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Consumers are starting to buy more high-end kitchen appliances with digital features, sleek designs and new colors

With the worst of the recession seemingly behind us, retailers have recently reported a surge in sales of small kitchen appliances. It seems that consumers are feeling a little less strapped and are spending more time enjoying family, friends and food.

Food preparation has become an art, not just a necessity. The Food Network has sparked the notion that anyone can be creative in the kitchen and that cooking can actually be fun—not a chore. What helps make cooking fun? High-tech kitchen appliances.

Perhaps the latest trend of eating more healthfully and naturally has spurred our desire for new features on what used to be simple appliances. And as consumers are constantly looking for ways to save time and be more efficient, everyone seems to want to latest, greatest and most technologically advanced product on the market.

Are we willing to spare any expense? Yes, at times, because appliances have become status symbols. It’s not unusual to see juicers, blenders and food processors retailing around the $600 mark and up. Cuisinart makes a 20-cup food processor with an extra wide feeding tube large enough to accommodate whole fruits and vegetables. No need for pre-cutting with this food processor that retails for $800. (Be the first to review this food processor.)

Manufacturers try to generate additional sales and attract new customers by making their products more specialized. That juicer you bought two years ago is just a juicer. Today’s juicer is a “slow juicer,” which extracts the juice in a two-stage process. This process is supposed to keep more vitamins and nutrients in every cup of juice. It’s advances like these that keep small appliance sales steady in the future.

VIDEO: Juicer manufacturer Breville shares the healthful benefits people can receive from “rainbow nutrition,” or eating a wide variety of colors of fruits and vegetables. 

Other features in new appliances that entice consumers include digital control panels, easy pre-programmed functions, sleek designs and bright colors. In 2012, sales of small kitchen appliances reached $5.51 billion – up 10 percent from the previous year, according to NPD Group Inc.

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