New Greek Yogurt Maker: Interview with Evan Dash

Dash greek yogurt maker

Dash is releasing a new Greek Yogurt Maker later this month.

In case we piqued your interest in yogurt makers with our blogpost last week, or if you’re tired of the multi-jar system most yogurt makers use, we have a great product for you: the upcoming Dash Greek Yogurt Maker. The Dash machine is expected to be released to the public on May 28th, retailing for about $49. This is an exciting new product that’s a great option because its more convenient than many other yogurt makers, it allows you to make healthy Greek yogurt and Dash has put together a great support team to help first time users. We sat down with Dash CEO Evan Dash to learn more about this new yogurt maker.


Unlike many other home yogurt makers that use several jars, the new Dash Greek Yogurt Maker has one large one-and-a-half quart capacity container. Dash explains, “We chose a single container mostly because of convenience. The jars are cumbersome when you need to move all of them, portion them out, and clean each of them. I’ve also found that the yogurt often gets stuck in the lip of the jars.” Now, users only have to worry about a single container that is completely dishwasher safe.

Additionally, a pretty great feature of this new yogurt maker is the built-in strainer to make Greek yogurt. As Dash himself puts it, “Making Greek yogurt is a disgusting process. You need to strain out the whey from traditional yogurt, usually by means of cheesecloth.” The new machine’s built-in strainer avoids that unpleasantness, and it’s dishwasher safe as well so it can be easily cleaned and reused.

If the task of making your own yogurt seems daunting, worry not. Mr. Dash, who makes yogurt at home with his kids about twice a week, noted “I am not your typical do-it-yourself home cook. I mean, I buy bagged salad. But my kids enjoy the process and I like knowing what my family and I are eating.” All the machine requires is the ingredients and some patience.

The Dash company is doing its best to making yogurt making fun and easy, even for first-time yogurt chefs. As Dash put it, “We’re anticipating that some customers will be frustrated that you can’t necessarily just plug this machine in and make perfect yogurt your first time. Yogurt can be pretty personal in terms of taste and consistency. So we really want to be in touch with our customers. We spent a lot of time creating an extensive manual with tips and tricks to help create the yogurt you want, regardless of whether you’re using powdered milk, boiling your milk or using non-dairy products.” And if that’s not enough, Dash has also set up a “Greek yogurt hotline” for users to call anytime they run into issues with their machines.


Homemade yogurt can be a fun way to keep your family healthy.

Homemade yogurt can be a fun way to eat healthily.

One of the main inspirations for the new machine is the healthiness of homemade Greek yogurt. “I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, but when I go to the supermarket and I start reading labels and I can’t even pronounce half of the ingredients, I have a hard time believing that can be healthier than fresh milk, culture and maybe some fresh fruit in homemade yogurt,” said Dash. Dash recommends holding off on adding any fresh fruit or “crunchies” like granola until you’re ready to eat to keep the right consistency and flavor. The unit is also made from 100% BPA-free plastic.


Dash’s new Greek Yogurt Maker seems like a fun, healthy and convenient option among yogurt makers. It’s a good choice if you’re just getting into yogurt making for the first time or if you’re tired of dealing with all of the small jars that many other yogurt makers have. Be sure to stay posted for the release of this product later this month and after you’ve tried it out, write a review

Check out our video of the prototype Greek yogurt maker at the 2013 International Home + Housewares Show:

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