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Wireless Keyboard

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This was my first wireless keyboard, I bought it about a year and a half ago. It works well, & has so far been very reliable. The Style of this could have been better, -I personally don't like the ball as the mouse, the mouse movement is controlled by the ball on the top right side of the keyboard & the right & left click as well as the scroll is on the top left side of the keyboard. You can get used to it, but I personally like the pads -No T-9. When I bought this, I didn't think that this was a big deal. Boy was I SO wrong! (yes women can be wrong, crazy I know) If you are familiar with T-9 and know how to use it even slightly well, it will drive nuts not having it, I personally wouldn't recommend this keyboard to T-9 users. Comfort not ergonomic



Good keyboard, great price


The keyboard works perfectly and is very functional. The trackball is on the top right and the mouse keys are on the top left of the keyboard but it feels suprisingly natural. The trackball works very well. I think that I prefer it over the touchpad on my laptop. You do have to keep it free from debris though or else it gets inside the trackball and grinds around. The only drawback to me is the lack of a caps lock light. You might say to yourself that you would know if the caps lock is on or not by seeing capitals but that is not always the case. When you are typing passwords for instance you cannot see the letters, and if you use caps and lower case you have to pay attention to if the caps is on or not or you might have to try the password more than once. Overall I am really happy with the keyboard and I couldn't have gotten anything better for the money. I am typing this with my keyboard in front of my Vizio 42", and I am loving it.

Meridian, ID


Unique and well made HTPC keyboard


The first thing I worry about with a peripherals like this is that they will look like a cheap knockoffs or awkward mash-ups of controls.  Home Theater components are often on display and they need to look natural and high quality.  IOGear has done a decent job with this keyboard; it looks clean and functional.  The plastics aren't high quality, but they don't stand out because of the relatively plain styling.  The keyboard worked instantly once I plugged it in and turned it on; there are no drivers.  The tracking controls (mouse buttons, scroll wheel, and trackball) are well placed for use while holding the keyboard with both hands, but browsing with one hand is awkward.  You can adjust the sensitivity of the trackball between three different sensitivity settings using hot-key combinations and the three settings available (400, 800, and 1200 dpi) are reasonable.  The multimedia controls worked in Windows without any setup necessary.  The keys themselves are of the full size laptop type.  Typing isn't difficult, but the key travel is "mushy."  The right shift key is regrettably small, and the backspace and enter keys are oddly large. All-in-all it's a decent product.  It's hardly ideal; it's unnecessarily thick for the short travel laptop keys.  As a whole, though, it works well.

Sioux Falls, SD


Wireless Keyboard

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