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More than quality and variety, Accessory Export is a class act!

***Quick View***: I rarely review eBay stores because they often disappear quickly. However, **Accessory Export** looks like it is here to stay and I had such a great...Read complete review

***Quick View***: I rarely review eBay stores because they often disappear quickly. However, **Accessory Export** looks like it is here to stay and I had such a great transaction that the least I could do was to share my experience with you.

***About Accessory Export***

This eBay store sells cell phone accessories for just about any cell phone made. They also have a selection of MP3 Player accessories and a few other things but, by far, their largest inventory is every kind of cell phone accessory you can imagine. Prices are very good and there is a large variety of packages and single items to choose from for your phone. Some items are OEM and some are universal. The listings clearly mark which is which.

The key, for me, is not just finding what I want on eBay. It's finding a place I trust to do business with. We all probably have been burnt a time or two by shady sellers (and yes, there are plenty of shady buyers out there too). Feedback scores help me to choose a store but they don't always tell the whole story.

After I got my[ LG enV Touch cell phone][1] , I wanted to bling it up a little bit. I also needed some protection for it because I am tough on my phones. Verizon charges crazy prices for simple things so I went to eBay looking for some accessories. I found a great package of several enV Touch accessories that I wanted at **Accessory Export**. I chose the package I wanted, was not charged shipping (Gotta love free shipping!), and paid by paypal. They sent me all the necessary info including a tracking number when my order was sent out.

After a while, i started wondering where my package was. I am aware of how expensive shipping charges have become so I usually don't even start to worry for a couple of weeks after paying for an eBay order. When my package was still not here after a couple of weeks, I wrote asking where it was. They responded by giving me my USPS tracking number again, in a friendly manner. When I looked up where my order was, I was shocked to discover that it has supposedly already been delivered five days prior!

But it wasn't here! I get the mail and I know what's in it. I called the post office and they agreed to talk to my mail carrier about it. They never called me back as promised. Meanwhile, I was staying in touch with **Accessory Export**, letting them know what was going on. I had opted NOT to get insurance so the fault was all mine (and the post office's) yet **AE** hung in there and helped me as much as possible.

One postal worker told me that the package was damaged in shipment and discarded. But why then would my tracking say it was delivered to me? Another worker told me that the manager of the Post Office said my mail carrier was "one of the best" and he wouldn't have made a mistake. Bear in mind that  that the day my order supposedly was delivered, it was Monday, July 6. There was no mail on Saturday, July 4 so the mail carrier had a LOT of mail to deliver that day. In fact, I was told as such by one of the many postal workers I spoke with. Even great mail carriers can make mistakes with such an overload of pieces to deliver.

**Accessory Export **at one point did say that I didn't opt for insurance (which they do offer) and they could resend me the order for half price. I thought that was darn nice of them. But, after several emails back and forth where they were always 100% supportive and polite, they reshipped my order free of charge. They did NOT have to. I chose not to get insurance (Lesson learned.) and they had proof that my order was delivered to my home, at least from what the tracking data said. They resent my order because they are pros and they valued me as a customer.

I have dealt with many larger stores on and off eBay that have walked away from similar issues and left me to fend for myself (I'm talking about you, [Dr. Jay's][2] !) but **Accessory Export** proved to me that they are a class act. I received my package yesterday and love everything. It's perfect. I can't thank them enough for their generosity.

You better believe I will go to **AE** before anyone else for my cell phone accessory needs. Our family has five cell cell phones - all different models. We always need something. AE will get all my business if they have what I need in stock. They never charge for shipping and their prices are very good. But more, their customer service is absolutely top notch!

***My Viewpoint***

I can't recommend **Accessory Export eBay Store **enough. Bid or buy but do check them out if you need any sort of accessory for your cell phone or MP3 Player. They are at **http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Accessory-Export**. You'll get great prices, no shipping fees, and wonderful service. I suggest that you say YES to insurance when shopping on eBay and paying over $10.00 for something.Things happen and you can't count on the post office or UPS to bail you out even if it is their fault. At any rate, I give this generous, friendly site ***5 stars***.

