Trend Tracker: Flower Power Will Mind Your Plants

Parrot innovation to tell you when to water plants

Knowing when to water your plants is a guessing game, but Flower Power could change that.

Viewpoints loves products that are invented with the homeowner in mind. So we’re excited to share word of Flower Power, an innovation to help you know when your plants and flowers need your tender loving care.

The French electronics firm, Parrot, is known for making iPhone-controlled helicopters and wireless car headsets. Now it’s getting into gardening. It developed a device that you stick into the pot of your plant and monitor wirelessly with a dedicated app that watches the condition of the soil. The app taps into a database of plants of its type, so it can give you custom instructions for keeping it alive. Besides moisture, the sensor is also supposed to keep track of sunlight, temperature and fertilizer.  It runs on AAA batteries.

6,000 plants are in the database, so chances are yours are covered.

VIDEO: The Flower Power gadget was unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. In this YouTube video produced by Tech of Tomorrow, Parrot says the tool is ideal for people who travel: “It predicts your plant’s needs, so you can call a friend to swing by the house and add water.”

The product is not yet available (“coming in 2013″), so we also don’t know a price. But Viewpoints is watching, so subscribe to our blog and we’ll keep you posted.

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