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Top Load Washers
Whirlpool Cabrio High-Efficiency Top Load Washer

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Happy with this washer.


This is my first high-efficiency washing machine and I really like it. Our old one stopped working suddenly and we had to find one in a hurry and we are very pleased. I especially like the various settings for load types. It has a quick wash feature that I use often that does a good job. I don't typically use liquid fabric softener, but sometimes use the crystals and they work well. I have used all detergent types, including the packets and sheets that are infused with both detergent and fabric softener and the clothes come out clean. It took me a while to get used to the start process where it locks and unlocks the lid while balancing the load. It is handy because those last minute items can be dropped in during this cycle. Previous washers gave us problems with being unbalanced, but this washer will stop working if it cannot balance the load before it begins. The surface stays clean and the clothes don't smell musty if they have sat after their cycle for several hours, like when I start a load before leaving for work. We did some quick comparative shopping before selecting this one, and I think we got a good deal for the money. Energy Efficiency Our energy bill went down after we started using this washer.



Good product, but skip it if you can


This is an okay washer. Not my favorite for sure. While there is no agitator in the middle, I thought this would be good and not tear at the clothes. Which it is, but when you go to take the wet clothes out,, Oh wow, they are so tangled and tight, it isn't funny. Each piece has to be shook out, then loaded into the dryer. I think the clothes are clean for the most part,,, but the end when you have to stand there and shake each piece out is a pain. It goes darn fast, sounds like a plane engine. SO we know they are getting the water out of them. My opinion, go back with the agitator in the washer, or a front loader. That will be my next one to purchase.

Fort Mc Coy, FL


Whirlpool Cabrio High-Efficiency Top Load Washer

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