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bumGenius 3.0 Deluxe All In One Diapers

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bumGenius - great cloth diaper!


I started cloth diapering my first child (now almost 2 years old) and I have used BumGenius and one other brand exclusively since she was born. I have a combination of one sizes, and sized diapers, but i do love the all-in-ones for ease of use. They go on and off just ilke a disposable does, except it is velcro (known as hook & loop or aplix in the cloth diapering world). Washing isn't that bad once you get into a routine...I do a cold wash, hot wash, then 1 or 2 hot rinses, with cloth diaper friendly detergent (I use country save and love it). Occasionally staining does occur but a day out in the sun makes it disappear like magic. The one con i have to say is that I used them for about 9 months with no issues, and then all of a sudden my daughter started getting a diaper rash, which after much trial and evaluation, we determined was only from the BG's (she doesn't get it from the other brand). I think (and the pediatric dermatologist we visited) feel that she simply has a sensitivity/slight allergy to microfiber (the other diapers are microfleece and are fine). Therefore we have packed them away, but I am expecting baby #2 in a few months and fully intend on using them again, since I am confident the problem is isolated to her skin. I recommend these diapers (and all other BG's) to any mama out there interested in cloth diapering!

Massapequa, NY


XS size perfect for newborns


To be clear: This review is NOT about BumGenius' Organic All-In-One One-Size diaper (a.k.a., BGE or Elemental).  That said, this is our third child and while we cloth diapered our previous two, this is the first time we cloth diapered a newborn.   We bought several different styles in preparation, and trial and error narrowed the winning diapers down to a handful: BumGenius All-In-Ones, GroVia, and Fuzzi Bunz One Size.  Since we have 18 BumGenius 2.0 One-Size pocket diapers left over from our older children (whom we did not start cloth diapering until they were older), we were concerned with getting diapers that would fit those first couple of months.  Even on their smallest setting, BG One-Size pocket diapers were still too big and gaped at the leg (I would therefore be skeptical about their organic Elementals, as well for babies this young).  The XS size All-In-One (AIO, meaning there are no pockets to stuff, no extra parts, just one piece like a disposable), on the other hand, was absolutely perfect!  We put one on our daughter leaving the hospital (birth weight 8 lb 13 oz if that gives you a reference point).  And they are so tiny, they're adorable!  The only problem is that they are outgrown quickly, but that is to be expected.  We stopped using them at 6 to 7 weeks.  At this point we switched over to using the GroVia and Fuzzi Bunz full time, but I'm sure the Small size of BG AIO would have been great, too.  

Sycamore, IL


bumGenius 3.0 Deluxe All In One Diapers

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