Lenovo Horizon: The First “Table PC”

VIDEO: Consumers along the Vegas strip get a chance to play with the Lenovo Horizon in this YouTube video.

Fueled, an award-winning app developer, marvels at the Horizon — the first 27″ interactive screen (“table PC”) now available for pre-order from Lenovo. It represents the beginning of “interpersonal computing.”

The first tablet was designed in 1957, 11 years before Kubrick would imagine them for his 2001: A Space Odyssey. The two designs looked very different, the latter looking pretty much like an iPad and the former pretty much like a 1957 computer with a pen on a wire. In the proceeding years, the computer got smaller. In 2010, the stylus disappeared. Since then, they’ve pretty much all looked the same- like Kubrick’s vision.

First Table PC by Lenovo

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27″ Table PC is available for pre-order for a May 10th shipping.

Large tablet in a small tablet world

As the world turns, tablets haven’t changed much. They’re just getting smaller. Five out of the top six Android tablets are on the small side, and sales of larger iPads have dropped in favor of the iPad mini. Microsoft has announced its “Surface Mini” to compete with the iPad, as PC sales slump. If this seems like a strange time for Lenovo to release its IdeaCentre Horizon, that hasn’t stopped it from happening.

The Lenovo Horizon

The Horizon is 27 inches, which is 19 inches larger than the iPad mini. It’s large enough to have lost a ‘t,’ becoming a “table PC” instead of a “tablet PC.” With 10-point multi-touch technology, including joysticks, e-dice and air hockey strikers, the Horizon seems to be directed at family game night- at least any family with a spare $1,699.00 to shell out.

The hardware is impressive, with a Intel Core i7 processor, Dolby audio, and a GeForce GT620M graphics card. It supports up to 8GB of RAM and 1TB of disk space, and includes a Monopoly app. Clearly the Horizon is not about making friends. It also includes a battery with several hours of life, which is fine, but seems less useful than table legs.

Lenovo sales strong

Lenovo Chief Executive Yuanqing Yang assured everybody in an interview last January that despite the proliferating news that the PC is dead, we live in a “PC-plus” and not a “post-PC” era- meaning that new form factors adding to the very definition of a PC are rising, of course with Lenovo leading the way. The Chinese company is in a good place to make these assessments, by one report up 13% in sales while the rest of the PC market suffers.

Windows platform

The Horizon runs Windows 8, for which there are those who would fault it. Blame for the recent slump in PC sales is often placed squarely on the shoulders of Windows 8. Lenovo might disagree. It uses Windows alongside HP, Dell, and Toshiba, but they aren’t suffering the same PC existential crisis. Even Apple’s PC sales are slowing. Lenovo may have multiple advantages, and its philosophy of “PC Plus” may be an important one.

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    Although it looks like great fun for games, I don’t see a necessity for my business!