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eMachines PC Desktop

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eMachnes W3619 PC Desktop is a great computer


I am actually using an eMachines W3619 PC Desktop Computer at this moment and I think it runs great. It's running WIndows Vista and although I have a laptop with Windows 7 its broken right now and this works fine. I can connect almost anything to my computer such as: Webcam, Digital Camera, Cell Phone for tethering, etc. I can burn CD's and play DVD's. I have a nice 19" LCD Moniter that works awesome. I love how the eMachines W3619 PC desktop has it's own little Slot for SD Cards adapters & has tons of USB ports. It also came with an extra expansion port if you want to add a DVD burner. I love how it has both the USB & old fashion ports for the mouse and keyboard connections. Almost all new computers don't have the old fashion connections ports for the keyboard and mouse. This computer has tons of hard drive space and I tell you I have lots of programs and files on my computer and it still has lots of space left. I would definitely recommend this computer to anyone.

Reading, PA


eMachines PC Desktop

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