prorate coverage but they aren’t machines, so they’re much less likely to have a serious problem. If you need a replacement pump after 5 years, for example, you may end up shelling out a few hundred dollars, get a refurbished pump, and then get told that the replacement pump has an absurdly short warranty.

    • Betty

      I purchased a sleep number bed and had the same problem with the pump inflating all night long. Sleep number replaced the pump. The new pump does not do this. Some things do come defective.

  • Amber B

    I was part of the Smiley 360 mission where I had to test out a sleep number bed and I received a pillow in return. I have to say that the bed was super comfortable, if I was in need of a bed I would be looking into purchasing one. The cool comfort pillow is awesome, I have never slept better it has even helped with my back pain.

  • hl

    yes there is a smell. sleep number you need to address this. I have opened up my mattress to air it out for a few days. I sleep with a cpap machine so I have not noticed as much for my first week but when I take mask off. wow. smells of mildew. it is not the chemicals that I smell. my wife smells the smell of new paint.. so she is used to the mildew. I find this in foam many times because of the way it is made and in shipping.. going from cold to warm or humid to dry environments. you have moisture that forms in sealed bags.. thus mildew. a little mildew killer would stop this problem ie Clorox. or something milder maybe.
    mildew is toxic and to say ‘this is complete nonsense’ to any of these concerns. well that concerns me. . you must be a sleep number sales person or employee. address the concerns on how to fix these issues. I so far like most of the way the sleep number bed sleeps. although it is just a glorified air mattress. and overpriced one at that. I think it will be a great bed for me and my wife.. since we can sleep at different numbers.. and in the same bed.

    I think sleep number may need to figure out a way to air out their air mattress a little to get rid of that smell. don’t want black mold forming. not that humid in my house in the late summer running a/c with the outside at 100 degrees in DFW and no rain. can’t imagine how the bed would react in a humid climate. maybe the bed should be shipped to the home boxes opened up for a day or two before install!!! to acclimate to the home!

  • Tracy

    Bought a King in 2006. I have hated it since the first day. The firmness changes randomly depending on the room temperature, I always know when it has changed because i wake to a bad back. My husband; never had back issues until we got this bed. He has had back issues on and off since we have owned this bed. It sags horribly on his side of the bed., no matter what the firmness is set at (we both like a firmer bed) The controller began losing the numbers about a year ago. Now the only way you can tell what number you are on is by looking at the lines on the side. I have warned all my friends NOT to buy a Sleep Number bed. If you try to sit on the ned of the bed, it’s like sitting on a an air mattress in a pool. It squishes and you slide off. I contacted customer service for another controller and got options to buy a new pump. Interesting that they would try to sell me a new pump.

  • Ren Franse

    1. You can NOT hear the pump. I tested 4 beds at the store low ambient background noise and could not hear any of the pumps as I went up and down through the sleepnumbers.

    2. OK the return policy is not great. Bottom line do your research, try it out a few times at stores and give it a FAIR evaluation at home so you do not have to send it back.

    3. Complete bull. The air levels and firmness DEFINITELY change I noticed on every bed I tested a distinct softness to firmness going from 20 to 80. It does as advertised.

    4. YOU specify one or two air chambers while testing. NO ONE ever buys one, they always buy two chambers. That is the whole purpose of this bed.

    5. Complete bull. ALL deep pocket normal queen sheets fit this bed. IF you had a quality mattress before that had some thickness to it or was a pillowtop, they will fit fine.

    6. Complete bull. Air chambers do NOT require maintenance. The only reason to blow to 100 is if kids or doggie will be playing on the bed. You do not have to pump up to 100 every day. That is simply not true.

    7. Manufacturing defects are covered but if your dog eats the remote than YOU should pay for a replacement. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects not negligence.

    8. ALL beds in the stores have the remotes. Again it is the reason you are buying this bed. Do your homework before purchasing this bed. There are MANY models to choose. Pick the one hat is most comfortable for YOU.

    9 Mold is an environmental factor and is based on humidity. IF your house is super humid, or you tend to perspire than you may induce a slight chance of mold. It is NOT a factor of the bed itself. Take care of your investment.

    10. Odors exist from the flame retardant sprayed on the materials BY LAW. ALL mattresses outgas fo about a week. Sleepnumber is no different. After a week it goes completely away. And during the first week, it is NOT strong at all.

    • Tim

      The smell not being strong in the first week is a complete lie. We bought one last week, it was installed on Friday and the smell is unbearable. Now, since we can’t stand the smell and want to return it, we are basically screwed out of $1700-2000 dollars because they take the bed back but not the base, which is ridiculous. I guess we’ll have to see how the BBB handles it and possibly a friendly DA. I’m guessing there won’t be much luck either way though since the non-returnable bs is quite the scam. I really wish the smell wasn’t so horrid though…it was the most back comfort I have had sleeping in a long while.

      • Adrienne

        Tim, all the paperwork and signage and probably your receipt makes it abundantly clear that the base is not returnable or refundable. READ!!! Take some personal responsibility. And nearly ALL mattresses smell at first. As do puppies and babies and they are way more expensive than a mattress. Open a window. Something being non-returnable is not a scam, it is a store policy.

      • Jimmy M

        should be on the store for not pointing out these probably small print details. They should make it a point to ensure there is no confusion at all. That would be call good customer service and sales. Instead just like most companies these days most companies these day strive to hide these valuable facts from their customers. So I believe in the customer is always right and sleep number should make it a point to explain everything to their customers before they purchase a very high priced bed.

      • Whoyoukidding

        We just bought our second Sleep Number bed because we loved our first so much. Bought our first in 2009 and it is still going strong. We upsized to a king and moved our queen size to the guest room. On both purchases it was explained to us that the base was not returnable. I’m 215 lbs. and the wife is 160 and we have experienced no problems with air leaks, pump noise (since the pump only works to change the setting and then shuts off), smell or any other problem. Will not go back to a regular bed.

      • Ann

        We stumbled into a sleep number store looking for pillows and found the beds comfy. The sales guy was completely honest about the warranty (tiered after 2 years) and that if you buy the adjustable base they will not take it back. I’m sorry your sales guy wasn’t honest but again, people sign things without reading them all the time. Read the fine print. It matters.

      • KJG

        Since it has been 4 months since this review was wondering what was the final outcome? I am just starting the process of returning inside the trial period and returning our sleep no. bed will cost us
        $3000+- b/c we have to keep this stupid base. Please update.

    • ashman0071

      too much time on your hands to be here sticking up for this POS product – you are company rep or sales rep – we are not fooled………

      • Cave Bear

        Does EVERY person who really likes their Sleep Number have to work for them? Evidently, by all your useless comments.

