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Williams-Sonoma Monkey Bread Baking Mold

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A very easy treat!


A friend gave this monkey bread baking mold to me as a shower gift.  I was fairly sure that I would use it once and then chalk it up to too much effort.  I was plesantly surprised as to how wrong I was.  Williams-Sonoma also sells the coordinating monkey bread baking mix, so it is very easy to quickly whip up a pan.  It is just like using boxed brownie mix.  Just add the wet ingredients, mix, form the dough into balls and throw into the oven.  The balls of dough taste just like mini-cinnamon rolls.  This makes a fun Sunday-morning breakfast, or a great mid-afternoon snack.  I am pretty sure that another company also makes the mix, and that it is available in a regular grocery store, but I have never tried it. A few weeks ago, I wanted to make an extra pan of monkey bread, so I used this pan as well as a regular bundt pan.  You could definitly tell the difference between the bread that came out of each pan.  The monkey bread pan kept the dough more moist and it kept its shape better than the bread out of the bundt pan.  I am going to start making monkey bread instead of cinnamon rolls out of the tube, because it is not all that much more work for more than double the taste.

Mililani, HI


Williams-Sonoma Monkey Bread Baking Mold

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