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Boots Skin Softening Body Butter

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moisture lasts all day


i have been using skin softening body butter by boots. it is a company out of the UK that markets the brand thru target here in the US. i have been using it in the arid, chaffing winter months in the midwest. thru routine exposure to pool chemicals and normal winter dryness, this product has been wonderful. i was a loyal olay quench user, but after my experience with the boots product line, i am now a convert. it is a very thick moisturizerwith a pleasant, but very light scent. i have used it on both myself and my daughter with no adverse reactions. it is a botanical based product so it should be relatively benign to those with sensitive skin. the moisture can still be felt on your skin hours after initial application.

Terre Haute, IN


Boots Skin Softening Body Butter

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