[1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/LG-enV-Touch-Cell-Phone-VX1100-Cell-Phone-review-b4720
[2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/DrJays-com-review-3e570


Most Liked Negative Review


Ebay to make changes on feedback - ABOUT TIME!

I have bought and sold at Ebay. I used the service a lot more early on. After someone ripped off my kid on some baseball cards (purchased on his dad's account), I...Read complete review

I have bought and sold at Ebay. I used the service a lot more early on. After someone ripped off my kid on some baseball cards (purchased on his dad's account), I have not been very inclined to shop at Ebay.

What happened was that my kid bought a set of cards. When they arrived, the two rookie cards had been removed. The seller suggested that the Post Office took the cards, the company forgot to put them in the box, and/or one of my kid's buddies stole the cards. Come on. The box was opened and checked immediately when it arrived. The seller ripped us off. A second set was later purchased  from a different and honest seller - no problems.

When the bad seller was emailed, he replied with profanity - a lot of F you stuff. His solution was to send a couple of worthless random cards to make up for the rookie cards. Then he said he would refund the money with my kid paying the overpriced $10 shipping he'd already paid, the shipping back and $10 for this inconvenience we caused the seller by being unhappy with an incomplete set of cards sold as a full set.

In addition to all this, the seller insisted that he be given positive feedback.

This seller got the negative he so very much deserved, and he, of course, returned a negative feedback. Big whoop. But, some people do care very much about that feedback.

After this mess, I read up on feedback. If you go to the Ebay home page and click to Community and then Discussions and Feedback (several clicks I know), you will find sellers discussiong feedback. I'd encourage you to give that a look.

Some interesting things you'll find is that sellers encourage other sellers to WAIT to leave feedback. Do not leave feedback until the buyer is "satisfied" is how that is often worded. Spell that - hold feedback hostage. Put the buyer over a barrel. He or she may hesitate to be honest knowing that a big return negative can be posted in retaliation - just as happened in the case I mentioned.

Sellers also encouarge one another to set up separate accounts and buy on one and sell on the other. Or, if someone gets a negative - just set up a new account with a new email address and start over. In addition, a lot of the sellers also use yet a different name to post on the discussion boards. You tell me why they need to hide their identities.

I know there are plenty of honest sellers at Ebay. No lectures on the plight of sellers (I've sold too). Good sellers should be just as concerned about these kinds of things as buyers. When someone gets ripped off, they are less likely to buy. That hurts the good sellers.

Ebay is about to put in a new feedback policy. Here's a short clip about that:

"But overall, the current feedback system isn't where it should be. Today, the biggest issue with the system is that buyers are more afraid than ever to leave honest, accurate feedback because of the threat of retaliation. In fact, when buyers have a bad experience on eBay, the final straw for many of them is getting a negative feedback, especially of a retaliatory nature. Now, we realize that feedback has been a two-way street, but our data shows a disturbing trend, which is that **sellers leave retaliatory feedback eight times more frequently than buyers do** ... and this figure is up dramatically from only a few years ago. So we have to put a stop to this and put trust back into the system."

Starting in May, sellers won't be able to leave neutral and negative feedback for buyers. Sellers will use other channels to remedy problems. This is unfortunate in cases where sellers were honest, but Ebay has not been growing. Part of the problem is that buyers get dinged and then dinged again (neg feedback) when they mention it. Certainly Ebay does very little to assist. Try to follow up and enjoy the form emails. I've got a little stack of those here on the baseball card collection.

Frankly I'm suprised that Ebay ever had the "rate the buyer" system. Can you imagine going to a restaurant (where they sometimes survey or have mystery shoppers) and the employees fill out a card about your behavior as a diner? Come on. That would never fly. "Mandy does not put her napkin in her lap."

In the meantime, I would suggest that if you're buying on Ebay, check the listings. Watch for sellers who will not leave feedback until they receive feedback. You can see the dates on the comments left.

