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eMachines desktop computer

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great unless you use the phone the your booted off


it is a good computer fast easy to work, but does not work well with cordless phones. when you answer cordless phone computer freezes or kicks you off. Prints great pictures, just the phone is a problem. The computer and windows help desk is great,  the graphics are good. Has a great price for tthe average bargain hunter.

Covington, KY


The Emachines is the best for the money.


My very first computer was an Emachines. It only had 128mb DDR. I later added a 512 memory to the 128. That was just one of the things I liked about Emachines. You can upgrade the memory without it being in pairs. Also the fact that I was able to do it myself.It lasted for about 4 years.  Then about a year ago I purchased the Emachines T5224 with 1024 MB DDR and Windows Vista Home Premium. It has 250 GB hard drive, memory card reader,DVD rw,Intel Pentium D processor 820, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. For Fathers Day I recieved a 2 GB Memory upgrade which I was able to Install myself. Now I have 2.5 gigs of memory. Pair that with high speed internet and you got a pretty fast computer. Mostly I do email and fantasy sports but I also burn CD's and DVD's. It does it quickly and is very easy with instructions that help you through the burning process. I do alot of photo sharing. My wife sells Party-Lite and she does alot of printing. She also makes fliers and mailing labels. For the price I feel that the Emachines is one of the best there is.By the way the Emachines is made by Gateway.  

Pontiac, MI


emachines with the Windows Vista Premium is one of the best.


     I am addicted to my emachines Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium PC desktop computer with intel inside.   I have never had a lot of trouble with this computer since I bought it two years ago.  The graphics are great, the sound is terrific and the speed of the computer is fantastic.  You can get to where you want to go on the Web in no time at all.  If you are a college, high school, or even a junior high student you can surf the web and find any information that you could possibly look for with this machine in realitively no time at all.  I am a college student and I attend online classes at a major university. With this computer I have no trouble at all in finding all the information that I need for all of my classes whether I am doing essays, math, general reading, documentations, it is all here and realitively easy to use, and easy to find the content of all of your important papers.  I have installed Microsoft Office Works and can do Microsoft Word reports much simplier and quicker than hand writing these reports out by hand.  Just type, save, and upload to your classes whenever you need to.  A great buy if you are looking for a great computer that can do all the work you need to do in a short period of time.

Fulton, MS


eMachines desktop computer

3.7 3