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Bunker Hill Security
Bunker Hill Security 36 LED Security Light 98085

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adjustable and works but needs helps


***you get what you pay for.***  we purchased this late summer, and it took me two weeks to go out side to want to put it up.  i now live in a very poplulated area.  after the "punks/gangs" had a shooting outside our back door something was needed. even though we have a fenced in back yard (with an open gate for the apt) i wanted the alley lit up also.  we looked for something inexpensive because management wouldn't do it. it says it takes 6-8 hours to charge but ours took 3 full days.  it says it has 120 degree ranges but ours doesn't, only about 80.  it says it has 5-60 seconds delay but ours has 30- 180.  i've tested both.  the solar collection panel needs to be kept clean ... i clean ours every two weeks because it stops working.  the connection wires from the solar panel to the light is easy to disconnect.  the "intruders" have done that many times.  **it is easy to install!** (i'm female and did it by myself).  it's solar powered so there is no batteries to change.  i installed the solar power panel slightly above arm reach, my step stool helped.   the panel is easy to adjust in a circular so it gets the most light for the different times of the year. it can be adjusted after installation easily.  it only has three screws but it is very secure.   the light itself only has two crews and could use some more adjustments to it.  depending on how you install it, it moves up/down **or** side to side... not both.   the timing can be adjusted to 30 seconds to about 2 minutes. it was a quick fix for what we needed, but i feel it was not worth the expense.  it would work in a low travel area or for critters but not much more. 

Hammond, IN


Bunker Hill Security 36 LED Security Light 98085

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