Research Is the Key To a Great Mattress Deal

Mattress shopping

Researching before you hit the stores is the secret to finding great deals on mattresses over the Memorial Day shopping weekend.

May is perhaps the best month to get good deals on mattresses. Memorial Day Weekend is one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year, and mattresses top the list of sales from all the major retailers. Retailers significantly reduce their prices on this essential item for the home and present us with Black Friday-like door busters, floor model discounts and cash-and-carry super deals. But before you hit the stores or shop online during these sales, there are a few vital factors that may not only help you get a great deal, but also choose a quality product.

Research mattresses before shopping

Like all big-ticket purchases, and especially for an item that you’ll be spending up to a third of your time with, it’s smart to do some research and educate yourself on today’s mattress technology and features. Mattresses in all kinds of materials and comfort levels can be found in a wide range of price points, so for most people, the deciding factor on what kind of mattress to purchase will probably be price. Shoppers should determine a budget before doing any big comparisons online or at the store in order to save hours of time.

Once you start shopping, you’ll want to research the many available surface types, box springs, warranties, pads and toppers, and maintenance. The Better Sleep Council is one of the best websites to get a quick grasp of these differences. A traditional innerspring mattress is the most economical, but now your options range to pillowtop, gel, air, water, latex and the popular memory foam. A smart purchase decision will take into consideration the material used, the support it provides and the pricing structure.

VIDEO: Watch this excerpt from the TV show The Doctors on how to evaluate mattresses and pick the best mattress for how you sleep.

Mattress shopping strategies to find the best deal

Many manufacturers create different model names for different retailers (even though it’s essentially the same mattresses), which makes comparison shopping tricky. It’s important to read multiple brand/model reviews and talk to a variety of friends and family to get a solid idea of what kind of mattress will suit your situation best. has more than 4,900 consumer reviews on more than 200 mattress products, which offers a solution for unbiased experience and perspectives.

After doing some research, it’s a good idea to compare mattresses in person. Doing this during a busy sale may not be the best experience with crowded stores and busy sales staff, but you can do some research ahead of time, and bring your research to the store. Then you can avoid some of the pressure in the store and make sure you’re trying out the same mattress you researched.

Another smart tactic is to visit several stores’ early sales or wait until after the holiday for clearance sales events. You can also use this tactic to get the physical experience, then go home and shop online to take advantage of those discounts. When shopping online you can usually find deals for free delivery, set-up offers and Memorial Day cash back sales at sites like FatWallet and Ebates.

A good mattress can last you a long time, but it’s still a significant purchase. The key to finding a great deal on a good mattress is to do your research ahead of time. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll sleep better than ever.

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