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Volumizing Shampoo
White Rain
White Rain Extra body shampoo

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I tried this shampoo about 6 months ago, very surprised. I really liked it. Better than some that cost a lot more.  My hair is fairly dry and with the years have lost its shine and getting thinner. So I like trying different shampoos. Most just don't do as they say. My daughter in-law told me about White Rain years ago. I thought with the price it would be a waste of time. Should have listen to her then. She does have beautiful hair.

Live Oak, FL


White Rain is a great buy for a basic shampoo.


This White Rain Extra body shampoo (19.5 ounces) is a clean, lightly scented shampoo that is perfect for someone simply looking to wash his or her hair. I buy it for my husband, who is willing to use anything, as long as it does not smell too fruity or perfumey. As an experiment, I chose this "extra body" version and tried it myself for a week.It lathers up quickly, but it does not produce a lot of suds. It has a very mild, clean scent. It does not feel harsh, but it also does not seem to be especially nourishing.I tried to compare my hair when it was blow dried after using this product to the way it was when my hair was naturally air dried. Nothing happened: my hair was clean but not fuller or fuffier in any detectable way. Still, at eighty-eight cents for a gigantic bottle, it is a fantastic deal for someone who simply wants a shampoo. (The fact that it is clear also makesit seem like a very clean product.) I'll keep buying it for my husband.

Salem, CT


White Rain Extra body shampoo

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