  • Carol Searing Wood

    I just scrapped our Sleep Number bed. Well actually will in a week. We have had problems about 2 years after having. We have had it 8 years. I got tired of dealing with sleep number. Saying this and that is not covered under the warranty. Yesterday we went out and picked out a new bed. Well new mattress and box spring. They will have it delivered to us next Friday. As what we chose was out of stock. But they were getting more in within the week. Oh and our new Serta Mattress set is half the price I paid for the Sleep Number.

  • Anet Gambina

    We spent over $4,000 on our King Size Sleep Number bed. I wish I had done more research. The foam insert is mishapen and I pulled it out. The one at Walmart for $30 is no different. Our dog ate the remote and a replacement one is $149. I am extremely unhappy with the bed. It is so uncomfortable with the foam sag, that I’ve relocated to an old room. With so much money spent, I certainly expected better.

  • ScottM1

    This article is obviously written by either a competitor or a disgruntled employee

    • Terry Cobb

      No they’renot

      • ray

        Anyone have issues with allergic reaction to smell, offgassing? We have ours for 2 days. I have itching/scratching, and can’t stand to stay in this very comfy bed.

  • lynn

    We just got our sleep number c4 bed the head raises up . Its a queen sz and so I went out and purchased queen sz sheets and they slip off the corners All the time. I don’t want to spend a million dollars for the sleep number sheets. any ideas?

    • Bothergirl

      You should have looked at the measurment first. Very deep sheets needed. Easy to find.

  • Twizzle

    The bed sags in the middle, even after customer service sent me a replacement top foam and base pad (which was nothing more than a board). I had leg cramps while sleeping in this bed, which disappeared completely when I bought a new bed at Sleep Country. I could barely get out of bed due to pain each morning and/or in the middle of the night. That problem also disappeared in my new bed. I bought 2 sleep number beds – neither time did the salesperson tell me parts wear out, and expect to pay out to replace parts. Obviously, replacing parts doesn’t resolve the middle sagging problem. DON’T buy Sleep number. My bed developed the middle sagging problem within 3 months of purchase. I weigh well under the weight they said the bed is rated for. Problem is…I’m still paying for the darn bed. Sleep Number wouldn’t do a thing to help, even though I disposed of the bed. I was told they already got their money from the credit company, so they can’t help. Sloppy, shameful business practice.

  • StevieV

    we have had our sleep # bed for about 2 years. it is a dual king size. My wife’s side deflates regularly. The controller to inflate the bed doesn’t always work. NO IDEA WHY. My side is good. Since we moved and we didn’t have their personal movers move the bed it voided the warrantee. I would suggest getting a Leggett Platt adjustable frame and finding the mattress of your dreams. We spent almost 6K dollars. sigh…

  • Carol Searing Wood

    Now my husband likes the bed. I am not to crazy about it. I regret us buying it.

  • Rach Merritt

    We have had our select comfort bed for about ten years. I totally love it. It is the reason that just last night, I wanted to come home to go to bed even with no heat. I have dystonia, and all other beds I have tried cause me to wake up stiff. We bought the model without the number. I don’t need it. I adjust to what is comfortable. All info about warranty, sleep chambers, etc was revealed to us upon purchase. My husband doesn’t like it as well as I do, but he also likes it better than other options. The mold problem is mostly an old one. I have asthma, but I never had problems with a chemical smell. Love my bed!

  • Dave S

    Almost all of this is complete nonsense. I have owned sleep number beds for a long time and actually have a friend who works for the company so I know a lot about them. For instance the first topic. The pump does NOT turn on until you hit the remote. So unless your pounding away at the buttons all night there is no noise. The fourth topic, dual air not being standard, again a lie. The bed comes with 1 or 2 sides, it’s your choice.. For the same price. Number 5, sheet size. The biggest sleep number bed is 15″, a quick search will reveal “deep pocket” beds go up to 18 inches. 6- air chamber maintenance. This is an adjustable mattress. There are 2 buttons, 1 gets me to my sleep number the other is a quick fill to make the bed completely full. This way it’s good for sitting, kids playing, or looking brand new. I would not call this “daily maintenance”. Number 8 – not all beds show sleep numbers. Every bed sleep number sells in the store has a number system. I just don’t know where this one came from. Number 10 – the bed “smell” is a flame retardant mandated by law to be there and is not harmful or toxic, it may just be easier to smell is a breathable and streamlined bed. I guess my biggest problem with this article is that it’s not journalism. It is the copy-pasting of hearsay. Rather than actually walking into one of the thousand stores and see what a sales person tells you, it’s just taking the angry internets word for it. As I said before I have a friend who works there and have owned 2, this is a huge misrepresentation of my bed and my friend. This is not journalism. Oh and I’m 6’5″ 228 lbs I sleep at 40 and have never gotten a better nights sleep.

    • Dwrenkin

      I agree with everything stated here with two exceptions…1. Not all of the remotes have a display of a sleep number. The cheapest model only has an inflate and deflate button (or at least 8 years ago that was the case when I bought mine). 2. Maybe the top-of-the-line model has the 100% and Sleep Sleep Number quick access button but not on the above mentioned model or the wireless model I have now. There are only R, L, up and down buttons. Otherwise I am with you on the response above. It is a great bed. I love mine too.

    • Lanie Patterson

      Sounds to me like maybe you work for sleep number?

      • dwieboldt

        Bullshit. Just because someone loves their bed doesn’t mean they work for Select Comfort…

      • Tracy

        LOVE my bed. I’m a retired NURSE. Never worked for the company!

      • Claire M Phillips


      • Claire M Phillips

        Hi Lanie, were you able to figure out how to cure the squeaks? I hate my bed. Yeah and they do not tell you about sheets either. You cannot use any sheets, you must use Sleep Number sheets at a very inflated price. Thx. Lanie for texting. Claire

      • Cave Bear

        Nonsense – I buy sheets at Walmart and they fit just fine on my C2 bed.

      • rosa

        clair i buy sheets from the flea market,just make sure of deep pockets..for my mom she likes ones from germany,so our cousin sends us some,if and when we need some for her or when i go there to vist.and no i dont work for sleep number but for a major airline

    • DCN

      Sleep Number

      I have been sleeping in my sleep number ” sunken in pit
      ” since my heart surgery in July of 2014. I bought this bed for $4889.68 in May of 2012 and it took me several years to pay for it through GE financing. It has not held up at all!!! The flimsy support base pad you sent me to correct your known defects with the bed does not make hardly any difference at all to correct the problem. I do not recommend this bed for anyone over 100 pounds. They want to charge $179.00 to come look at the problem?

