“Chopped” Winner Shares Healthy Vitamix Lima Bean Dip

VIDEO: Chef Phil Crispo prepares “Lima Bean Spread” for onlookers at the 2013 International Home and Housewares Show.  The chef adds vegetable broth, but he says wine is a tasty substitute.

The blender used to be the go-to appliance for making fruit smoothies and milk shakes. That was so yesterday.

Blenders on stage at last month’s 2013 International Home and Housewares Show were not cranking out anything so ordinary. We’re now talking hot soups, nut butters, salad dressings, frozen desserts and spreads. The blender of yesterday would hardly manage.

So it was a treat to watch the recent champion of “Chopped” on Food Network, Chef Phil Crispo of the Culinary Institute of America, demonstrate the range of recipes you can create with the Vitamix 2.2 peak horsepower motor.  Awhile back, Vitamix partnered with the Culinary Institute to create a branded model, the CIA Professional Series ($529), which Crispo was naturally using for the demo.

The popular recipe

Vitamix spokesperson Jamie Dalton tells Viewpoints that many people are fans of the Chef Crispo lima bean creation. In fact, after watching this demo, she says a couple of people were begging for the recipe. Well, we didn’t have to beg. In fact, you won’t either. Prepare in your own kitchen blender and enjoy your vegetables!

Healthy bean dip from Vitamix

Courtesy: Vitamix – Click to enlarge

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