ProFlowers Reviews: “Roses Looked Like They Went Thru War” has a very low rating on Viewpoints. Find out what contributors have to say about the flower delivery service.

ProFlowers has a very low rating on Viewpoints. Find out why people are complaining about the online flower delivery service.

ProFlowers is a floral bouquet delivery website that delivers flowers, plants and miscellaneous gifts from anywhere in the world to the United States and select countries outside of the U.S.  All orders come with a 7-day money-back freshness guarantee (a 14-day guarantee for potted plants). Yet ProFlowers receives a low 35/100, based on a total of 471 reviews. The average for the shopping websites category is 67/100.

About ProFlowers

According to the company’s website, the flowers are hand-picked and then directly delivered to the recipient to ensure freshness.  Standard shipping delivery ranges from $10 to $18 with a $3 “Care & Handling” charge. Prices vary depending on location and desired delivery time.

Despite some reviews noting that the flowers lasted longer than if purchased at a florist, ProFlowers has an abundance of negative reviews on Viewpoints. Reviewers warn about extra charges, untimely delivery and misleading photos.


Misleading, not timely

ProFlowers customers  on Viewpoints are not pleased with the condition in which they received their bouquets. Many contributors complain that they have to assemble their bouquets or that their orders were not delivered at all.

“So now I realize that their photo is misleading in terms of the density of the flowers and it was misleading in terms of the price and the vase. I now sense a consistent lack of integrity.”–JoeRattz, Reviewer since 2010

“Roses looked like they went thru a war before they were delivered. They looked like they were already 2 weeks old. Second order, again for my mom (who is battling pancreatic cancer) was never delivered (although they say it was left at her front door).” -jamsaz, Reviewer since 2011

“Product delivered was nothing like the picture, even after calling to be sure the flowers would be pink as pictured and described, arrangement arrived with NO pink flowers and in a tin bucket, not a basket as advertised.” -jones1987, Reviewer since 2012

“Small, half dead, depressing flowers. Come in a cardboard box and you have to put them together. Your sweetheart will NOT be getting a beautiful display. Even after opening and trying to make something out of nothing; there was nothing I could do to make these pathetic flowers look good. You start out with a $20 order and at the end it $50.” -thecross, Reviewer since 2012

This reviewer is harshly critical about the service just received this Mother’s Day:

“Do not use! Yep, in this day and age of cyber business. The name of the game is offer slick TV ads, bright eye-candy on your website, obtain a credit card number and then not deliver on any of the agreements made in your ad or website.  I ordered flowers for my dear mother after seeing a TV ad for on Thursday before Mother’s Day. I figured it gave them more than enough time to arrange for a local florist or get the delivery out by Saturday. But Sunday came and by the evening, I hadn’t heard from my surprised mother that she had received the flowers I ordered from Never thought I would have to babysit my order from a national advertiser like I expected their systems to be in place for a busy day like Mothers Day (after all their ads were directed for the Mothers Day market. did not deliver the flowers on Saturday, or Mothers Day (Sunday).” -DaGray, Reviewer since 2013

TV COMMERCIAL: ProFlowers TV commercial highlights its freshness guarantee and Mother’s Day promotion (as mentioned in DaGray’s review)

Hidden charges

Many contributors complain about a $15 monthly charge found on their bills following their purchase. A coupon for “$15 off” discretely enlists customers into the Easy Saver program without consent.

“My biggest complaint with ProFlowers is that they are affiliated with Easy Saver.  After purchasing flowers, if you click a link and enter your email address to get a $15 off coupon, you are in effect signing up for the Easy Saver service and they will begin to bill the card you used to purchase your flowers.  This is stated on the website, but easily overlooked by people (like me) who are eager for a bargain.” -dee061105, Reviewer since 2008

“Their association with Easy Saver is sad. they do not need to deceive their coustomers as they have a good product and service. I just be came aware to what was happening and was saddened by the fact that one more company had to fall to the bottom line mentality of thinking.”-ahtcon4pain, Reviewer since 2010

“I was a loyal proflowers customer for years, until now.  I noticed a billing of $14.95 for EZ SVER RW on my credit card statement.  I googled it, and it turn out proflowers gave my credit card information o their so-called “business partner” called the Easy Saver Rewards program.  I found I was being charged for 4 months now.  Proflowers was the company who gave them my credit card information and then I received these montly charges.”-yoopergal27, Reviewer since 2010


Longer-lasting blooms

Some contributors with more positive reviews noted that their bouquets arrived still in bud form and after a few days, bloomed into a full bouquet, lasting longer than store-bought variety.

“I received these flowers from my daughter for Mothers Day. They arrived 2 days before the holiday, on a Friday, and are still blooming now, on the following Wednesday! They didn’t look like much when I first opened them, but after being in water overnight, they opened and bloomed very nicely. I followed the enclosed directions and I couldn’t be happier.”-Sierralady, Reviewer since 2008

“My family in Australia, thanks to the internet, sent me an arrangement through PROFLOWERS. I have received flowers from this source before and they have always been terrific but this one was the best of all. Fresh and cororful and the arrangement lasted over 2 weeks. I just followed the enclosed directions for maintenance.” -lcnmlady, Reviewer since 2011

“I followed the direction came with the order. I notice just right after I put the roses in the vase, they came alive and start opening up. No need to say today they look even prettier and fuller.”-Meirong, Reviewer since 2011

“Everything arrived as promised, vase and flowers (in bud form) and food. When the flowers bloomed, they were beautiful!” -mbpowe2, Reviewer since 201

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Saba Hamid (21 Posts)

Saba Hamid is a manufacturer outreach specialist at Viewpoints. She is a California native and recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a B.A. degree in Sociology.