      I plan to make this known to everyone I know so they don’t
      waste their money. Now it looks like I am going to have to buy a new bed as my back aches terrible. I went on vacation and slept so good on an old hotel mattress, returning to this bed I immediately had problems
      again. You have tried to replace every component on the bed and it still sags where I lay and causes me a back ache. These beds only last 1-2 years, they need to stop deceiving people!

      • Grant

        I completely agree with you. I’m out 400 and wouldn’t trust this company for anything, they’re unbelieveably fraudulent, in my opinion.

      • deedee24

        Fraudulent? In what way? We’ve owned our bed for 8 years. It’s been exactly as was sold to us. We just had to replace a couple of parts, and the warranty coverage was also exactly as described (actually, a little better, since they gave us a bit of an extra discount due to one of the issues we were having requiring us to replace the whole pump, instead of just the wired remote that was defective). We did our homework, read all of the documentation, asked every question we had, and we’ve had no problems whatsoever with any misrepresentation or “fraud”.

      • ashman0071

        Then why would you be on this website if you didn’t have any Real Problems? You sound fishy – I know a company represented response when I read one. Nice try :( .

      • deedee24

        You might want to check what you “know”, because you are 100% wrong. I do not and have never worked for Sleep Number or any other mattress or bedding company. I’ve worked in investment management, and now am in recruiting. My husband is in law enforcement. And none of our family or good friends work in anything having to do with mattresses/bedding either.

        I don’t remember exactly why now I stumbled across this article, since it was a year ago. Probably because (as I mentioned) we had to replace a couple of parts, and I was doing research on that and this article came up in my searching. I’m sure I read it because I was interested in what people had to say about the mattress we have. Not everyone is so binary that they only look at things they agree with.

      • A Green Monster

        Ashman, I wanted to chime in as well. Check me out, I’m on this website and. It only do I not have an issue, I don’t even own a sleep number bed. I happen to be in a stage called, PLANNING! It may sound silly apparently it’s what all the responsible adults are doing these days. Anyhow, interesting topics of discussion, it’s good to hear the best and the worst, of a major investment, from strangers who own it already.

      • Tracy

        I’ve never had problems with my bed. (As stated in my comment.) I also used the PLANNING stage prior to purchasing. I did have the added benefit of sleeping on my parents’ several time.
        A lot of these problems & complaints could have (or could be) avoided with research, normal care of a bed &/or contacting customer service BEFORE posting their complaints here.
        Good for you for doing research first.
        (I stumbled on this article when searching for hotels that use Sleep Number beds. I have a hard time sleeping on anything else.)

      • Anne Adams

        I agree with you Tracy.

      • ALittleBitOfSomething

        I know you only posted two weeks ago, but did you buy the bed? If so, how has it been?
        I’m in the planning stage as well. I have multiple herniated discs and have been told this would be good for my back.

      • Marcella Peterson

        That’s a tough one. Everyone is different. It’s a huge investment so I’d say make the best use of the trial period possible. Aboalutely if you aren’t feeling improved at all, return it before times up

      • ALittleBitOfSomething

        I just wanted to give you a written thank you and not just an upvote. Thank you for taking time out to answer me. I know we’re all different, but did you ever find that (close to) perfect bed? Thank you again :)

      • Rena

        Is not good for herniated discs trust me. You have essentially two air mattresses that you can buy at the camping section of Walmart and foam outlining each. Such a disappointment .. I have serious back issues and the longest I can sleep on this horrible bed is about 5 hours. Our fault though, we did not do our homework in researching this particular bed or company. Innthe process now of looking for something much better..

      • ALittleBitOfSomething

        Thank you; that’s why I’m asking people who have back problems and own these beds. I did go to the store and the most comfortable was, of course, the most expensive (they also gave me the perfect pillow to try — only $100! For one pillow!)
        As it’s a gift, I have a bit more spending room than on my Disability income, but I couldn’t ask for that much, especially with whatyou and Marcella wrote.
        Thank you again. Btw, did you ever find a comfortable bed?

      • april collier

        As ppl have stated everyone is different. We have had our sleep number about 2 maybe 3 years now and I have wanted to throw it out maybe 3 times by now. It’s a good bed but the price may be steep for some. The first time I wanted to get rid of it was cause I couldn’t get a good night sleep for nothing. Every morning my back would hurt, but like the packaging says it takes a few days to adjust and find that perfect number. Later it was the fact I was still paying for it and the last time was because I had stop taking proper care of it and the bed didn’t seem to be holding the number I set for it. Due to my body weight changing I change my number so it’ll take time to adjust.(different strokes for different folks) I also try to properly arrange the bedding foam and mattresses at least once a month in order to prevent sagging and sliding now I have no issues and it’s like new. My number is more firmer than my husbands but its worth it in the long run. Also make sure to get the whole set (box spring) from sleep number it made the difference too.

      • ALittleBitOfSomething

        Thank hou for the information! My grandmother said we couldn’t visit until we got tbe new beds (bedbug scare in my building; my grandma is almost 90), so we bought them. I’ve been sore all over. Hopefully I can get a good foam top for the bed. I’m between 35-50, depending on tbe weather (it was in tbe low 60′s F in NYC today, but schools are closed for snow tomorrow!).
        Thank you again.

      • Sheryl Bence King

        make sure you call customer support – hopefully you did that since you wrote 2 years ago

      • burlingtonbill

        April, what do you mean exactly when you say you are “properly arranging the bedding foam and mattresses at least once a month” ? Is your foam completely shot or shredded or torn? When you open the bed up to inspect, what are you seeing?

      • april collier

        The more you sleep on the bed your foam will move around at times so you have to readjust it. Nothing is wrong with mine, no shreds no tears. Just need readjustment from time to time

      • Shyhack

        I have had 3 back surgeries, I was having issues again, and waking up in pain with no comfort. I purchased the p5 sleep number bed, and have been sleeping great ever since.

      • Disco

        Thanks for mentioning the bed model. We are thinking about the P5 king flex top. Glad you like yours.

      • S Toman

        Avoid the flex top. Over a period of 6+ months the split in the flex top can expand to 8+ inches… it is like the Grand Canyon and a potential safety risk as well. The company will do nothing about this… however they did redesign their two most expensive flex top models to prevent this from occurring. But to those who already own the beds… TOUGH LUCK.