Also, go to toolhaus.org (put the www in front). You can put in any Ebay user name and see the negative and neutrals (both given and left). Ebay should have a button to sort that anyway, but they don't. If you want to find the negatives at Ebay, you have to page back and back and back. Sine a 97% (which sounds good) is actually not good at all, it's important to check the negatives. Some are nutty. Most are on target. And, remember that it takes some gutts to give out those negatives as the system stands at the moment.

When you have problems at Ebay, some sellers will be quick to say that you should have done this or checked that (see those discussion boards). That's what the rating system is supposed to be all about. It's flawed. If you've not bought at Ebay or not much, then be aware that the 90% is not an A like at school - it's like an F. And even someone with really high sounding rates may be getting those by withholding rates until they are rated or refusing valid refunds unless a positive is checked.

Yeah. Ebay is a great idea. Yeah. You can get some great stuff at great prices (but double check and look at some of those greatly inflated shipping charges). But, it really is buyer beware at Ebay. There are some mediations and such - but they're more trouble than they're worth, unless you're talking a high ticket item. We just ended up buying another set of ball cards.

I'm glad Ebay is changing the rating system. The way it is now - it means little to nothing. It could work, but there are too many people who have figured out little tricks like the ones I've mentioned to game that system. Also, Ebay is in business to sell stuff, so they are not real inclined to make it easy for you to see the flaws. They want you to buy. That's how they make money. The sellers like to point out that Ebay makes money off sellers, but no one makes anything if folks don't buy. And, there are lots of places to buy stuff.



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I hate ebay


from USA

Comments about eBay.com:

It is extremely difficult from a sellers point of view because you can't really make money off of your items by selling them yourself. You end up spending more on shipping costs than you get from selling your items. then when you refund someone's money it takes forever for it to get back to them. I felt bad because I couldn't answer my customers questions. The customer service is great if you have to call them. they answer your questions quickly with no problem but there are easier ways to sell your products online. Amazon is so much easier to use

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My favorite clothing source.


from USA

Comments about eBay.com:

eBay is my go to source for clothes at a good price as well as just about anything else I am in the market for. I always check eBay before making a purchase.
Because I live in a small town with limited clothing store options and only two small thrift shops, eBay has filled the gap for me when I need work clothes at a good price. eBay has the widest variety of clothes I have ever found. I make my own style and live to get older clothes that I personally like, even if they are out of style. I have found many great bargains this way because sellers don't think older clothes are worth much. eBay has saved me tons of money on clothing and accessories. I would not have half the earrings I own if it weren't for ebays great selection of cheap jewelry.
One thing to watch out for, and the only reason I can't give eBay a perfect score, is that some Chinese sellers are not honest or reliable. I have had a few bad experiences with low quality or wrong item sent. You can always post a bad review if this happens, but it is usually not worth the shipping to send back for an exchange. Stick with North American sellers and you should be fine.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Great auction site


from Utah

Comments about eBay.com:

I usually use eBay to look for books or games that are still in good condition. One of the best purchases I have made was Lord of the Rings Risk, trilogy edition. I was having trouble finding this particular game in other stores, and when I did, it was quite expensive. But I was able to find a new game on eBay, still in the original packaging, for about $35. This ended up being the best price I could find, and I ended up getting it. This particular purchase used the "buy now" option instead of just having an auction for the highest bidder, and I enjoy the buy now option. If there is something that I definitely want and have a price in mind that I will pay for it (such as this game), then I like to be able to purchase it immediately instead of needing to bid on it, wait for the auction to end, and hope that someone does not outbid me. For some other things though, I do not mind bidding, especially if it is something uncommon that is hard to find, but people may not want. We recently added power to our garage, and I needed a special circuit breaker to put on the power pole outside our house. I was able to find the exact breaker (used) that I needed on eBay, even though it was not manufactured anymore.

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Ebay...love/hate relationship.


from USA

Comments about eBay.com:

EBay can be a great site to find something that you can't find in stores. People sell things on Ebay either new or used, and you can find some pretty unique things on there!

