My K-Cup Leaking Problems May Outweigh Reusable Benefits

Keurig My K-Cup

The Keurig has a wide variety of K-Cup flavors, but the My K-Cup allows you to use any kind of coffee you want.

Keurigs are praised for their convenience, but those disposable pods can build up a lot of waste. The reusable My K-Cup cuts down on waste, but also on convenience.

Ask a Keurig owner why they use that particular machine and they’ll probably respond with a single word: Convenience. Unlike traditional machines, all you have to do with a Keurig is keep the tank filled and pop in a K-Cup coffee pod whenever you want a cup. Stick your mug under the spout, press a button and, voila! Your drink is ready in moments.

But not everyone loves the Keurig. For one, storing cups can be a hassle. Some people stuff them into drawers, while others display them on carousels on their countertop. Also, K-Cups create a good amount of waste. Individual packaging means that each cup creates its own garbage. Compare that to traditional filtering products and, from a green perspective, K-Cups have a lot of problems.

My K-Cup replaces disposable K-Cups

Enter the My K-Cup reusable filter. Similar to gold-tone filters, the My K-Cup is a plastic “pod” fitted with a mesh filter that you fill with ground coffee and use in place of a pod. These filters allow you to use any coffee in your Keurig—not just those flavors that come in K-Cups. Plus, there’s less waste generated because you’re not throwing something away after each cup. Just rinse and reuse.

Though reusable K-Cup filters have a lot of eco-benefits, they’re not perfect. To start, one of the problems associated with reusable filters is the added effort they require. For a machine renowned for its convenience, My K-Cup filters seem to create extra work.

Users not thrilled with My K-Cup’s hassle and leaking

Overall, Viewpoints reviewers give them a 75/100. Here’s what some of them had to say about the My K-Cups.

“Using ‘My K-Cup’ is simple, but the use-and-toss convenience of the pre-manufactured K-Cups is lost. Of course, the washable plastic housing and miniature filter mean less garbage and landfill waste, but you still have to wash the housing and filter between each cup of coffee.” — Cat, Reviewer since 2007

Many My K-Cup users have complained of leakage problems. All signs points to a design flaw that results in spilled water and weak coffee. In fact, some reviewers write that they contacted Keurig with this complaint, only to be told it was an error in how they were using the product. Those users disagree, and seem unhappy with the quality of the resulting coffee.

“The problem is that the coffee is super weak and disappointing. I like my coffee on the medium to mild side so it doesn’t have to be super dark for my liking, but the My Cup resulted in something that looked like weak iced tea.” — Buggheart, Reviewer since 2007

Despite these problems, however, using the My K-Cup opens the door to new flavors as well as savings. Keurig drinks are known to be quite expensive as home-brewed coffees go, but after the initial $15 investment in the My K-Cup, the cost of each cup goes down.

“This saves money and doesn’t require you to purchase the flavors that are sold by Keurig. It makes the possibilities of this coffee maker endless and more budget friendly.” — steig24, Reviewer since 2011

Keurig users, do you use disposable or reusable K-Cups? While both have their problems, it seems My K-Cup’s design flaws and care requirements outweigh its green benefits. Perhaps remedying some of the common issues will fix that.

VIDEO: This reviewer found a fix for his My K-Cup leaking problem. He says it won’t work if you’re switching between regular K-Cups, but maybe this can be a solution for some. 

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  • Toby Radloff

    Often times, adjusting the rubber washer around the top nozzle will take care of the “My K-Cup leaking problem…I also used a rubber hair band, such as what is used to tie ponytails, on the edge of the “My K-Cup”, to provide an additional seal. A better alternative to the Keurig “My K-Cup” is the “as seen on TV” Cafe Cups, which come in a package of four for $10 or so. And with the Cafe Cup, unlike the My K-Cup, you don’t have to remove the lower insert. The Cafe Cup just drops in.

  • http://Viewpoints Wheezie

    I have gotten a Keurig for my son.As he lives by himself.i thought this would be an ideal gift.Was I wrong? it didn’t get the coffee maker working.It spilled and was deffective so I took it back and he has only had it 2 months an this model has a defect.How many am I going to go through in order for one to work perfect?I thought this was a cool model.