      • Robert In South Florida

        I had a sleep number king I bought in 2004 and just bought a C4 in queen to move the old to a guest room. The quality of the two beds are not even close, the older sleep number is much better made and much more comfortable. Something has changed in the way they are being made and not for the better. We are still within our return period but with the shipping costs both ways costing so much we will probably just buy a nice topper, bring the king back to our room and write it off as a bad decision. If nothing else maybe it will keep the in-law visits to short ones …

      • Natasha

        Hi just want to add a note my mom sent me this link so decided to find out whats going on. So i had a lumbar disc fusion in march of 2010 and at the time i had purchased a 5000 dollar mattress which didnt last us not 6 months. So we asked my Surgeon and he recommended the sleep number and here i am now 7 years out of surgery and having my sleep number i honestly have had no problems what so ever and at the time i weighted 350lbs ive since then lost the wait the only thing ive had to replace is the control because i lost it. The other thing i had to pay for was shipping for an extra cushion because from it being in storage for a year damaging the cushion from the moisture. But all in all this company has not let is down. So i mist say as far as quality yhis bed rocks and its years old and it still work as if i just bought it and im atill on my same sleep number. So i would definitely like to say it depends on the buyer and there current situation keep scrolling through the reviews. For us it has been an awesome experience.

      • DCIDiva

        I was diagnosed with back problems in December. I was a side sleeper now a back sleeper by necessity. I just upped my sleep number to make the bed more firm for my lower back and all is good. I have no complaints about the bed I bought but I did about a year of research befor committing since it is a big dollar purchase. I have no pump noise. Best sleep I ever had.

      • Sheryl Bence King

        I have scoliosis, have had spine surgery for 4th lumbar, arthritis in my hips, and bone spurs in one hip. This bed has helped me immensely. I’m not sleeping like I slept when I was 15, but I’m sleeping much better, with less pain than I have for the past five years. I had a couple of issues with the bed being hot, they sent me free sheets and a topper to try…then we decided to downgrade the bed to one that doesn’t have the foam- and they are giving me back the difference in what the beds cost. So, it seems that if you call customer service and act like an adult, they will help. As for the bed being air mattresses that you can buy at walmart, that’s just stupid.

      • ALittleBitOfSomething

        I’ve never been to a Walmart. I’m from NYC. They don’t have them here.
        I did think you were making a good point until you ended with, “that’s just STUPID.”
        Huh. When someone resorts to name calling, I instantly lower their estimated IQ by 50. Walmart shoppers lose another 15 for living in a hick town.
        Anyway, I do feel the number bed is a glorified version of an air mattress. You won’t have to pump it at night because it’s plugged in 24/7 (adding minimally to the electric bill).
        Since you went on & on about your problems: I’ve got 3 herniated, 2 bulging discs (starting in the lumbar going up) as well as excessive nerve damage from my son’s dad; I have fibromyalgia; arthritis in my left knee and right shoulder, etc.

        Even though you felt the need to try and insult an opinion ( annoying, nasal, whiney voice, “that’s just stupid”), what number do you sleep on?

        Keep in mind, if I cared, I could’ve thrown a few insults your way. I didn’t. Do try and be an adult when you respond.

      • Loren C

        What bed did you end up replacing it with?

      • rosa

        i would recommend to go to a sleep number store and not to a regular beding store and lie on each one 15 to 30 min. i bought in 2006 a number 4000 that dont exist anymore. i had to replace the side foam once and now a 2nd time this includes the top layer foam.they tell me,because the increased the quality of the foam i have to pay more,but still pay only 40% if the full rate $250 after 10 years. a few years ago , i had to replace the side foam and as another person stated,because the controll to increase the hard or firmness,i also didnt have to pay to exchange the pump to get a remote controll. i cant sleep,due to back surgery,on an innerspring. above i mentioned,if i go to friends or a hotel,i prefer to sleep on a sofa instead on the bed. i can last a maximum of 1 night on a innerspring,before i look for a sofa

      • T BRYAN

        I googled if you can put a sleep number bed on the floor as I’m thinking of buying one. It brought me to this article. I’m not having any problems. Your reasoning if erroneous.

      • ashman0071

        Ready everybody – get a Regular King Bed frame, not a California King bed. Then just go to any other mattress maker and get two full size mattress of the appropriate firmness or softness that each sleeper likes (tempurpedic or Costco Equivalent) . They’ll fit side by side – check for yourself. Then cover them both with a nice foam pad and put your mattress pad and/or feather bed with sheets over that. Only Reason to buy a sleep number is if your bedroom is difficult to access (no elevator, lot’s of stairs etc. etc.) but be ready for the crap warranty and unreliability. ‘Bug’, and you ‘get the knowledge’ You all have a nice day now. Cal King and 2 custom mattresses is doable (it’s what often happens in the Yachting Business, but it’s cost prohibitive imho).

      • Sean

        I came to this site while lookup on whether I could had an aftermarket foam pad to my C2. So many reasons this site may come up.

      • disqus_7NZn9lVVJT

        disqus_piQPThE4zP already

      • Christopher Larsen

        Do u work for sleep number or one of their reps? Sounds like it

      • deedee24

        As I said above (in response to someone else who asked the same question several months ago), I do not have any affiliation (past or present) with the manufacturer or any retailers that sell it, other than having purchased a sleep number bed 10 years ago. You can refer to my comment above for additional details if you’d like.

      • rosa

        agreed, i have owned mine now for 11 years,wouldnt trade it for a innerspring mattress

      • Willelmus Agri

        You are an Idiot and should really consider thinking about what ashman0071 posted. Why not post why your even on this site. You sound like some of the idiot support people I had the misfortune of trying to communicate with. And it doesn’t get better moving up the tier either.

      • deedee24

        Aren’t you charming?

        I already responded to ashman0071 a while ago. Feel free to read it if your agenda is more than just hurling childish insults on the internet.

      • Sandra Downs Hayes

        I have had my sleep number bed or 8 years now, for the past several years maintained as per manual we too have sagging sides both men and my husband. We are average size and weight too, not over weight. Filled to 100% my bed looks like a 15 year old regular mattress when it’s ready for the dump. My mother in law bought one just 3 years ago and it’s driving her nuts that her mattress is also sagging and looking old. Never again will I purchase a sleep number bed or recommend them.

      • S Toman

        6 months and the bed is failing. They will try their hardest to suck more money out of you… trying to make you “believe” they are doing you a favor… ALWAYS citing the contract… and 100 day guarantee…. the customer is NEVER right with SN…. companies who have to operate this way do so to make up for their inferior product ratio…..

      • Saven

        Wait, so in just 8 years you had to replace the pump and remote, including having to pay out of your own pocket for a defective and expensive product, and you think that’s OK?

      • rosa

        isnt it better to replace a pump,possibly the remote and maybe the foam edges on the inside for less than $400 then having to replace the whole bed for an good innerspring one that costs about $ 800 to 1000.00 every 8 years?

      • Lisa McWilliam

        The warranty coverage decreases with the life of the bed..

