Serta Perfect Sleeper Reviews: “Otherwise Known As the Big Dipper”

serta perfect sleeper mattress

With a below average Viewpoints ranking, a Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress might not be worth the money.

Many shoppers look to consumer reviews to help them in their search for the perfect mattress. While research is an important part of mattress shopping, the most popular mattresses have hundreds of reviews on Viewpoints alone, and endless scrolling can get overwhelming. The Serta Perfect Sleeper (approx. $900 for queen set), for example, has a just below average rating of 71/100, based on 111 reviews on

While reviewers appreciate its plush support, many are disappointed with what they consider a lack of durability and poor warranty fulfillment. If you’re thinking about buying a Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress, you should consider its top two pros and cons according to Viewpoints reviewers.


serta perfect sleeper mattress

Multiple upholstery, foam or gel layers give the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress its fluffy feel.

Soft support

Viewpoints reviewers who enjoy their Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses appreciate its soft, plush feel.

“The Serta Perfect Sleeper changed the way I sleep at night. I no longer toss and turn. It’s like sleeping on a huge pillow! Every night when I lie down on my bed, I instantly feel like my joints are all assuming a rejuvinating position.” - Tdubb2007, Reviewer since 2008

“I love this mattress becuase it is like sleeping on a cloud. You literally hit the bed and are able to fall asleep immediately. You wake up every morning feeling refreshed and well rested. No more neck cramps, back aches,  or horrible headaches from those terrible uncomfortable mattresses.” – ericgallup, Reviewer since 2008


While mattress price depends largely on the retailer, many reviewers found their Serta Perfect Sleepers at a price within their budgets.

“After comparison shopping for weeks, it became apparent that for our budget Serta was the way to go. It provided the support we were looking for and the promise of durability. Since the purchase, we have had no complaints or issues with comfort.” - bslrsl, Reviewer since 2007

“I have never had a mattress that I have liked so much as this one. The affordablility of the brand is what got me to purchase my first Serta mattress and the comfort and durability will be what keeps me coming back for more.” - slick3970, Reviewer since 2009


woman lying on interspring mattress

Many reviewers mentioned that sagging in their Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses caused them severe back pain.

Poor durability

Although the Serta Perfect Sleeper is advertised as the perfect mattress for people with chronic back pain, many reviewers spoke up about the sagging and “dipping” in their Serta Perfect Sleepers.

“We bought the Serta Perfect Sleeper pillowtop mattress (Panorama model) in Dec. 2006.  We also bought a twin size version for our 14 year old son.  By Dec. 2007 both the twin and queen mattresses had body wells in them so deep that all three of us woke up every day with back problems.” – Stewsu, Reviewer since 2008

“We have a Serta Perfect Sleeper, which is two years old. This mattress dips in the center to about 2 inches.  The ends of the mattress, especially at the bottom of the bed, turn up on both sides, and the bed is so uncomfortable that I wish we had our old 12-year-old mattress back.” – fedupinphilly, Reviewer since 2010

It was not so bad at first, but at the moment, it definitely has a big ‘ol dip in the middle that my husband and I keep rolling into. We both wake up EVERY day with sore, achy backs/necks.” -Dudewhatever, Reviewer since 2008

Poor warranty fulfillment

A major problem for many reviewers is the difficulty they faced when attempting to receive refunds, repairs, or exchanges for their mattresses.

“My wife and I purchased the Serta Perfect Sleeper queen mattress. The bed gets such a dip in it, that has us competing for the middle at night. We contacted the store which came to our home, measured the length and width then quickly left. No chance of them honouring the warranty after only one month. What a waste of money on a company that wont stand behind the quality of their product.” - gd777, Reviewer since 2010

“The mattress that I purchased was much softer than the floor model. When I called customer service about it, I was told that Serta does not warranty comfort. When I asked how the two mattresses could differ so much, I was told that Serta did not have a quality control section.” - rachel123, Reviewer since 2013


The Serta Perfect Sleeper is a plush, soft mattress. Unfortunately, its tendency to dip or sag in its center and the problems many reviewers faced with warranty fulfillment make this mattress not quite worth its price tag. If you’re looking for a long-lasting mattress that offers plush support, try going full-foam with’s PacBed Original Memory Foam Mattress with a top ranking of 95/100 based on 359 reviews.

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    I have this type of bed.Love it you don’t have to worry about springs coming through your matress.No springs just memory foam.You get a relaxing nights sleep.You don’t have to worry about turning your mattress over there is no need.Just every so often you turn the mattress around like clock hands put the headboard of the bed to the footboard.Simple and doesn’t get lumpy.forms your body into the foam mattress you never feel your other half turn in bed