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Whistler - Radar Detector

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The whistler de-1730 is a really worth the money you pay for it.


The whistler de-1730 is well worth the money I payed for it . It has saved me from a ticket several times. I would recomend this to all you that have a problem with speeding. Even the ones that say you dont .My wife turns it off when shes driving she says she dosen't speedbut she is the one always getting the tickets. The whistler is easy to put in your car and really works great. One time my wife got pulled over for speeding and the officer ask her if she was using the whistler she said if I wer you and I would not be having this conversation. Which did not go over to well with him or me cause iI had to purchase anouther whistler after he confiscated that one.

Beverly, WV


nice machine


This whistler De-1730 will protect you over and ove with its surefire sensitivity and forewarning system. DO not be fooled that all detectors are the same. this one works people. I've had cobras in the past ( the snake and the detector :-) ) and this is quite the inveention. ALways trust whistler for all your speeding needs.

Pompano Beach, FL


Whistler - Radar Detector

4.0 2