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eMachines desktop computer

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Worthless, would not buy another.


My son bought the W3621 with his graduation money.  We thought it was a good buy and good starter computer for him.  The store has a 15 day return on computers.  On the 16th day, the power "box" goes.  Call e-Machines, they send a replacement box, after 2 weeks we try to start the computer it won't turn on, Company says to send the entire computer back, another 2 weeks go by, get the computer and it works for 7days, send it back, etc.  This goes on to the total of eight times sending the computer back between August and December.  I was told that not only the power box was bad but the motherboard and they could not give me a new computer only a refurbished one.   I do not recommend them at all.  When you buy something new from a reputable company you expect to be able to use it for more then two week intervals.

Saltville, VA


eMachines desktop computer

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