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Whirlpool WMH1163XV Microwave Oven

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Nice built-in microwave option


I don't use my microwave a ton, but when I do, I enjoy using this one. It's easy to use and cooks evenly. I mostly use this microwave for the fan over the stove and the light. The light has 2 settings, a light and a dim, which is a nice feature. If I have company, I leave it set on dim in case they need to visit the kitchen in the night. The fan also works very well for venting items cooking on the stove.

Colorado Springs, CO


Great Microwave WMH1163XVS-1 Stainless Steel


I couldn't find the link for the Stainless Steel version of the microwave I bought, but this one is the same model, just a different color.  I bought the WMH1163XVS-1 1000-watt model this past summer for our kitchen remodel.  I basically picked it based on price and color (it was on sale at HHGregg) but have been very happy.  I didn't want all the million bells and whistles some of the more expensive models had.  We installed it ourselves (it was very easy to do, and we are not handy).  It cooks food very quickly and well.  But don't use the popcorn setting -- it will burn your bag.  I like the 2 vent settings, but I don't like that the vents turn on automatically if it senses it's too warm and won't turn off until it thinks it's ok again.  I just don't like that lack of control over noise in my kitchen.  It's easy to clean.  I really enjoy the 30-second setting on the microwave -- it makes it almost like a one-touch machine.

Hilliard, OH


Whirlpool WMH1163XV Microwave Oven

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