The reason Ebay only gets 7 stars from me is that it is very much "buyer beware." You are buying from a person, not a company, so you never know the condition the product may actually arrive in. Ebay does have a star rating system in place for people to rate sellers, which is helpful when deciding to buy something from someone. If they have a good rating you know they are most likely a trusted seller.

Most sellers choose to be paid through Paypal, so having a Paypal account is quite useful when using this site.

Overall, I would recommend Ebay.com to anybody looking for something at a cheaper price, or something rare/unique. Just make sure that you are checking the seller's rating prior to purchasing!

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A Sellers Nightmare.


from Blackwell, OK

Comments about eBay.com:

I've read where many buyer's will slam sellers on their review and cannot stand it that they can give negative feedback. Well, I'm sure that those buyers are happy that sellers can no longer give negative feedback, and I find that unfair. I have found that eBay has declined rapidly in the last four years because of the fact, as one other reviewer stated, they cater to the buyer. As a seller on eBay for almost seven years, I am really sick and tired of this company. They could care less for sellers, which is really their bed and butter. They took negative feedback from us, so that buyers can walk all over buyers. They are making so many rules and raising up eBay fees so high, you cannot make much of a profit off eBay. I was doing well listing coupons, but they have tightened up on that as you can only sell 25 coupons a month now. That's ridiculous! This is only because 50% of the coupons people use are purchased through eBay, so manufacturers are getting upset. If the manufacturer doesn't want coupons used, they shouldn't provide them. They state that it's to crack down on fraudulant coupons, but the is just an excuse. It's pretty easy to do that by not limiting coupons so drastically, you should be allowed to sell at least 150 coupons. If a buyer doesn't like your shipping price, how long USPS takes to ship an item, or any other stupid excuse, they leave negative feedback. I heard another person on here gripe because sellers hold feedback until they get it, calling it feedback extortion. No, feedback extortion is when you get feedback because a seller doesn't like the fact that you accidentally left on a clearance price tag, which was me. They didn't think I should make a four dollar profit, which eBay took half of. There are so many ridiculous rules besides the coupon rule, that I have really begun to actually HATE eBay. Never have I hated anything this much. I finally got a new account over a year ago because about five buyers gave me undeserved negative feedback. A few of them I gave their money back to, but I was given negative before they even told me the problem. Meaning it wasn't the kind of problem that I could fix, just one little thing they didn't like, like a clearance price tag left on an item. Now I'm trying hard to find another place to sell on, one that appreciates their sellers. I'm pretty sure eBay is going down hill, and hoping soon that another more deserving company will drive them out of business. Perhaps to the point that they ease up on sellers and sellers fees. They've became the communists of the retail business.

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Just be careful


from Syracuse, New York

Comments about eBay.com:

Although Ebay is one of the most popular sites online, I still feel it's a bit over rated. There are some really great sellers on the site who are very reputable and deliver as promised but there are also a lot of scammers as well. The scammers come jump on just about every newbie they think they can get over on. It used to be that the scammers seemed to be mostly coming from Africa or the UK. Now, The rampant rise of scammers are coming from just about everywhere. Ebay is a site where you need to be careful read feedback and question anything gives rise to concern. It is a good site with a lot of stuff for everyone. It is not like shopping in an online store. There are other outside aspects to be concerned with like, the individual seller's feedback or shipping time, what part of the world your item is coming from or what type of home your item is coming from. Overall I rate it as good.

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eBay.com Review


from Georgia

Comments about eBay.com:

I am a huge fan of eBay.com but I have found that it does not have everything I need as amazon.com usually does. Customer service at eBay.com is great and the customer service representatives answer your phone calls and respond to your emails sent via eBay messenger in a reasonable amount of time. I would say the customer service representatives respond within twenty-four hours. The search engine for eBay.com is very easy to use and making purchases is very easy for me. I would recommend eBay.com to friends but I will warn them that the e-retailer may not have what they are looking for. I have purchased many items from eBay and they come on the time they are scheduled to be delivered. It seems as though they do their research on on how to make customers happy so I will give them an eight. eBay.com isn't an amazing retailer but it is a good one. They also have buyer's protection to avoid sellers taking advantage of consumers so why not take the risk. I have had a good buying experience with them.

