New Keurig Will Use Vue Cups and K-Cups

Keurig announced they are working on a machine that will use both K-cups and V-cups.

Keurig announced they are working on a machine that will use both K-cups and V-cups.

If you’ve tried out Keurig’s new Vue system but were frustrated that the old K-cups don’t work in it, fear not. Green Mountain (the makers of Keurig) announced that it’s working on a new machine that will allow users to use both the Vue cups as well as the K-cups.

Reviewers on Viewpoints seem to like the Vue V700 Brewing System, but some do voice frustration that their old K-cups don’t fit.

“Bad points are the Vue cups are expensive! The K-cups will not work on this machine. I think it would be way better if it could use the K-cups also.” - angelbeyreis, Reviewer since 2009

“I am having a hard time finding V Cups in stores around me; I can only find them in Target :( ” - heathersolis, Reviewer since 2009

“Plus, you can’t use a ‘my k-cup’ to use your own grounds like you could with the original. Kinda a bummer for those who have a lot of coffee.” - geraphe18, Reviewer since 2010

It’s not clear yet what the new machine will cost or even what exactly it will look like. But, we expect it to be as sleek as most Keurig machines. If you were thinking about picking up a new Keurig, you may want to hold off until this new machine is released: then you get the best of both worlds.

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