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Xtrememac Microshield Case for iPod touch G4 Clear IPTMS403

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The rating of an iPod touch


I give the iPod touch an overall rating of 10/10. I know it's weird but I have had my iPod for many years and its cracked and damaged a bit but still manages to work. Sound Quality The sound quality with headphones in is really good because I have lost some of my hearing over the years I have been listening to my iPod on headphones. The sound without headphones in could be improved. It's not that loud but if you use blue tooth and connect it to a speaker that"ll make a big difference. Battery Life The battery life of the iPod touch is horrible. When I first got it on Christmas Day it was good but over the years it got more worse as I was using it. I can barely do anything on it without keeping the battery up to green so I just charge my iPod constantly. I think the more you charge your iPod the more youre going to mess up your battery so when you're iPod is charged to a fairly good amount just unplug it and plug it back in when needed. Ease of Use The iPod for me when I first got it was a challenge because I wasn't really use to the touchy delight but the more I used it the easier it got. Considering its a touch screen I think skinnier fingers would be more preferable. Big fingers will just get in the way.



Xtrememac Microshield Case for iPod touch G4 Clear IPTMS403

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