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Eating Right
Eating Right Cranberry Almond Bran Cereal

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Eating right cereals are good and healthy.


I am picky about cereal. It has too be healthy and not too sweet. I really like the Eating Right cereals but especially the "sweetened bran with cranberries & almonds". I make my own granola frequently and like to mix it in with other cereals. This one is filled with cranberries and almonds to give it some chewy and crunchy texture. Some cereals claim to be healthy but are too sweet. This ine has 18 grams of sugar but allow a little more for the dried fruit. It is a ggod for you choice. I eat cereal after a run or workout for a nice protein and carb balance. I also have it for dessert! Also in the eating right cereal line is the muesli, which has a lighter flake that is not so crunchy. The corn flake tends to get a little bit soggy though. I like a crunchier flake like the bran flake that is very hearty in milk and does not get soggy. It is a nice mix of flakes in the muesli though with a variety of grains added to give it alot of differing tastes and textures. It has a mix of barley, wheat , corn oats and rice sweetened with dates. It as well as the bran cereal with cranberries are high in fiber as well. It is important to get fiber in your daily diet, which these provide four grams.They are three gram fat cereals which are low in fat and high in vitamins and nutrients. Mostly try it for the taste, you will be happy you did! I don't like how other cereals are too sweet, why doesn't any of the makers put in salty nuts to give it a sweet and salty flavor? That would be nice. Also if they had a lower sugar line of foods, from ice cream to cookies and everything else. Not put in so much sugar and don't put in aspartame or equal or anything, just less sugar. They put way too much in for every processed food. They think the public wants that,but I'm sure there are alot of people that think these foods are just too sweet and sugary. Not only for health concerns but for flavor alone. The eating right company says they are dedicated to making their product great tasting and better for you. Created with your nutritional needs in mind, Eating Right is a line of flavorful foods that has a variety of dietary benefits. I hope they continue in this direction and perfect the balance of quick, easy, flavorful and healthful foods. These foods make me feel good and feel that I am feddeing my family right. I hope many feel the importance of this. Childhood obesity can be overcome with education, information and healthy products to choose from. The boxes of Eating Right have alot of information to educate ourselves as to what is and should or should not be in our cereal or other food product. I find this helpful and beneficial. It is color coded with "nutritional fact spots" and Dietary benefit spots that are easy to find and look at. Instead of that one could always look at the side of the box that tells of the various nutritional information such as; Total fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, Total carbohydrates, protein, Vitamin A, VitaminC, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin b12, phosphorus, Maganesium, Zinc and of course a complete list of the ingredients. THes are what every health concious person should read when purchasing pre packaged food at the grocery store. We don't always have the time to go through every label and side of the boxes of course so when I find a product that is consistently a good choice I tend to try all foods in that brand or line. The foods need to meet my requirements of tasting good as well as being a healthy choice. The ingredients need to be healthy and not just call the product a "healthy choice" product. Alot of these products still are not the healthiest they can be but better than most. The healthiest products sometimes are the most expensive as well. I don't want to spend more on food than I already do, It seems like I am always food shopping and there is never any food in the house. It takes alot to feed a family, alot of money and time. Then there is not much time to cook food so things need to be prepackaged some of the time, O.K. I admit most of the time. It take a juggling act to make healthy food that tastes good, is not too much money, it easy to prepare and the kids will eat it. When I find products to recommend to family and friends I get excited because I believe it is helpful information. I love it when someone recommends a great product to me and I end up loving the product as well! Moms talk to other Moms about this all the time. Food companies should just get feedback from Moms and great ideas. Maybe they should have the company representatives hang out at the schools where the moms wait for their kids and hear all the discussion on healthy foods that goes on. They could get all the information that they need without a focus group.

Aliso Viejo, CA


Eating Right Cranberry Almond Bran Cereal

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