  • Barb S

    I have used Proflowers three times. The first time the order arrived and was beautiful. The subsequent two orders were horrible, with broken stems, wilted flowers and they were not in the promised vase. I will give anyone the benefit of a doubt, but after two bad orders in a row, I will not use this service again!

  • traderbill0215

    I have used Pro Flowers only once, and was not pleased with the delivery method — a contract carrier delivered the arrangement in a corrugated container, so the recipient had to assemble the flowers. Fortunately the flowers were in good condition, having been shipped only the night before. It would be my preference that the company use local florists so that my expenditure stays within the community (I live in the nation’s 8th largest city, so it’s not like there are no really good florists here). Further, I am inundated several times a week with promotional e-mails from Pro Flowers, and that is tiresome. So, this morning, rather than use Pro Flowers again for a friend’s birthday, I drove to a local florist, picked out a nice display, and delivered it myself, probably saving money on an arrangement equivalent to what I could have ordered from Pro Flowers. In the future, I may use them again, but do not find their service to be any better than what I have experienced elsewhere.

  • Sonny

    I have been using ProFlowers for years and I have never been overcharged (not creedy for coupons) and the flowers have always arrived on time and are beautiful.

    • Saba Hamid

      Hi Sonny! I’m glad you have always had a pleasant experience with ProFlowers :) Hope you and your loved ones continue to enjoy their deliveries!

  • CPST_Jim

    My experiences with Pro Flowers has been a mixed bag. My first order of roses from them, over 12 years ago, was an unmitigated disaster. They were bad. Really bad. They looked just like the headline for this article described. The follow-up replacements were just as bad. I ended up getting a refund and refused to use them again for many many years.

    Last year I decided to give them another chance and ordered a bouquet of flowers with a vase and chocolates. The chocolates and flowers weren’t kept cool, and after a couple of days in various un-air conditioned delivery vehicles, the flowers arrived wilted and the chocolate was an actual puddle in the bottom of the box. This time however, the replacement flowers and chocolates arrived in pristine condition and my wife loved them. Pro Flowers came through in the end for this order.

    Just recently I ordered a big bunch of Peruvian Lilies for my mom for Mother’s Day. They arrived at her home in great shape, and they just kept blooming and blooming. The flowers lasted for WAY longer than I ever expected and my Mom raved about them for weeks! That said, I had also purchased some of the same type of flower for my wife here in town, and they too really lasted a long time, so part of that I’ll just chalk up to the Peruvian Lily itself and I’ll buy more of them for people in the future. I like these flowers! I did travel to Houston and saw the flowers myself in person and they were very nice, but as a previous comment noted, they weren’t as full as their online picture made them out to be. Pretty flowers and I got tons of brownie points from mom, but I still have that little niggling feeling in the back of my mind about Pro Flowers not truly delivering what I saw on their website.

    So, 50-50 and a hit or miss record with Pro Flowers. If you’re ordering from them for a special occasion make sure that you either have an understanding recipient who’ll be ok with Pro Flowers having to send their flowers a second time to correct flowers arriving in poor condition, or have a backup plan just in case the fit hits the shan…

    • Saba Hamid

      Hi CPST_Jim!

      It seems you’re not alone in your hit-or-miss experience with the service, many reviews mentioned inconsistencies with their deliveries as well.

      Thanks for the in-depth review, I’m sure it will be very helpful to potential ProFlowers customers.

      Feel free to share it on our site as well :)


    For Mother’s Day my daughter and I both recieved flowers from Pro Flowers, Her’s looked wilted to begin with and within one day my roses looked like they had broken necks!!!
    I will not, ever again, order flowers from this company or any other. What I do is look up florists in the area where I want them delivered, call them to place an order, and have never been disappointed with this method. If it’s for a funeral, I call the funeral home and ask them for the name of a reputable florist.

  • Charles Pecukaitis

    I have used ProFlowers for many years for many occasions. As a rule the flowers are always fresh and delivered on time regardless of the event. They will advise of any extra charges, normally for a vase (optional) or a heavy traffic day. The flowers are always delivered by FedEx. I have had a couple of experiences where there were problems with the order, a broken flower, etc. In all cases, ProFlowers replaced the full order without additional charges or refunded the entire amount of the order. Overall I have been very satisfied with their product.

  • Elizaneth

    I had flowers from Pro Flowers about 6 years ago and they were beautiful and lasted several weeks. I have continued to use them for gifts but now I question whether I should find another florist

  • Nor

    My daughter sent me roses for Mothers Day and I was delighted with them. They lasted about 2 1/2 weeks and looked beautiful, plus I got a very nice box of candy with it. High quality chocolates that were very good!! I was pleased!