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Whirlpool 750 Watt Microwave Oven with Grill Function

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This small microwave oven is very good


Usually you use a microwave oven to warm up a coffee cup or cooked foods. Most people have forgotten that you can also make real food with it - especially if it has a grill. I bought Whirlpool Max 28 to my small kitchen and it fits excellently there. It is easy to fix low-fat food with microwave oven. And it also saves much more power if you compare it to standard oven. And of course a grill microwave oven has a grill resistor. Using microwaves and grill by turns you can cook foods like chili con carne. I've also made delicious chocolate cakes. But my favorite feature of this Whirlpool is crisp baking. You can make good-tasting pizzas or pies with it. This is a pretty unique feature - I've never seen crisp baking option in a such small grill microwave oven before. Whirlpool Max 28 is a high-powered microwave. Using is easy, but there are no proper automatic programs. I highly recommend this microwave oven.

Atlanta, GA


Whirlpool 750 Watt Microwave Oven with Grill Function

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