Oster My Blend Makes Single-Serving Smoothies a Snap

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Are you constantly on the go? Do you frequently rush out of the house and skip breakfast? We all know that ends with being sluggish by 10 a.m., and overindulging at lunch. Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, so no more excuses. With the Oster My Blend, you can create a healthy shake in minutes and take it with you in the car, to the gym, or simply to walk the dog. Breakfast has never been easier.

Easy to use

Traditional blenders are great for large volume or multiple servings, but there are times when you just want to mix up one smoothie or protein shake and hit the road. Your typical blender can do the job, but once your beverage is blended to perfection, you have to pour it into another container. Not only is this time consuming, but it makes for additional clean up.

The Oster My Blend allows you to blend and go, because it’s an individual blender and sports bottle all in one. Simply add your ingredients to the sports bottle and screw on the blade attachment. After the one-touch blending, swap out the blade attachment for the sports bottle lid, and you’re done.

Reviewer stegers4 says cleanup is a breeze, too.

“All I have to do is throw the drink bottles in the dishwasher; they are so easy to clean.”
stegers4Reviewer since 2013


Recently, consumers have become more aware of the potential dangers of BPA, a chemical typically found in plastic containers. BPA can leach into your food or beverage, and it’s believed accumulation in the human body can trigger adverse health effects. However, the good news is that the Oster My Blend is BPA free.


Compared to the Magic Bullet, another popular single-serving blender, the Oster My Blend is a more affordable option. It retails at $29.50, or about half the price of the Magic Bullet. Other single-serving blenders range from $14 to $61.

Bottom line

If your needs are simple and you’re looking for for a single-serving smoothie or shake every morning, the Oster My Blend is perfect. Compared to the Magic Bullet, there are fewer parts and pieces to store. It takes up very little counter space and can easily be stored in a kitchen cabinet or drawer. I also like that the Oster My Blend is a sports bottle instead of a mug, which is the container that comes with the Magic Bullet. Once you are done with your smoothie, the Oster My Blend can be cleaned out and used as a water bottle throughout the rest of the day.

VIDEO: Watch this video to see how to use the Oster My Blend and to get ideas for your breakfast smoothie. This user made his with strawberries, bananas and frozen peaches.

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