(1 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


You don't always get what you paid for.


from USA

Comments about eBay.com:

I used to like and enjoy shopping on eBay.com until I began receiving items in the mail that I did not purchase. I received items that were completely different than the ones I paid for. Yes eBay.com is a place to shop at that has reasonable and cheap prices for thousands of items, but is it really worth taking the risk? Is it worth taking the risk of purchasing an item of very cheap quality?
The only items I would purchase from eBay.com are those with a "Buy Now" option, because bidding for something was a total waste of my time. I never won an item I bid for, or if I was to win, I would end up paying more than the item is worth. If you decided to bid on an item, you would have to wait for up to 10 days to see if you have won that item. That's another reason I don't like the bidding option.
I have purchase many items on eBay.com with no problems, but recently I have been having a problem with all the items I am buying. I would either receive an item different from the one I ordered, or I would not receive the item at all. For these reasons I stopped shopping on eBay.com.
I also tried selling on eBay.com but found that it wasn't worth it. People want to buy a good quality item for a cheap price. I would have to sell the item much less than what I paid for it. Also the eBay.com fees were a little high for me to continue selling on. Not only that, but paypal.com has a fee too if the buyer was to pay you for the item that way. I just stopped using eBay.com for anything.


A great online place to shop


from Cincinnati, OH

Comments about eBay.com:

Ebay is a great online store for buying or selling. I could buy items that are cheaper then buying it from Walmart or Amazon. Even though something's you can buy cheaper, others you can not. Some items from eBay are $20 or $30 more then what you can buy it off of Amazon or Walmart, but that's not eBay's fault that's the seller. The saying "another man's junk is another man's treasure" is very true. You won't believe what some people will pay for some things that I just have laying around my house not being used. Ebays site is very easy to use. When trying to find something on eBay, make sure you have an idea of what you're looking for or it could take you hours to find something. I usually do research before going to eBay. I go online at Amazon or Walmart to find what I would like to buy, then I go to ebay and decide if the item is worth trying to get it from ebay or amazon. Sometimes the auctions on ebay are difficult to win. There are a lot of last minute bidders, that put their bid at the last few seconds, so you will not have a chance to outbid them. Sometimes it's irritating when you're watching an item for days or hours and then you get outbid in the last few seconds of the auction. If you don't want to bid there are also an option for buy it now on some items. Ebay also has a buyers protection on items you buy from sellers off their site. If you don't receive your item you can file a claim with eBay and you get a full refund of the item cost and shipping fees. I have used eBay's buyers protection a few times before. EBay gave me a full refund for the item I purchased within a few days after I filed a claim.

(1 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Ebay can be great if you are careful and/or lucky


from USA

Comments about eBay.com:

Ebay can be great if you are careful and/or lucky. It is tough to rate eBay as a whole because it really isn't an entity. It is a collection of many, many buyers and sellers. If you interact with good buyers and good sellers, you will have a great experience. But in every community, there are some bad participants.

It is like a giant internet yard sale. And one man's junk is another man's treasure. There is an unbelievable variety of products there.

I have been buying and selling on ebay since 1999! Wow! Most of my experiences have been very good. I get some good bargains and deals. And I have bought some things that I would not have been able to find anywhere else!

As a seller, it is pretty safe. You don't have to ship the item until you have funds in hand, so I don't see you could get hurt.

But as a buyer, you have to be careful. Know the value of the item you are buying. I often see people paying MORE than retail for items that can be found elsewhere. Why would anyone do that?

And buyers also have to be careful about inaccurate seller listings (even sometimes fraud). If you see something worth $100 being sold for $5, you have to give it a lot of thought.

Overall, it can be a great resource for deals and odd products. Just remember -- buyer beware!

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