What Is the Best Mixer Under 100: Sunbeam or Hamilton Beach

What is the best stand mixer under 100?

The best stand mixer can help tremendously in holiday baking and for tackling your year-round needs. You don’t need to save up for a hefty KitchenAid stand mixer. We have the top affordable options under $100.

Most people associate KitchenAid with their iconic stand mixer and punchy colors. Certainly KitchenAid has developed a gold standard product, but does that mean all other stand mixers are sub-par? Absolutely not. There are some excellent hand mixers that are substantially cheaper than KitchenAid. But what is the best mixer under 100? We’ve got two for you to choose from.

Mixing, stirring, kneading and whipping by hand can be a tiresome chore.  A stand mixer is certainly a worthwhile investment for anyone who frequently bakes and/or cooks or would like to get started.  But, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a stand mixer in order to make these kitchen tasks easier.

For a stand mixer that will hold up under the toughest jobs and is easy on your budget, look no further. Here are two of our favorite stand mixers under $100.

Sunbeam Mixmaster Stand Mixer 2371

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Don’t let the $79 price tag fool you.  Just because this mixer retails for under $100 doesn’t mean it is low on features. The Sunbeam Mixmaster is equipped with 12 different speed settings for quickly and precisely mixing ingredients. Tired of messy splatters and puffs of flour when you start your mixer?  This mixer has a Soft Start function which helps minimize these explosions. It even earns an 80/100 rating from happy reviewers.

“As a mid to low priced mixer (under $100) you are getting a great small appliance that saves a busy mom a lot of hard work and time.  It is durable and dependable.” ShelleyTerrell, Reviewer since 2011

The Sunbeam Mixmaster has a tilt locking head, a comfortable easy-grip handle (a feature not present on other name brand mixers) and two bowls (2 quart and 4 quart). The dual bowl feature is nice because you can make a cake and the frosting without having to clean the bowl in between.

“It’s simple to switch from using the large bowl to the small one, you just move a lever and it’s all set.” pambar, Reviewer since 2010

“Most people seem to think that Kitchen Aid makes the best stand mixer, but I do not agree. Sunbeam’s two beater system works better at a number of things than Kitchen Aid’s single beater.  The beaters are easy to remove and clean. The whole machine wipes down easily.” j9j, Reviewer since 2008

Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe 6-Speed Hand/Stand Mixer 64695

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For those of you who use both a hand mixer and a stand mixer, this Hamilton Beach mixer functions as both.  Why take up valuable counter or cabinet space with two different mixers when you can have the benefit of two different types of mixers in a single unit?  It’s a bargain for just about $50, and it even earns an 79/100 rating. One reviewer even raves that it’s “the best hand mixer I have ever used, and I have used many.”

“I love that this mixer is so versatile. I most often use it as a hand mixer but when the children come to the kitchen to ‘help’, I break out the stand and let them mix away.”  adb, Reviewer since 2010

“I like how the mixer part detaches and becomes a hand mixer for the smaller jobs. The metal attachments (whisk, dough hooks, etc.) hook in easily and without any problem. The glass bowl is sturdy (I’ve dropped it a couple times). So far I don’t have any complaints about the mixer.” JDCrowder, Reviewer since 2011

The detachable power head is equipped with 6 speeds and a power-burst button for when a job gets tough.  This mixer comes with one 4 quart glass bowl, traditional beaters and dough hooks. At such a low price, reviewers are surprised that this mixer can really stand the test of time.

“I have been through three mixers in the past year, and this one is going to last a while!  What I really wanted was one of those really expensive Kitchen-Aid stand mixers, but couldn’t afford one. I was VERY impressed with the Power Deluxe!” iriskilough, Reviewer since 2009

Bottom line

So, get ready to mix up some cookies, knead a loaf of bread or whip the perfect meringue. If you’re also in need of a new hand mixer, opt for the Hamilton Beach Mixer, and if you want a full-service stand mixer for cakes and frostings, the Sunbeam should be your go-to.  With either one of these mixers, baking will be easier and you’ll have plenty of “dough” left for holiday shopping.


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