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West Bend
West Bend 82416 Popcorn Maker

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Nice and easy to use!


This is an inexpensive popcorn make that is surprisingly ear hardy! Definitely give this a eight rating,as for ease of use,and cleaning! Performance First time this was used,it surprised me by how it performed! Most kernels with no burned ones,a few left! Popping evenly . Settings/Features This is the good part as setting are very simple,easy to use.The instructions are straight forward,so after a thorough cleaning read the instructions and used right away.MMMMM Ease of Cleaning This is the good part as I like to hand clean any then new item that I get! A gentle wipe with hot soapy water,I was able to get in easily and completely with all the parts. Ease of Use Very easy,just plug it in,warms up quickly,put in the measured amount then just wait for the great smell of fresh hot popcorn,MMM , Durability Am surprised that something at this price could be so durable! It's been knocked around and no chips or cracked any where. Have used this many times as I love popcorn and it still works great!



West Bend Popcorn Maker: Inexpensive, Well Made Hot Air Popper


For years I bought microwave popcorn bags and loved the different flavors that were available. The downside is the amount of sodium and fat per serving. This is a bare bones hot air popcorn popper; there is only one switch for it and there is nothing that needs adjusted in regards to the temperature. The plastic molded top section does get hot when it is in use but the butter warming tray on the top allows for butter to be melted while the popcorn is swirling and popping. If you are going to use this to melt butter it needs to get washed thoroughly each time it is used. You can use any type of popcorn kernel with this hot air popper but never add any seasonings or butter into the popping chamber. It takes about three to four minutes to pop a large batch of popcorn in this but requires about five to seven minutes of cool-down time before you can unplug it and put it away. There is no timer to this and it makes no competition sound when the kernels are done popping so it needs constant supervision while in use. Always have a large plastic bowl under the front of the popper to catch the loose skins and rogue kernels. I use this a couple times a week when I want a low fat snack but I also use it to make large batches of popcorn to use when shipping packages. The plain popped kernels are eco-friendly and can be tossed out for the birds and squirrels if the receiver doesn't want to reuse them. Performance Works just as well as other 15.00 hot air poppers. Settings/Features There is only one toggle switch to turn it off and on. Ease of Cleaning The butter warming tray needs to be cleaned after each use.



A Nice Popcorn Maker


I got this so that my kids, who love popcorn, could eat it in a more healthy way. The machine performs well, and produces great popcorn. It is cheaper using an air popper like this than microwave popcorn. It's held up well, and a child could use it. That being said, it gets a little too hot for young ones to use. My 12 year old nephew can make popcorn in it, but I wouldn't suggest letting anyone younger use the machine or be where they can touch it. It can be a little tedious to clean, not because it gets dirty easily, but because it doesn't come apart a lot. You kind of have to stick your hand down in it, which makes me a little nervous when cleaning appliances. If you unplug it first, it's safe to do, but I would be happier if I could take the center out and put it through my dishwasher. As a tip, there's a bit of a learning curve happening as you figure out how many raw kernels to put into the machine. The first time we used it, we made twice as much popcorn as we intended to! Also, as your bowl gets full, a few kernels might pop while already spit into the bowl and go off onto your counter or floor. It doesn't hurt if one hits you, it's just surprising.

Nashville, TN


West Bend 82416 Popcorn Maker

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