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Whirlpool Super Capacity Gas Dryer

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Whirlpool Super Capacity Gas Dryer WGD5520SQ is more efficient!


I got this dryer because my washer broke, and after 10 years, would the dryer be far behind? I wanted them to match and both be energy efficient but no lose anything of the bells and whistles of my old one. It is super capacity, and it does seem to dry in a shorter amount of time (though I never really kept track). They both had the sensor for dryness, which I always used, but it does seem faster now. This does seems noisier than my old one, but not horribly so. I also had wrinkle shield on the old one and now this one, too, and I'd like never to have to do without this feature, since I often get onto other jobs or go out so am not going to be happy finding my clothes finished in a hot heap with all the wrinkles permanently set in. I also like the load timer signal that it's finished, though my family hates it!

Riverside, NJ


Love the Dryer!


I purchased this dryer to match my Whirlpool Frontloading Washing Machine. I was not disappointed! It has a very large capacity and is very quiet. The many features are very unique. It has all levels of heating or no heat at all. The lint catcher is very large and easy to remember to empty after every load. I love the fact that this dryer has a sensor that will adjust the drying time according to the dampness of the load. Most of your loads will dry faster than the initial time that is indicated on the front of the dryer. Another great feature is the Wrinkle Shield - when your clothes are done it will start the dryer every few minutes to keep them from wrinkling in case you forget to take them out. Also again note that the pedestal sold separately is a very nice feature to have to end the strained back from bending over to remove your clothes.

Murrysville, PA


Super capacity whirlpool dryer to the rescue!!


We needed help desperately - my husband is a mobile dog groomer and we go through about 50 towels a day - so when my very old dryer broke we purchased a new one. We purchased a whirlpool super capacity gas dryer ( model#WGD5520SQo). The drying time for the towels has been cut in half! Also, we no longer are finding dog hair left on the towels or in the dryer - the lint cycle works so much better. Before we purchased the super capacity dryer, we had to split the towels into two separate loads that each took over and hour to dry. Now we can do all the towels at once in less than an hour! I can now dry my king size comforter in one cycle, without it having various wet spots when its finished. We use the "wrinkle guard" cycle when necessary and it really works - no more clothes in a wrinkled ball at the bottom of the dryer needing to be ironed. Whirlpool dryers have their lint screen on the top of the dryer which is great, no more lint or dog hair on my clothes. I believe we are saving money because this dryer is so much more efficient. We definitely are saving hours of time per week that we can use to do other things. The dryer is also very quiet, their are options for alarms to alert you when clothes are done. There is also an automatic cycle that senses when the clothes are dry so you don't waste energy. There are various heat settings from heavy to delicate which make drying a no brainer - no more shrinking clothes. We are very picky about our purchases and do a lot of research before we buy, and I have to say we love the dryer and could not be happier with our purchase. One more thing, the oversized door that opens down is great when loading and unloading clothes. Tina

milford, CT


Whirlpool Super Capacity Gas Dryer

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