6 Steps To Finding the Perfect Mattress

Make mattress shopping easy with our six simple mattress testing tips.

Make mattress shopping easy with our six simple mattress testing tips.

When choosing one of many well reviewed and top-rated mattresses, knowing how to test out a mattress in a store can help you narrow down your options. By taking the time to try out a mattress correctly before you buy, you can walk out of any mattress sale with confidence in your shopping decision. Using six simple shopping steps, you can find the perfect mattress at the perfect price.

1 – Know your options

Before you walk into a store, do a little research. Consumer reviews can help you decide what type of mattress you’re looking for. “When you’re shopping for a mattress, focus on comfort – not brand or price,” says Chris Marsh, VP of Merchandising at Mattress Firm, a national mattress retailer. “Once you determine the feel that is best for you, it will help narrow down the choices.” Not sure where to start? Try looking at the top-rated mattresses that suit your typical sleep position. Marsh recommends pillow top mattresses for side-sleepers, firm mattresses for stomach-sleepers, and plush mattresses for back-sleepers.


Choose a mattress based on comfort and support, not brand name or discount price.

2 – Bring along your sleep essentials

Make sure you enter a mattress store armed with knowledge and your sleep essentials. Dr. Nitun Verma, Medical Director at the Washington Township Center for Sleep Disorders, suggests bringing along a pillow, eye-mask, and earplugs or headphones so that you can “zone out and pay attention to the bed.” If you sleep with a partner, try your best to mattress shop together as a second sleeper can seriously affect the feel of a mattress.

top rated mattress

Make yourself comfortable with a pillow, sleep-mask, or earplugs while mattress shopping.

3 – Follow the 15-minute rule

Experts agree that a good mattress test drive takes a minimum of 15 minutes spent lying in your typical sleep position. “The next best thing to actually getting to spend a full night on a mattress is to really take your time, lie down in your typical sleep position and pay attention to the comfort and support,” says Karin Mahoney, Director of Communications at the Better Sleep Council, a consumer education organization funded by the mattress industry.

Test out a mattress by lying in your typical sleep position for at least 15 minutes.

Test out a mattress by lying in your typical sleep position for at least 15 minutes.

4 – Remember that mattress comfort is key

Pay attention to your body’s comfort level on the mattress, especially your pressure points: the spine, shoulders, and hips.  According to Mahoney, “a good mattress is one that supports you as though you were standing upright with the correct posture. If your hips or back twist, you should keep looking.” An arched spine, slouched shoulders, or tension in your neck are also major red flags. Mahoney advises that “if you can fit two to three fingers between you and the mattress, chances are the mattress isn’t a good fit because it’s not offering the right amount of support.”

pressure points on back

When testing a mattress, pay close attention to any pressure on your shoulders, neck, back, and hips.

5 – Shop smart during mattress sales

Brent Shelton, editorial coordinator for FatWallet.com, suggests hitting mattress stores after the big sales, “in order to beat crowds to make sure you dedicate enough time to your research. Often the prices are even better after the sale during “clearance” and mattress prices are always negotiable.” Julie Fruitman, a mattress store owner with 27 years of industry experience, recommends keeping an eye out for misleading marketing, “One of the most important things a mattress shopper should remember is that they are looking for the right mattress for them, not the mattress a salesperson wants to sell them.”

discounts and sales

Hitting the stores after big sales can mean even bigger discounts.

6 – Look for customer care

Make sure to ask about mattress warranties and return policies. Reputable mattress stores often offer shipping, assembly, replacements, and mattress repairs in warranties. For one Viewpoints reviewer, a great return policy made a world of difference:

“We bought our King Mattress from Original Mattress Factory, got it home and discovered it was too soft.  They have a wonderful policy on returns.  We took it back to them and they made us a new one.  No additional cost for the replacement.  If we find a problem with the new mattress they will replace it again.” - Jaxygirl, Reviewer since 2008

By following these six simple steps, you can walk out of any mattress store with peace of mind and the perfect mattress.

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PROMOTIONAL VIDEO: The Better Sleep Council, an education arm of the mattress industry, has produced this video to help consumers make the most of their trip to the mattress store.

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