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World Financial Group

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This Companypushs products that hurt families. Please Beware!!!!


World Financial Group is a multi level marketing company. Their reps are independent contractors. They are owned by parent company Aegon. They specialize in meeting with middle and low income families, where they sell products that destroy a families hope for a bright future. The main insurance product they push is a Variable Universal Life Insurance policy, underwritten by Western Reserve Life Insurance Co. This product is a hybrid life insurance with a savings component. Basically they tell families of the importance of life insurance and add that they will end up with millions of dollars at retirement inside their policy. First of all it doesn't work that way. The costs are way too high and they have too many hidden fees and charges. They don't allow you access to your "savings" for the first 3-5 years. This is because the money you pay into their policy is going to pay for the high commissions the company pays the World Financial agents. Bottomline is this, all financial and consumer advocates advise to buy term insurance and invest the difference you would have paid with the Variable Insurance policy. The sad thing is World Financial agents have the ability to help families with the buy term invest strategy, yet they almost always chose the Variable Life insurance , obviously because of the higher commissions. They do the wrong thing almost all the time......Beware of this company  

San Dimas, CA


Financial Services for regular people.


If you're looking for people to help with your finances, World Financial Group is who you need to talk to. They teach you about the financial world that you don't learn in school, they take a thorough snapshot of your finances, then simply make recommedations. No high pressure, just sound advice. The best thing about them is that they represent a very wide array of providers and services, so they can truly shop around for the perfect solution for your specific situation. As opposed to most financial service providers who are "captive" to their specific provider and limited options that they provide. I highly recommed that you talk to them, even if you don't want to change what you're doing. It's just a great piece of mind to have another set of eyes looking at what you're doing.

Gilbert, AZ


I am saving money for retirement, with nothing out of pocket.


I just got started with World Financial Group. For those of you who don't know them you should definatley look into working with them. The are a financial planning company. Unlike the big companies like Meryl Lynch, etc. they are really out to help "middle America". They find ways to help you invest money (that you already have) tomake you more. I was able to start putting away over $300 a month without seeing any difference in my monthly pay. It's really awesome.

Ogden, UT


World Financial Group

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