The Magic In the Magic Bullet

Viewpoints explains what all of those Magic Bullet attachments are for.

Viewpoints explains what all of those Magic Bullet attachments are for.

Viewpoints set out to see just how “magic” the Magic Bullet‘s (rated 80/100) many attachments really are. We looked into what all the various options actually do and also checked out what our reviewers had to say about them. It seems most people are relatively pleased with the attachments, especially the various color lips and the sealing tops. The biggest complaints are about the Magic Bullet blending instead of “chopping” items. Most people who use it primarily as a blender for smoothies absolutely love it. If you’ve ever wondered what comes with this infomercial classic and if it’s really worth buying the $50 17-piece set, read on.

The attachment breakdown


There are two blades that come with the Magic Bullet: the cross-blade and the flat blade. According to the Magic Bullet’s site, the cross blade is ideal for chopping, blending or grating softer foods. The flat blade is meant for harder foods like coffee beans or fresh spices, or for making homemade whipped cream. Our reviewers frequently complain that regardless of blade, the Magic Bullet does not work well with harder foods and will liquify almost any soft food if you don’t stop it soon enough.

“The cross blade seems to work the best for foods that are steamed and ready to be pureed.” -LaurenB2010, Reviewer since 2011

“It works to ‘chop’ the tomatoes (more like smashes them up into smaller parts), but it couldn’t chop the onion or peppers, so you still have to cut those up yourself.” -stot0020Reviewer since 2009

“I tried using it to chop onions (which I HATE doing!), and it made onion pulp!  This was not quite what I was going for.” -mcg404Reviewer since 2009

Cups and mugs

There are three main varieties of jars or cups that come with the Magic Bullet: the short bullet cup, the tall bullet cup and the party mugs. The short cup has is ideal for a small portion item, like grinding coffee beans or chopping fresh spices. The tall cup is good for smoothies and other bigger sized blending jobs. The party mugs all have handles so you can make margaritas or other blended drinks to order. All of these are microwave and dishwasher safe, and reviewers rave about how easy cleaning the various cups are.

“In addition to being easy to use, the Magic Bullet is super easy to clean…It also cleans up very nicely on the top rack of the dish washer.” -krp-bReviewer since 2010

“Clean-up could NOT be easier.” -manelynnReviewer since 2010

“I also want to make fruit smoothies and love that this blender has the individual cups. It will also make cleanup a breeze!” -rjadams01Reviewer since 2011

Lids and lips

The Magic Bullet has several lids: the stay-fresh, re-sealable lids, the shaker lid and the steamer top. The re-sealable lids are great for travel or storing food for later, and are well-liked by reviewers. If you grind up fresh spices you can pop on the shaker lid which has small holes perfect for seasoning as you cook, and the steamer top works well when you’re microwaving a quick snack. One of the most popular attachments among Viewpoints reviewers, though, are the multi-colored lips, which just attach to the rim of the party mugs to help you keep track of which drink is yours at your Magic Bullet party.

“When I make smoothies for my boys when they get back from school, they always beg one more cup of smoothies.  When I use diffirent color rings, they know which color is theirs, so no fight!” -samuraigirlReviewer since 2010

“My son loves the colored rings so he always knows which cup is his.” -purduesmilesReviewer since 2010

Overall, the Magic Bullet is not a substitute for a food processor but it is a fun blender for making smoothies and baby food. All of those attachments that may be collecting dust on your shelves should be cleaned off and put to use! Some of them are the favorite features for Viewpoints reviewers. Still want to learn more? Read reviews of the Magic Bullet, or its larger cousin the NutriBullet.

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  • AmazingSusan

    I’m finding the same thing with respect to chopping: it doesn’t really. It mushes and liquifies :)
    That said, I agree with your reviewers, superb for smoothies and cleans up like a charm!

    I’m doing a 10-Day gig with it

    • Michael Lombard

      Thanks for your note, have you tried out the NutriBullet yet Susan?

      • AmazingSusan

        Nope but I will if someone sends me a free one :P I bit the bullet and bought The Magic Bullet, thus blowing by bullet budget for this quarter :P

        Too bad you took my link out… I have two links to your post in my post yesterday…. #justsaying

      • Michael Lombard

        Yes I suppose one Magic Bullet is enough for now. Thanks for the links but unfortunately we do not accept links in article comments. We do however link within our articles and we always welcome guest contributors to write and add links. :)

      • AmazingSusan

        Well, perhaps you will link to me one day in the future… :)