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Yogi Tea
Yogi Tea Get Regular, Made with Organic Senna

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With Yogi Tea, Getting Regular Never Tasted So Good


Occasionally irregularity is a problem for those of us who are sedentary due to chronic illness.  I've tried different laxatives, fiber drinks and tablets, and even altered my diet with varying degrees of success.  Recently, I discovered a product that helps things along without the discomfort of harsh medicines.  **Yogi Tea, Get Regular** with **Organic Senna** is an herbal laxative in a delicious cup of spicy tea. **Yogi Get Regular Tea** contains a special blend of tasty and functional ingredients: - **Anise**, **Cardamom** and **Ginger:  **alleviates gas and acts as a balance to senna.  - **Peppermint:  **helps speed digestion  - **Licorice: ** soothes and coats the bowels - **Amla, Bibhitaki**, and **Haritaki Herbal Berries: ** tones and rejuvenates eliminative functions - **Yellow Dock **and **Dandelion: **helps the liver to release more bile, resulting in the "urge" for a bowel movement. I've found that Yogi Get Regular Tea consistently provides relief within 6 to 8 hours.  The tea itself is flavorful, with a rich, spicy flavor.  One cup does the trick, and it's a relaxing way to get gentle relief without gas, cramps, or discomfort. My physician once told me me that Senna--the active ingredient in Yogi Get Regular--aids in motility.  It's an ingredient that sort of wakes up the bowels so that they can do their thing naturally, as opposed to harsh laxatives that force the issue (so to speak). Unfortunately, occasional irregularity happens.  But the next time it does, I'll brew myself a cup of **Yogi Tea - Get Regular, Herbal Laxative**.

Chicagoland, IL


Yogi Tea Get Regular, Made with Organic Senna

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