      • Dano in San Diego

        It might not be “fraud” but they do a lot of “misleading”. Most other premium mattress manufacturers have better trials, returns, and warranties than Sleep Number……

      • Sheryl Bence King

        100 days? that’s not good? Any mattress company will charge for pick up and delivery unless they have a deal…so I’m a bit surprised and question your words.

      • Dano in San Diego

        Ummm….I guess you dont know what you are talking about. MANY mattress companies, especially those sold online, give long-term trials…..with no cost to return. Some of those trials even extend for a full year. No need to apologize for your arrogance

      • dwieboldt

        That is certainly not my experience. I’ve used Select Comfort for years, and have 2 beds. No complaints here!

      • pocketchange

        Please put me in this group, I’ve had my Sleep Comfort bed for years and have had this “PIT” problem since shortly after my purchase. Two fresh inserts which sad to say only last a brief time since the replacement will fall apart “split” without fail..

      • James R

        I’m curious. Why do the bladders split so easily for you? My wife is 220 lbs, and I have been as high as 245, and we have had NO problems with either of ours, and they are at least 10 years old now.

      • Sean

        We’ve had the C2 for about 4 years now. Only recently has my side started to not hold air and slowly deflates. But That may been a loose hose since I can’t find any leaks. Other then that the bed is holding up well. I am over 300lbs and the bladders are fine otherwise. I agree with DAVE S. that this review is B.S. and over 8 years old so don’t go by it when thinking of buying one. I never had ANY smell either.

      • rosa

        I have a c4 for 12 years..but i had to replace twice the side foams and once each remote controll,but i am allergic to memory foam and cant stand innerspring,love my sleepnumber

      • Camille Shaw

        I worked for this company 6 years no longer do but also slept on the sn bed almost as as long and i know for a fact all but 2 points this article lists are FALSE! there may be issues w anything you buy, some will experience and some may not but these beds are amazing, do last and the warranty is designed to replace parts individually that may be defective and trouble shooting can be done by phone but of course if soneone needs to service your bed in your home there will be a fee, would an electrician fix wiring free?! No, and its absurd to think they would honestly. The bed sags if you adjust your number to a low setting and then rise off of it because youve let air out and theres no weight on it NOT due to a defect.

      • Robert In South Florida

        Just looks bad if you don’t inflate it once made as the dip at 35 is noticeable.

      • cc

        totally agree! haven’t has a good night sleep in this bed yet and it’s been almost 3 years… have tried every setting, added the foam layer so my limbs wouldn’t go numb and have been sleeping in a pit after the first week. unfortunately, it was recommended by my parents, who use it in their RV, and recommended i buy a refurb bed which is much less expensive, but then i couldn’t return it. Its a cheaply made bed, with low quality foam and the sales people lie for their commission. I can’t wait til it wears out or breaks so I can get a “real” bed again.

      • realDonaldTrump

        Sleep number beds are the highest quality beds money can buy and over 80% of owners strongly disagree with you. After sleeping on a family member’s sleep number bed for a night I recently bought a C2 bed. I added my own 2-inch memory foam topper for $30 instead of buying Select Comfort’s $500 one that is exactly the same. Air is far superior to springs or memory foam by itself. Sleep number beds are even superior to the Casper memory foam bed.

      • burlingtonbill

        Hey, rDT – where did you buy your $30 memory foam topper from? Just curious…I might try that for kicks.

      • realDonaldTrump

        I got it from Walmart

      • Kathryn Albert

        I didn’t even know SN did refurb beds. That sounds sketchy.

      • malaika354

        Oh, how I share your sentiments. $5000 for my king size bed that my ex just had to have. I do feel like I’m in a “sunken pit” unable to crawl my way out the older I get. Woke up with so much aches and pain the other day and it has not subsided. Now, after the divorce, I have to throw it out behind him!

      • rosa

        put the bed down during the day when your not in it,so it can smooth out. check the foam if still ok or if need replacing

      • LDLG22@GMAIL.COM

        Glad I read this review. I just spent three months saving 5000 to buy a bed for me and my wife……NOT ANY MORE!!!

    • Deirdre Saoirse Moen

      There definitely was a low end bed that didn’t show sleep number. They don’t make one now, but we had one for a number of years.

    • Ava Rose

      I bought a sleep number bed in 2007 through select comfort customer service and it came without numbers. Just a button for up and a button for down. That’s IT. I had no idea what’s what I would be getting.

      • rosa

        either not a sleep number or 1 bed madecfor all. never bought it at any other store then sleep number and tried all out

    • ashman0071

      The reason the pump keeps cycling is because the badder is leaking you fool. I’m 182 lbs. and my wife is 110 lbs and in two years, 4 of our bed’s bladders have failed due to leaks……..Total junk – and the sales people are liars – they have to be now don’t they? I’m doing everything to ‘spread the knowledge’ that these people with their pro-rated, worthless warranty are crooks!!!!

      • Ed Mitchell


        5 months ago

        “It was a Hoax – nobody died at Sandy Hook – don’t believe me, do your own research . Proven fact: Asbestos Contaminated school had been closed since 2008 – check Wolfgang Halbig’s FOIA hearings. GUN GRAB HOAX.”

        I’m sorry, I can’t take nor endorse advice seriously from a Sandy Hook conspiracy believer.

    • hwy505

      “…have a friend who works for the company…” Are you sure it’s not you that works for the company?

    • Tk69

      I have the beds for a very long time and it still is awsome as the day I bought it. If it sags then use the controller to make it firm. Most of you complain because you bought something that you want others to pay for.

      • burlingtonbill

        ha ha

    • Kathleen DuBose

      How do you get best price?

    • De

      Can I ask a question Dave?? What do you know about specifics on plugging the bed in?? There are 2 boxes beneath my sleep number bed and both are plugged into a power strip (along with 5 other items). Do you know of any restrictions or mandates when it comes to he power source?

    • Dave

      And you are full of it. Also 30 or even 120 night trial is not a trial for everything you can not return the motorized frame. You might be able to get a exchange waver (with a $300 rrstocking fee ) but not a return waver. So your still paying $2800 after you return it and you have to either pay sleep number to come out @ $130 or by multiple boxes pay for every lable @ $29.00. There is no auto fill button only increasing the pressure manually 5 pounds at a time just like finding you sleep number. Yes you can hear the pump when your filling it. I have found no oddor. You being 6′ 5″ you would have the california king….how do I know…i 6’3″ and a standard king is to short.

      Don’t buy unless you know exactly what you want

      • rosa

        i was informed when i bought mine with the adjustable frame that i couldnt return it.which was no problem for me,since i have back issues and need my head part raised.if your sales person didnt tell you,lousy /bad sales person and did you ask? also i was told every so often to switch the foams sides from right side to left and the top to the bottom.that would keep them from wearing out to fast.i just recently had to replace them for the 2nd time in 11 years and paid about 150 usd

    • burlingtonbill

      Great reply Dave S. Very concise and you covered all the bases !

