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Zooper Kroozer 4WD Stroller

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We used one stroller for 2 years straight!


Our daughter has special needs and this stroller was purchased before we knew that, what a blessing it turned out to be!!!  We needed her to be protected from the sun and she was.  We needed her to be comfortable for long periods of time, and she was.  We needed this stroller to last for a long time, and it did.  We couldn't be happier, this was the best baby purchase we made.

Mount Horeb, WI


Great for walking but not the mall


We purchased the Zooper double stroller when my son age 1 & son age 3 months. I knew I needed a double stroller for both boys that would hold the car seat on one side and a toddler on the other. The stroller is very smooth while walking around the neighborhood but does not work well at the mall. It is very bulkie and hard to get into some stores. It has allot of space for the boys to sit in and they seem to like it very much.  The large basket underneath has a support bar arcoss so you really can not use it for much. I like the stroller for the most part but if you go shopping, leave it at home.

Merrimack, NH


We like it, but it could be better


All in all, we've been fairly happy with the Zooper.  It is easy to expand and collapse.  Our carseat fit perfectly in it when our baby was a newborn.  It also reclines fully so newborns can ride in it without the carseat  The sun shade feature is really cool.  And if we lived in a rainy climate, I'm sure we'd love the rain shade as well.  I have two major complaints.  The first is that the shade doesn't slide forward and back, so you basically can't see your baby when you are walking.  You can unzip the back for more ventilation, which is nice, but you still can't see your baby unless it is fully reclined.  I've also noticed that other strollers seem to support babies better.  Our daughter is all slumped over because the back rest doesn't really cradle her.  There is no side support to help keep her upright.  She's already six months and can sit up on her own, but is still all slumpy in this seat.  We like the colors available though, and it comes with lots of pockets and handy storage areas, which is nice.  We are satisfied with it, but probably should have done a little more comparing before buying.

Los Angeles, CA


Zooper Kroozer 4WD Stroller

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