Streaming Services Win Big at Webby Awards

Webby Awards Streaming Services

Popular music and video streaming services recently won Webby Awards honoring the best of the internet.

As more streaming services are vying for consumers’ attention, fierce competition is encouraging new innovation and upgrades. The best streaming services were honored recently by the Webby Awards.

The winners of the 17th annual Webby Awards were announced Tuesday, with both music streaming services and video streaming services garnering many awards. Streaming services were featured more heavily than in years past. The big favorites picked up wins in not only in the primary streaming services categories, but across the board for awards including best general entertainment sites, best tablet and smartphone apps, and even best business practices.

As CDs, DVDs, and TVs go the way of the dinosaur it’s gratifying to see entertainment streaming services push boundaries with innovations in design and functionality. The competition is fierce and growing stronger, drawing new players in and driving existing services to stay ahead of the curve. The Webbys—honoring the best of the internet—spur creativity and healthy rivalry.

HBO GO and Hulu picked up two prizes each. HBO GO’s tablet app won Best Mobile Streaming Service and the company even picked up a Best Business Practices statuette.

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Hulu won the People’s Choice Webby for general Media Streaming and kudos from the judges in the Television category. Rival Netflix (85/100) won best overall Media Streaming, suggesting the two services are giving each other a serious incentive to keep on innovating.

On the music side, VEVO won the People’s Choice Music award and a personal favorite of mine—Songza—won the best mobile Music prize for their Android app.

I congratulate all the winners and look forward to seeing streaming services continue to proliferate and innovate as we move towards 2014.

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  • Alex

    I totally get this. Music streaming is the only way I listen to music because I’m on the computer a lot. I use Torch Music as my music streaming service and I love it!