    • Willelmus Agri

      You have a friend who works for sleep Number. So what do you think someone would think after reading your defense statement for this company. You sound like you may even work for the company. You have not experienced what others here have. Its people like you that make others have to search for a better place to voice their complaints. Perhaps your A** Kisser who gets your preferable treatment with your friend. I know some complaints may sound like complete nonsense, but who the hell are you to judge others based on their experiences and not yours? You are a real idiot and offer nothing to those who seek to voice their experiences.

    • Cheri Willens

      Can you please help us? I’ve just purchase our bed for medical reason and so far……it hasn’t been good. Our remotes don’t work, so we’re not able to operate our beds. Do you have any suggestions

      • rosa

        cheri if still new call customer service and let them know

    • Anne Adams

      I agree with you Dave. Owned our bed since 2000 and no problems. It did have the mold issue on top of the chamber and on bottom of the foam overlay as it was pre-2004. Sleep Number replaced the chambers and foam overlay at not cost. Agree the pump does not run all the time. No problems with sheets fitting ever!

    • Holly Patterson

      I agree with all of what you said I do love my sleep number C3. My queen sheets fit even with mattress pad and addition cool/hot layer on top.

      But I had major back surgery in 2012 and I can never keep the top cooling/heating layer on the bed without sliding i do toss and turn a lot at night with my pain but I thought with it being heavy it wouldn’t slide as much and I tried putting under the mattress pad still didn’t work. It is extremely heavy for me to move on my own. I love the cool side when I have to take pain meds daily. I just wish it was easier to handle. I have bulging disc in low back,neck that comes with pinched nerves, siactic pain, muscle spasms and a failed fusion all before age 40 and with my doctors not able to fix me I was hoping sleep number bed could help. I just couldn’t afford the higher levels that come with adjustable frame and cooling/heating built in.
      I still get alittle pain relief with the C3 but I think my back needs more maybe I’ll be able to save money to get there.

    • Maureen Kerfoot

      I couldn’t agree more, we bought ours 10 years ago, Factory Refurbished no less motor pump with new bedding for half price direct from the factory. Full Warranty. Never had a problem with it. Bought it for husbands back, feels like we’re sleeping on a cloud. Everything said in those complaints was ridiculous. This bed is comfortable, quiet and adjustable! Second one I’ve owned, we went up from a Queen to a King!

  • Julie

    We are returning ours within the trial period. The total expense for us will be $900. That includes set up, return, one set of sheets, the mattress protector, and two pillows that the sales person said we could return but customer service says we cannot. By the way, the sheets from our previous bed fit just fine on this one and we found the special sleep number sheets to be a waste of money.

    • Grant

      Yep, I know this review was years ago but I feel your frustration as mine is fresh. Sorry you were out the 900, im out 400. They treat their customers with disdain for not accepting their product. Cheap garbage product and the worst, worst customer service and treatment from any company I’ve ever dealt with.

      • bruce76108

        i don’t work for sleep number and set mine up with ease

    • doc

      You didnt say exactly why you wanted to return the bed. It is very unfortunte that you lost all that money (cant use the sheets on another bed?) but I will tell anyone else reading this that unless you are incapacitated or severely mechanically challenged, YOU can set this bed up yourself. I think these beds (and for my money the C2 for 600 bucks on sale is as good as the higher priced models) either are loved or hated. If you are on a budget you should pass on the fancy computer monitoring and the layers of memory foam. You can always buy a foam topper if you wish later and for way less money. I have a new 2000 traditonal bed that is sitting in my bedroom while I sleep in the guestroom on my sleep number bed. So, I understand loss. I had changed the traditional bed three times before I gave up on finding one I like and was very lucky someone suggested sleep number. It has gotten me sleeping again.

      • jjumer

        Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. Just coz u find something easy to do does not mean that everyone else will. You must work for this company. You have the same mindset as them.

      • Claire M Phillips

        I know your correct!!!!

      • Karen

        Um, didn’t you just assume that doc works for Sleep Number? LOL

      • ashman0071

        so you have so much free time that that you Google ‘sleep number beds 10 things the salesperson won’t tell you’ so that you can ‘stick up for them’? – you’re a ‘plant’ too and extremely hard to believe………. nice try but you’re fired !

      • ALittleBitOfSomething

        I googled “queen sized number bed with box spring” and this came up in the first few listings :)

      • Consider

        From owning 2 different sleep number beds the cheaper models are crap. My first one was one of their cheaper ones and it did sag. Where the sagging problem cam from was the foam topper breaking down. Even buying an additional foam topper from Walmart does not help because it will sag in the Pre-existing sagging areas. The mid to higher cost sleep number beds holds up longer but like any other bed the foam topper will break down over time and the weight of the individual can speed the process. But in the end it’s all personal preference. Some people get a more comfortable sleep in a all foam bed, some interspring, some prefer water beds, and others the sleep by number beds. Back to individual body weight, because of the foam topper, I believe that this would not be a good bed choice if you weigh over 200lbs.

      • A Pasich

        Our Cal King Select Comfort bed is 20 1/2 years old and I weigh 280lbs (230 at the beginning) . This bed is in far better condition than any inner spring bed I have ever had that was even close to half it’s age. I have chronic back issues that originated in my teens. The ability to vary firmness depending on my current condition has been a great contribution to my ability to live a comfortable life. Our only issue has been that the vinyl base squeaks where it contacts the wood bed frame and we have never found a solution.

      • JJ

        Mine is about that old now, no real issues just keep checking the number as it slowly goes down over a few weeks. The cheapo egg crate foam insert was replaced with a 3″ latex slab that was a big help. Mine squeaks a lot also looking to toss it and put a king foundation under it…

      • Kathryn Albert

        I was trying to see if anyone else had put their mattress directly on the floor. I expected a “hack this” list rather than a “complaints” list. Then, after reading some of the comments, I wanted to join in to give prospective buyers the kind of info I would find useful myself.

    • aimer

      I don’t believe you. Then you need to read what you agree to before agreeing!

  • Ken Breadner

    There are several factually incorrect things in the foregoing. My wife and I have had a Sleep Number bed for seven years now (bought at Sleep Country Canada) and we would never consider any other brand of bed.
    Our bed is a King and standard sheets fit it just fine, We’ve never once put the bed up to 100 when we’re not in it, and it’s still giving phenomenal sleeps seven years later. We were told about the mould issue in-store, but haven’t had to deal with it. And nobody’s naive enough to believe a mattress warranty from any manufacturer–if you try to collect on one, you’ll find they only accept the mattress back if it’s in mint condition. As far as not seeing your number…whoever bought a mattress sight unseen deserves a lifetime of shitty sleep.

