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Pitcher Water Filters
ZeroWater 8-Cup Pitcher

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Dryer different ones like this one alot

Evansville in


I got the 17 cup but zerowater is great better that Britta


This filter system comes with a device to measure the contaminates in your water. It has a multiple filtration system that takes out all contaminates. It will read 0 when you measure after running through the filters. Whenit reads 6 it is time to replace the filter. I use my Britta pitcher to fill my zerowater. I figure it will help my filter last longer. I am so glad I made the investment. I have very hard well water and with the zerowater I don't have to buy bottled water anymore. It works great.

High Springs, FL


works great but need extra water pitcher if you drink a lot of w


I really like this water pitcher. I like that it comes with the water meter tester. I tested the water that comes from my faucet and the number was 078 then I tested the filtered water and it tested 000. One filter lasts about 3 months, but I guess it depends on how bad the water is. The filtered water tastes better, no chlorine smells or tastes. I keep a glass water pitcher filled at all times and have the water filter full to replace the glass jug when it gets low. Some people complain that it takes too long for the water pitcher to filter the water, I just put the pitcher in the sink and fill the water and keep adding until the pitcher is full. I drink a lot of water, so that's why I keep an extra water jug. I'm not sure if this filters all the bad stuff out but hopefully it's a lot cleaner than what comes out of my faucet. I would recommend this water filter but you will probably want to have an extra water pitcher to have on hand.



ZeroWater 8-Cup Pitcher

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