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Zumba For Beginners Workout

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Zumba is so much fun


. I love zumba for beginners. I was going to zumba classes at our local college twice a week. I have two small kids and I was finding it hard to make the time to go. This is the best workout I have tried and I believe I have tried everything. I am not going to say it is easy to learn but it is fun trying to learn the moves. This is has been great I actually like working out and my kids like trying to dance along with me. I have also bought zumba for the wii but I believe the DVD is better. It seems to have more instruction to the steps and is not as boring to watch while you are learning the dance step. Also the music is great you cannot get it out o f your head. This is great for a family or friends to be able to work out together or by yourself either way you will have a great time. I have lost already fifty pounds and my sister has lost seventy pounds. We hope to lose more and I am sure we will, we have tried all kinds of workout DVD but would either never watch them or get bored and burnt out with this it really keeps you going

Hamilton, AL


Love to Dance


I love this workout.  I really works to tighten and tone everything up.  I get up a 4 a.m. just so I can do the entire workout twice.  This is a great cardio workout and I really feel the burn when I am doing it.  The best thing is that dance is a free expression and there are no wrong moves as long as you try and keep movinig it works.  I can't say that I lost weight because I love candy and eat it everyday but it has put my body in shape and toned everything up.  I am looking for a class in my area.

Algonquin, IL


Zumba Beginners Workout is introductory!


I really like the Beginners workout. It introduced me to Zumba which is something I am now obsessed with. It is nothing like the classes as the classes you burn more calories than on the DVD. But this DVD is a big help for people who are interested in attending their 1st zumba class. The moves are easy, although you may not catch on the first time. But it is fun and good for you. I have never been a fan of working out, but Zumba has turned my whole life around. I'm so glad I bought the DVD or I would of never had the courage to attend a class. As I still do some of the DVD's, the class is much more fun and you can definitely expect a PARTY whether you are attending a class or doing the dvd's in the comfort of your own home. The DVD would be better if they had actual dance routines like the classes, but it focuses mainly on the movements used in Zumba. They need to introduce a DVD mainly for the dances, like a follow up to this one!

Lewisburg, TN


Shake your fat parts with ZUMBA for a fun workout!!


Do you like fun workouts where you can dance, dance, dance?  If yes, then the **Zumba For Beginners Workout**is for you.  Don't worry if you can't do all the dance moves...I couldn't do them all either!  Just do what you can, after all....Zumba means PARTY, and you know what happens at a party don't you?  Everyone just does his/her own thing.  Get wild...do the twist, the stanky leg....whatever...the choice is yours!!  You are jamming it up in the privacy of your own home.  You will have a good time just dancing to the fun, upbeat Latin/Caribbean, African beats.  You will enjoy it so much that you won't be able to stop dancing (or getting the music out of your head)!  Although I've been a "Zumba lover" for about three years now, this video is still fun and exciting.  The instructor, Beto, is so engaging and encouraging.  You'll find that you just can't get enough Zumba in your life. You'll have fun and lose weight too...who could ask for more!!

Louisville, KY


This is fun but not a great workout


Zumba for Beginners Workout video is a lot of fun. I wouldn't say that it gives you a great workout but it does get you moving so you will burn some calories. Some of the moves can be a little tricky but after awhile you will catch on. My daughter enjoyed jumping around the room to the music while I did the workout. I wouldn't suggest this video if you want to sweat.

Herriman, UT


Zumba exercise video. I've seen the infomercial but tell more.


Zumba exercise video. Please someone be real with me and tell me you purchased this video and it gave you beautiful real results. I need to know because I collect exercise videos for home fitness designs and to learn new things. But I refuse to try this one. For some reason I just do not see that it is made for every body. (beginner,intermediate or advanced) Please let me know. However, looks like it could be fun.

Orange, NJ


Zumba's a good beginner workout.


Zumba for beginners was the first exercise DVD I ever did.  I enjoy it still sometimes, although since I've done other DVD's now, it seems silly to me.  Beto....corny!  Outfits....ohmygaw....who thought those were a good idea?  Music's ok.  I don't know if I can recommend this workout or not. I suppose it's good for getting off of your butt and moving...which is better than nothing, right?  Maybe because I'm not a dancer and don't have awesome rythm this workout isn't a great match for me.  I'm curious to see what other people think of it. 

Tacoma, WA


Zumba For Beginners Workout

3.6 7