  • Duetta Szabo

    I’ve had a Sleep Number since 2003, and I love it. Can’t sleep anywhere else. The unpacking and putting together isn’t a problem, it only took me 1/2 hr to put it together, also I have never heard the pump. Never.

  • jheartney

    We’ve had ours for nearly 15 years, and honestly the biggest problem with it is that if we travel and have to use other, non-sleep-number beds, it’s often hard to get a good night’s sleep because those beds are so lousy in comparison. (This is true even if you are at a good hotel.) When we get back from a trip and have the chance to lie down on our own bed, it’s just heavenly.

    Never noticed a smell, the pump noise is no big deal (you might use the pump a few times a year, and it’s only on for a short time then), and our sheets fit fine.

    The bed was pricy (we splurged and got the King size), but I’d have to say looking back it was one if the best investments we’ve made.

    • burlingtonbill

      I could have written this ! Ditto for us, too.

  • DMcG

    Our Sleep Number bed was an older style without a lot of foam on top. It really did rely on the air chambers for firmness and support. I bought it when I was single, and absolutely loved it. Best bed I even owned, for me.
    The problem came when I married. When we were both on the bed, it was fine and we both slept well, her at about 65 and me at about 40. But I get up early. I when I would do that, my side of the bed (being inflated only to 40) would collapse and she would, as she said, fall into the Pit in the middle of the mattress.
    No bueno.
    So after a few months of wedded unbliss, the Sleep Number bed was sold on eBay and replaced with the Beautyrest. Problem solved.

  • Athalin

    They also don’t tell you that every mattress will EVENTUALLY leak. Then they will be happy to sell you a replacement “air chamber.” I know, I have replaced several.

    The reason I have replaced them is that I do find the bed very comfortable, though. But how convenient that they can’t make an air chamber that won’t leak…

    • deedee24

      I challenge you to find ANY inflatable device (air mattress, raft/kayak, balloon, whatever) that doesn’t have the potential to spring a leak.

      At least with the Sleep Number, when that happens you can get a new air chamber for under $200. Whereas if you have a regular mattress, it will start to sag and weaken over time too, and you have no choice but to replace the ENTIRE thing, at full cost.

      • ashman0071

        So I have to replace ‘air chambers’ every 6 months and sleep in a piece of s*&t hole for a week and then spend over an hour changing them out……. you are a corporate ‘tool’ – shame on you!

    • Claire M Phillips

      You said it. FRAUD

    • burlingtonbill

      Have had our dual-chamber 5000 king for 17 years and no leaks. I do know of other beds that have, though. It happens !

  • Donna Shelley

    I guess we lucked out with a super honest sales rep at the sleepnumber store!! He was quite thorough in disclosing issues with certain models,and in relating how in past models when a problem appeared,the company addressed it.I knew about the mold issue as well. Our bed has antimicrobial agents on the frame and the air chambers to help with this problem.One of the things I really like about the i8 is that the mattress top completely unzips for easy access to the inner chambers. I take the vacumm to it every few months and remove dust.
    I also knew what the warranty covered, before we bought the bed! A very important thing to know when dealing with a major purchase that offers,not a 10 year,but a 20 year warranty!!
    Concerning sheets not fitting, this was disclosed as well. And this idea was brought to me by the sales rep. He told me what he did to make “regular” sheets fit the bed. All you need are the elastic bands that many others use for small pocket sheets on a deep pocket mattress.SIMPLE

    As for mattress return, as I understand it it’s more of a geographical thing. If we had lived within 50 miles of the sleepnumber store they would have delivered and set up the bed as well as come to pick it up if we returned it,all for no fee.

    As far as the free trial and return of the mattress, I did not return obviously. But we were told that return methods and fes for such vary by geographical lines. If we were within 50 miles of the store they would have brought it to us and set it up,or picked it up for return with no extra fee.

    • Amber Rambharose


      It sounds like worked with some wonderful people while making your mattress purchase. One thing that all shoppers should look for is a sales rep. who is informative, helpful and attentive.

    • Teresa N Mark Tottleben

      They would of set it up…But not for free…It costs $90 for this service

  • Bonnie Stolze

    We have had our sleep number bed for six years. We still like it; but, have noticed that each side has sagged quite a bit with a noticeable hump in the middle…..even during the day after it has been pumped up . Another problem we have is that the sleep number changes during the night depending on room temperature or body temperature. We don’t think the bed actually changes, though,

    • Amber Rambharose


      Thanks for the information about room/body temperature. That is another great fact that folks should know!

      • deedee24

        Yes, air expands and contracts with heat/cold. But it shouldn’t be a significant increase/decrease in firmness.

  • David

    We have had our bed for seventeen years and the wife likes it. I don’t care much for it and sleep much better on a traditional bed. What you have written in your article is true; regardless the setting, the support is very firm. The higher sleep numbers simply raises the level of the air bladder. The foam layer is what absorbs the weight of the body; the thicker the foam the more comfort you get. The mattress is very over-priced. There is no way I would ever buy one again. My brother got rid of his after two years. This mattress should only be used by people who weigh less than 185 pounds.

    • doc

      Error. The bed goes through many levels of firmness depending upon your needs, and that’s a good thing. I have back problems and require different levels of support depending upon its condition. Just recently the mattress developed some rips in the fabric due to who knows what. The company said it was under warranty and sent out a replacement within a week free of charge and without fussing. I don’t know if I will have this bed for many years, but Id like to think so, and Consumer reports has said it stands up to its daily simulated punishment for 8 years so far without a reduction in quality.

  • MaryEllen

    We have had one sleep number bed for 5 years and have had none of the above mentioned problems. We did have a leak on one side and customer service sent us a replacement at no charge. We love the comfort of this bed so much that a year ago we bought another sleep number bed for our vacation property.

    • Amber Rambharose


      It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying your Sleep Number Bed. While this article introduces little known facts about Sleep Numbers, many reviewers also enjoyed their Sleep Number Bed mattresses.

  • MaryEllen

    We have had one sleep number bed for 5 years and have had none of the above mentioned problems. We did have a leak on one side and customer service sent us a replacement at no charge. We love the comfort of this bed so much that a year ago we bought another sleep number bed for our vacation property.

    • Amber Rambharose


      It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying your Sleep Number Bed. While this article introduces little known facts about Sleep Numbers, many reviewers also enjoyed their Sleep Number Bed mattresses.

  • http://Idon'thaveawebsite. Ken Akin

    We are perhaps 15 years into our sleep number experience. We bought a new one last year, and moved the old unit to the guestroom.

