Safest Crock Pot & Slow Cooker for the Whole Family


Crock pots and slow cookers are the easiest way to get a home cooked meal – but are they the safest? Aside from potential safety hazards of leaving them on all day, many are concerned about slow cookers being hot to the touch. But there are some incredibly safe picks for you and your home.

As fall and winter roll around, crock pots become a beloved kitchen appliance among many who want that hearty, slow cooked flavor without spending hours slaving in the kitchen. The problem is, as they cook for hours and hours, the heat they generate doesn’t decrease. Over time, the outer walls of the pot can grow to be scalding hot. If you have children around, this is clearly an issue, but it can affect adults who touch the sides without realizing how hot they are, too. Luckily, there are a couple of slow cookers on the market that sacrifice neither quality nor style, while being less likely to get as outwardly hot. We should note that there’s no guarantee that any crock pot will be safe to touch anywhere except the handles. Still, our reviewers laud the following models for their ability to stay relatively cool over time.

Crock-Pot Programmable Touch Screen Slow Cooker

This large crock pot is beloved by Viewpoints reviewers! It has a rating of 97/100 based on 17 reviews in a category where the average is 89. At around $80, it’s on the expensive side, but reviewers say it’s worth the price.

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“It can be set for a time up to 24 hours!!! Big plus when making that beef or chicken stock that has to cook for hours and hours – no need to re-set it after 14 hours like most programmable pots.” SarahDeJarnatt, Reviewer since 2011

“It’s fairly safe as crock-pots go if you have a toddler/ mall kid in the house. I burned myself on a crock pot in the past barely touching it and wound up in the hospital with a 3rd degree burn. This I’ve touched/moved and it hasn’t burnt me yet.”Jaylaskye21, Reviewer since 2010

GE Digital Slow Cooker

This digital model is somewhat more affordable than the Crock-Pot and with a solid rating of 91/100 based on 25 reviews, perhaps a better value. Reviewers love that they can customize the settings exactly to their liking.

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“I have the GE 6 1/2 quart Model 169084 slow cooker and I wouldn’t part with it for anything in this world (except maybe a personal chef!).” plogan, Reviewer since 2009

“The exterior of the unit is cool to the touch and has a retractable cord that nests into the unit itself…The unit is very easy to use, and easy to clean, it has very even heat (a problem with many other slow cookers) and has proven itself to be a very reliable appliance.” Juliet1198, Reviewer since 2009

Bottom line

While a slow cooker may never actually be completely cool on the outside, these models are safer options than most others on the market and they will help you cut down the time you spent in the kitchen.


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