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Whirlpool Built-in Dishwasher DU930PWSS

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Whirlpool 24" Built-in Dishwasher DU930PWSQ is a great machine


I was looking for a dishwasher that would do a good job at an affordable price. I reveiwed all the machines and the prices and decided on the Whirlpool Dishwasher DU930PWSQ because it has all the functions at an affordable price. It matches the other appliances in my kitchen and it cleans the dishes to a shine. The only problem with the dishwasher is that it could be a little more quiet.

Perry, FL


whirlpool is number one.


This whirlpool dishwasher has been in the house we rent for quite afew years. I don't use it very often but it still works great.I know it's been very reliable over the years, and alot of dishes has went through the cycles of it. If I were to buy a new dish washer it would be the whirlpool clean energy saver dish washer. It still is very reliable and could last for quiten a few more years.

Hillsboro, WV


This Whirlpool can be a little noisy at times.


This whirlpool dishwasher for the most part gets the job done. It does leave soap on the dishes most of the time. I have to alomost completly wash the dishes before I put them in the washer so that there is not any food or grim on them even after they have been run in the washer. But for the most part like i said it does get the job done and it sanitizes the dishes well. Can be a little noisey sometimes not always which I do not understand. I will probably buy a different brand in the future though.

Abilene, TX


Whirlpool Built-in Dishwasher DU930PWSS

4.0 3