    We have experienced none of the 10 problems reported above. On both units, the pump only runs when we use the remote to set pressure. One side of our old unit has a very slow leak and needs to be reset every 6 weeks of so, really not a big deal for either of us.

    I really never heard of running the bed up to full pressure every day. Perhaps I’ll scan the books again, but we really never have needed to look for fix it ideas.

    Personally, the big deal if the variable firmness. I need a much firmer mattress than the sales person recommended using the in-store computerized bed (I have back problems), but it was not an issue. I changed the firmness in 2 minutes.

  • http://viewpoint Jill

    We have had a sleep number bed now for 3 years now, I am use to it now but it took me about a month to get use to it and find my “sleep number” I am happy with it now but when we first brought it home I thought there was no way i would be able to sleep on this bed. Thanks

  • http://viewpoint Jill

    We have had a sleep number bed now for 3 years now, I am use to it now but it took me about a month to get use to it and find my “sleep number” I am happy with it now but when we first brought it home I thought there was no way i would be able to sleep on this bed. Thanks

  • Cathy

    I love the sleep number bed it is the only bed I can get a goodnights sleep on.
    I have had no problems with buying sheets to fit the bed.
    Customer has always been great to me.
    Wouldn’t trade this bed for anything!

  • Kim

    I love my sleep number bed and did not have any of the issues you mentioned. My sleep number changes based on my weight so I change it depending on weight loss. We have dual chambers and my number is different from my husbands. My sheets for a california king bed fit the california king sleep number bed.

    We have checked for mold and have none. That may depend on the humidity levels in your state.

    • Amber Rambharose


      I’m glad you’ve had such a great experience with your Sleep Number bed mattress. This article isn’t meant to make any definitive claims on the quality of Sleep Number beds, but to help shoppers make smart choices by sharing some little known facts with them.

      • Kim

        It does sound like you are discouraging people from going to look at these beds. I don’t know of any product that doesn’t have someone who doesn’t like it when others do, but this review does discourage others from trying the bed.

      • Tati Wi

        Thank you Kim for replying back to Amber.I totally agree with had I not known people who purchase Sleep Numbers beds and were extremely happy I would have read this review and not be interested in buying one. You are NOT objective at all, very unprofessional.

  • Sharon Anderson

    We have had the sleep number for 7 or 8 years. The first night I slept on it was the first time I slept all night without waking up several times with back pain. The only time it had a smell was when we first unpacked it and set it up. I rarely change my number and it always stays set. I have my side on 75 (very firm) and my husband has his side on 50 (like being in a hole to me). The only time we hear the pump is when change the number and that is only for a very short time. This mattress solved years of bickering over a very firm or very soft mattress. I do have a difficult time with some of our sheets fitting. We have about 4 sets and 2 of them tend to pop off. It is worth putting up with this to get the best sleep I have ever had. Ordered this from QVC and have loved it.

    • Amber Rambharose


      It’s great to hear that you’ve had a good experience with your Sleep Number bed. The great qualities (customizable firmness for different sleepers) of these mattresses seem to be pretty consistent.

  • Amber Rambharose


    Thanks so much for your positive feedback. The Viewpoints blog is meant to present readers with interesting and relevant facts about a wide range of topics. I’m glad you found this article to be successful!

    • Happy Sleeper

      You aren’t presenting facts. None of those 10 are true!

  • E

    Maybe they are different now, but we bought one about 12 years ago and many of these things are just not true. Ours did not have a number on it because we bought the cheapest model. The air most certainly does not just move around. You let air in and out of it and it’s more than obvious it’s not just moving around.

    We had no problem with hearing the pump, probably because ours didn’t have numbers to keep up with. We adjusted it manually. Yes you can hear it but it’s not like it was turning on and off during the night, but maybe that was just our model.

    I never had to purchase special sheets. We had a king bed and regular king bed sheets fit just fine.

    Maybe it was just me, purchasing online, but it was well stated what was covered and how the warranty covered things. It was also very clear that you would be paying shipping to return it if you didn’t like it. Again, I’m betting that’s a difference between a sales person and buying online where I can click on info.

    We never had any issue with a smell or mold, though the article does say “may have issue” with these.

    The major problem we had with the bed is never mentioned anywhere, and that’s that the two chambers can interact. There is just a flimsy piece of foam between the two. When I’d have my chamber set how I wanted it, hubby would get into bed and his weight moving his chamber would push into mine and cause my air chamber to get harder.

    Even with this, however, we liked the bed for quite awhile. I couldn’t use it any longer after having children. Something changed in my body that the bed was miserably uncomfortable no matter what I tried.

    • Amber Rambharose

      Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this article. This piece was meant to highlight interesting or unusual consumer experiences with Sleep Number mattresses. The quotations in the article were selected based on their unique perspective and represent only a fraction of the Sleep Number Bed reviews (and opinions) on Viewpoints.

      • Sweet

        I recommend you personally visit a sleep number store. Most of these facts are either untrue or have even addressed in recent changes to te products. Your article is very biased otherwise. If I hadn’t scrolled down I wouldn’t have considered looking into purchasing a SN bed.

      • melj

        This has been a horrible experince for us, cost a lot to have it returned, beware they do not tell you all this when you are bying the bed!

  • Marlene

    I have a sleep number bed and I really do not like it, had about 2 yrs, got to keep pumping it up and it has a funny smell. It so bad that I do not sleep in it anymore.

    • Amber Rambharose

      If you are noticing a strange scent coming from your mattress, you may want to check for mold. Aside from being a serious health issue, the mold could be making your mattress less effective. Viewpoints reviewers who found mold in their Sleep Number beds and reported the mold to Customer Service received replacement parts at no expense.

  • Diane V

    oops typo, it should read changed to not changes to. lol

    • carol

      I have probably had mine the longest, 1991 or 92, after 12 years it developed mold on one side, the warranty was great, replaced everything but the rails, so got the whole bed replaced for 175 plus shipping, my issue now is the spring broke that holds the battery in the remote so I can’t change the air pressure till i get it fixed or replaced.

  • Diane V

    Great points on theses reviews. I have heard many negative things about these beds. I actually had the chance to try one at a hotel I stayed in and found no changes, no matter what number I changes the mattress to. This was a good test. Thanks for so such great reviews.

    • Amber Rambharose


      Thanks so much for your positive feedback. The Viewpoints blog is meant to present readers with interesting and relevant facts about a wide range of topics. I’m glad you found this article to be successful!

    • Jocelyn Oldham von Klein

      Obviously this hotel mattress was broken. of COURSE the firmness changes with the number! That is what sleep number IS!

  • Amber Rambharose


    Thanks for the additional point of view!